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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Entry Closet Makeover Progress

It may not seem like a biggie but this closet can make my life miserable.
So I emptied it.
Pulled out the pole holding up a thousand pounds of coats and the shelf that held things I didn't ever remember owning.
Are you with me on that one?

Just so you believe me...
A Thousand Pounds!
(Give or take)

All. Of. This.
was in that tiny itty closet.

I have been drooling over the closet makeovers using hooks instead of hangers. 
More sensible.
Easier access.
Hooks though...
I saw lot's of super cute ones...
Ummm...kinda expensive for a non existent budget like mine.
Plus who really looks at them once a coat is hung?

Along comes Hobby Lobby clearance.

A little bit country, not very rock n roll if you get my drift.
But the hooks...
looking pretty useful...
I had to do it, made in China or not.

Took the hooks off the back piece and sprayed them a nice medium gray 
from my paint stash in the garage.
Don't worry, I have plans for the back piece in another room.
Waste not want not.

I painted the closet interior a nice french gray left over from my hallway redo.
So far it is a million times better.
I will be adding hooks to the side walls that I have had around for a while.
Another clearance purchase that I have been looking to use somewhere.
They will be perfect for short jackets, purses, umbrellas...
I plan on attaching two inexpensive (cheap) towel racks to the inside door for our multitude of scarves.

Oh yes...
the door handle in lovely glaring brass is going to be sprayed...something else.
That is a project for another day.
For now let me enjoy the empty space.

It will be filled soon enough.

This project took me all of half a day working continuously.
A few more tweaks and we can call it complete.

So just begin! P.
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Vintage Jane said...

Hmm, your clear out and tidy up looks great. I now find my bulging understairs cuboard, overflowing chest of drawers and too full wardrobes glaring at me, taunting me ... M x

Marilyn said...

Hummmmm..... I used to have closets like that but since our last birdie flew the nest last year all our closets went on a major diet. First all her stuff & then ours got slimed down real nice!! (I was on a roll!!)
Have a Great Day!

trash talk said...

For someone who has coats dating from 1980 hanging in her closet, I so need to do this. I know there are folks who could use a warm coat during the winter months, but...what do I do with all the skeletons that are bound to come out too? Those I'd love to get rid of!
Did I mention I love french grey...and hooks?