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Consciously taking notice of the gifts each day places in our path.

“I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.” R. W. Emerson

Monday, February 27, 2012

Fresh Farmhouse Entry Redo

Hi my friends,
Not sure if you can remember way back last year when I decided to use pastels to soften up my previously striped entry. 
Read about it here.
It was pretty but sweet was the operative word. 
As in too sweet to live with any longer.
I know, I have a problem
However I do believe the problem has been solved.

Much better.
The same soft gray that I recently used in my stairway now continues into the entry.
A touch of bead board wallpaper just in the utility area of the entry hall.

Yes, neutral enough that I can change out accent colors without painting...yet again...

Better right?
Yes, my little section of wall here is slightly off kilter, but hey, 
aren't we all?

Ah, peace and simplicity.

I have some news too.
Did you hear about Vintage Marketplace Style?
It is coming to the Springfield Extravaganza in May.
Sue Whitney will be there! So will Frippery!
Sweet Junque Magnet, Carrie has invited me to share a space with her.
I am beyond excited for this.
I will be blathering on about it in future posts.
Just so you know.
For now just click those links for more...

Now my entry is all settled, I start back to work tomorrow and I am still working on the bedroom
but I will also be hunting down some wonderful pieces to bring to the Vintage Marketplace.

Matter of fact a few of the pieces displayed in my entry will probably be there too!
Check back to see what shows up.

Begin and good things will follow, P.
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let's Begin a Journey

Each year I begin Lent with the intentions of making this season really matter.
Then the multitude of distractions and disturbances of modern life make such a noise around me that 
I spiritually can't seem to concentrate.
This year the journey at Frippery Farmhouse is beginning with intention once again.
I have decided to add to my Lenten practice a book recommended by
I had the pleasure of meeting Leanne several years ago at Silver Bella.
She is a lovely soul and has been called to a change in direction in her life.
She had listed several books to choose from and I chose the book she will be reading as well.

I hope to keep up the readings and simple practices each day.
To learn habits of detachment from the many distractions both physical and spiritual, 
that modern life throws our way. 
The first reading struck home with me immediately.
All the things we hold on to because they evoke memories and feelings from the past.
The idea that they may be cluttering both life and spirit,
 making it hard to move on or make real life changes.

A struggle for sure as a collector.
Each passage can be followed according to the reader's life circumstance and although I will not be parting with all my vintage "clutter" I will be more mindful of what I keep and why.

The same with the clutter of outside influence, the bombardment of technology, the lure of the internet, television, media that while useful to our modern lives becomes such a blockade as well, to growth and value of time spent as well as just plain contemplative quiet.
So these 40 days of Lent will be a time of cleaning out the cobwebs and detritus.
A time to get to the core of what truly matters.
I may not be commenting often as I am making a conscious decision on how to wisely spend my time for the next several weeks and we all know how distracting computer time can be.
I will be using this blog to record my thoughts through this process and hopefully learn some new habits come spring.
That is part of the Easter season after all, renewal.

Perhaps you would like to follow along too.
Regardless of your religion or belief system we can all use a good
"declutter" and a bit of peace in our everyday lives.

Oh and I will still be working on Frippery Farmhouse and it's renewal as well.
If our homes are a place to find peace then our outside lives will reflect that truth.

Just Begin, P.
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Monday, February 20, 2012

DIY Reality

For the sake of keeping it real around Frippery Farmhouse. I have decided to show you what happens when one tackles too many projects because she just can't live in limbo any longer.
Be afraid of what you are about to see.

My time of freedom is swiftly coming to an end as I will be returning to work full time next week for my yearly temp assignment.
Of course this is the perfect time to redecorate the second floor.
Don't you agree?
I have been wanting to redo our bedroom for several years.
 A lack of funds, time, vision...
something always stopped me.
Since my word of the year is begin I decided to do just that.

This is where I am...
patching, decluttering, cleaning, decarpeting (word?) and prepping for paint.
If you recall last year in my haste to redo my dining room and entry before returning to work I ended up with a broken ankle.
 Two days before my job began.
I will practice more care this time.
I will be painting wall, floors, furniture...
no time for the stack of unread books from GW...

I will be covering the sickly green walls FINALLY.
Restoration Hardware Slate.
I know, awful photo...
I am in a HURRY...

I also started working on the guest room.
Yes you heard me.
I have a problem.
(as Debbie might call it)

Because my master bedroom needs to get finished 
this cute little space is going on the back burner once again.
Just when I had made some progress.

