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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Magical Weekend Project

Hello my friends,
Sadie and I are home from our mom/daughter mini trip.
What a weekend.
We spent our Saturday at the most charming place, 
with equally charming people.
Hammersong Farm is the home of Tom and Linda Bland. 
Tom is a talented metal sculptor who sells his amazing art at shows as well as imparting his vast knowledge to people lucky enough to get a space in his quickly filled workshops.

We were two of the lucky ones.
When we pulled up the drive we were completely enchanted by this magical place where an artist's dream is truly being lived.

We got to play with the most amazing "toys" while being taught new skills by Tom and his assistant Jay, a young man who is a patient and wonderful teacher in his own right.

We bent metal bars.
We cut with a plasma cutter.
We welded.
We sawed.

We recreated one of Tom's fantastic designs in metal.

Oh yes, and we ate.
In the shop...
on white linen...
a gourmet luncheon...
prepared by Tom!
Another of the many talents this artist possesses.
Four courses no less.

This couple knows how to do life right.
They also have a guest house on the farm
 and they treat their guests like long lost friends come for a visit.
Next time we will plan farther in advance to take advantage of a little extra helping of Linda and Tom's hospitality.

I feel like we learned so much in a single day.
Tom is a teacher who knows how to share his talents with grace.
He takes a genuine interest in each of his students.
We felt so at ease and welcome all while learning what may become a new passion.
Just what a teacher is meant to be.

On top of the charm and hospitality and new skills learned, we came home with this...

It was dark when we pulled in the drive but we were so excited we had to place our piece in the yard.
Probably not it's permanent place but...

If you have a chance to visit or better yet get into a class at Hammersong Farm 
I would urge you to do so.
Before 2013 fills up. 
But not before Sadie and I can book our next class...
We had a truly marvelous weekend because of you and your good and sharing spirit.

Just begin, P.

P.S Here is a video from Hammersong Farm of this leaf sculpture in action.

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JunqueMagnet said...

OH my I am so excited for you. That is beyond wonderful. So super cool. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

Hopemore Studio said...

I am blown away by the contrast...down and dirty with metal but yet white and crisp meals. Such an amazing day you must have had. Your finished piece will look fabulous where ever it lands in your yard.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

What a wonderful weekend away. A working/pampering weekend. And your leaf sculpture is beautiful.