Don't even get me started on the studio.
Let's just say if there is any danger of more broken bones
this room would be the place to trip me up.
Did I mention I just repainted my entry?
The one I painted last year before going back to work.
It is a sickness.
A good kind of sickness.

I wanted to poke my head up and thank you for all the comments and emails on my last post.
It seems I am not the only one treading upstream.
We are all here together in our little neighborhood.
Big, small, and in between, just doing what works for each of us.
As it should be.
Now, let me get back to work.
Time is a wastin'!

Here's to many new beginnings, P.

I just saw the Nester's not perfect Party and this post is perfectly not perfect.
I am linking to The Nester's Party.
Meant to be.
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Monday, February 13, 2012

Frippery Gets Lost

Somewhere along the way I have gotten off track. 
This blog is losing it's luster.

It is not going in the direction it needs to follow.
Sometimes a post gets written just to post, because I read "volume volume volume" is the way to go. 
The next day it is tutorials or links or switching to a new platform. 
Then it is join every linky party and always have a project going for the next one. 
Never mind keeping up with the social media. 
Give the readers what they want. 
What do they want?

Is it what I want from this blog? 
In our reduced income state here at Frippery Farmhouse
 I would have loved to have a money making blog.
But that isn't why I started here.

I began because I enjoyed visiting and wanted to be a part of this neighborhood.
I began because I love DIY, art, crafts, vintage collecting, decorating and so much more.

I began because I am always playing with my camera and wanted to share my images.

I began because I wanted a diary of sorts that I would actually keep up with.
I began because I visited so many bloggers that have now become real, lifetime, in person friends.

I began because I need to share my beautiful hometown of Cincinnati and all that it offers.
I began because I enjoy writing.
I began because it was fun.

I am going to begin again, with that mindset. 
I will do some blog keeping and tidying, freshen things and sweep out the cobwebs. 
That is a lot of I's. 
 That's OK because that is what Frippery is. 
Just me, talking and sharing. 
That is what was getting lost in all the fretting about what direction to take 
and how to do it the "right way".
 Frippery. Is. Me. 
That said I will make it what I want it to be. 
May take a little while. 
 May not. 
No more worries over something so simple. 
No stressing that I need to get something done because of this or that upcoming blog party.
 Just talking and sharing in my own time, when I have something worth a post.
 If I choose to do more with it I will. 
If I don't no regrets. 
 I love visiting the blog neighborhood and yes, 
I adore seeing all of the linky projects and parties and giveaways. 
It is awesome how so many have been able to parlay this neighborhood into a way
to make a living from home.

Frippery and I just need to get back to basics. 
I have always tried to portray a fairly honest view of life at Frippery farmhouse.

Authenticity is want I want for this blog. 
 I would love to hear from you. 
How do you cope with self doubt or the feeling of
 losing the true you when projecting your life for all to see?
 Please share your insight. 

Happy Valentine's Day my friends.
To beginning, P. 

On a lighter note, autocorrect consistently changes linky to kinky, so if I have missed any corrections and  end up writing about kinky parties, forgive me. If that is why you are visiting in the first place...
I won't judge.
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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Sunday inSpiration

Hey Friends,
What are your Super Sunday Plans?
We are heading to another couple's house to watch the game.
At least the first half, otherwise I will be falling asleep...past my bedtime you know.
Just four friends hanging out this year 
because both of our homes are torn up for yet another decorating project. 
We were not in party shape on either home front so we just decided to share the evening together without lot's of hoopla.
Actually it sounds quite relaxing and fun.
So I was killing a bit of time while waiting for my nail hole patches to dry and was cruising the Blogs for inspiration.
Found loads. Just a few notables are
lovely dining nook and
 her post which is so thoughtful and true about decorating style.
Isn't this the coziest?
So simple and pretty!

The amazing Anthro candlestick knockoff from  Abbie of 
has me dying to dig through my pile of Goodwill rejects that I was ready to recycle back to GW.
How awesome are these?
I can't wait to get gluing.
This could turn into an obsession!

I will be hosting our dinner group for a Valentine theme get together next Saturday and
Layla's Valentine Table and Runner
is just the thing I was looking for to romance my table.
She has a whole Valentine ideas thing going on at her blog.
I am going to try those paper fortune cookies too.
How adorable!
Oh and hankies for napkins.
So sweet..

 Speaking of Valentine tables Amy at
has the most gorgeous setting for a lovely
Valentine day celebration.
When can I move in?
Her decorating is stunning and so serene!

I need to jump in the shower and fluff myself a bit before heading out.
Can't wait to check out the commercials tonight.
Oh and I think there is a football game in there someplace too.

Begin today, P.
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