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Consciously taking notice of the gifts each day places in our path.

“I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.” R. W. Emerson

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Crafty Fun!

Hello my friends,
Frippery farmhouse has been filled with glitter while I craft away for two events. 
If you are in the Cincinnati Tristate area stop and say hi!
I will be at the Black Sheep Bar and Grill for ladies night on Friday Dec. 2nd with fashion accessories. 
I will be making merry with my vintage Christmas decorations at the event below, at Redtree Gallery, on Saturday with fellow blogger and vintage shopping buddy Angie of Hopemore Studio.

Should be a fun weekend!

"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing."
Dale Carnegie

Yours in enjoying the ride, P.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Mantels Past

Hello Dear Friends,
If you are a blogger, do you use your blog as a diary of sorts?
A way to revisit where you were in life at a given time of year?
I love that aspect of blogging.
Seeing the changes from year to year.
As I plan my Christmas decorating for this year I thought it would be fun to review years past. Maybe reuse what was loved and see what directions things go this time around.
In 2008...My photography skills obviously needed work.

Red and white with a vintage feel has always been my go to color scheme.
I have tried to change it up but it always comes back to peppermint colors.
Must be the reference to food.
Candy and holidays just go together.
Always a hint of outdoors as well.
Pine cones and greenery are a must.

2009 I tried my best to go with the all white scheme but red just snuck right in again.
No self control when it comes to red.
Like a bull.
Or maybe just a girl who loves bright and shiny.
Let's go with that, shall we?

2010 I only managed a distant photo of the mantel for some reason.
Peppermint striped candles, candy canes and a small tree with a star were the main elements last year.
I have started my basic design for 2011 but haven't yet dug into the Christmas boxes.
I am going for a look that with a few tweaks can remain all winter.
Thinking woodsy, outdoors in a softly falling snow kind of feel.
With candy canes of course.

After Christmas I find it hard to part with all the festive decor.
I have to leave a touch or two of sparkle to brighten the winter days.
Is your mantel bedecked with finery yet, or are you still in the planning stages too?
Please share, I could use a little inspiration!

"Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind."
Mary Ellen Chase

Yours in a Christmas state of mind, P.
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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Decorating, a Long Process

Hello my friends,
I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with love, laughter and lots of deliciousness.
Ours certainly was.
So much so that nary a picture was taken.
We were having way too much fun.
Now I am desperate to get to this...

However I am still working on these...

I decided to keep the steps white.
The black seemed too harsh, plus every little scratch and ding were highlighted. 
There are a lot of them.
Day before Thanksgiving I was hurriedly putting a coat of white over the wear and tear.
Now they look fresh and clean (for a bit).
I had already painted the landing black and not one to waste perfectly good paint I chose to leave the center black and just paint around it. A very basic faux rug, so to speak.

Frog tape and white Rustoleum. Could it get any simpler?

I plan to stencil something in the center area. Hubs suggested a monogram which was brilliant. I had a modern floral circling around my brain originally.
I  believe the monogram may win.

A few touch ups and a couple coats of poly and call it finished.
Now I have to tackle what to do with those freshly painted and newly bare walls.

I do have two more craft shows next Friday and Saturday and my corner of the studio looks like this...

I am only showing you my corner because the rest looks worse!
I think the Christmas decorations must wait a little while longer.
How about you?
Are you decorating this weekend so you can enjoy it longer or taking it slow and savoring each step?
Either way, don't you love this time of year?

"It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air."
W. T. Ellis

Yours in the heart of the season, P.
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Glitter is my Friend

Hello friends,
I have been on a glitter binge, immersed in the craft show season.
One more show is behind me.
My table looked quite full at set up in the (very early) morning.

Often I may appear to have rolled on a barn floor, what with all the burlap fiber that has become part of my attire lately.

Don't get me started on ink stained fingers and the trail of paper scraps following wherever I go.

Just know that this is more fun than a girl should be allowed to have.

Who can keep from smiling when covered in sparkles and surrounded by pretties?
The best part is the lovely people I get to meet and the friends who stop by.
Fellow blogger Carrie of Junque Magnet is one I was so happy to see again.
She and her family are just adorable. I mean seriously storybook family cute.
Thanks Carrie, I will see you at Wrapped Up City Flea .
Carrie will be a vendor there. Stop and see her if you are around the Cinci area.
She does some fabulous work with vintage pieces.

Oh, and at the end of the day my table was hardly full at all.
I have two more shows to go so I must be off to the glitter mines.

"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort."
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Yours in making joy, P.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Creating Christmas Cheer in the Studio

Hello friends,
Lest you think I am wallowing in self pity about the furnace demise...
 nothing could be further from my mind. 
The Frippery Studio has been a whirlwind of glitter and snowflakes.

The merry little elves (AKA Sadie and me) have been snipping and gluing their
crafty paint stained fingers away.

Sparkle, glimmer, glisten...
favorite words around this cozy artspace.

Mixing up the new and vintage to create just the perfect Christmas mood.
How could anyone not be filled with joy here?

A merry place indeed.
There has been some singing...
even a bit of dancing.
That is until mom was told never to do that move again.

Did that dampen my spirit? (Or stop me from dancing?)
Never. The happiest, most glorious season is fast approaching and I am right in the midst of my favorite spot, creating pretty things for the pure pleasure of the task.
Some of these glittery goodies will end up at my booth space and the shows listed on my sidebar.
Some will remain with me because I just can't let them go!

What does one wear while dancing on a floor of glitter you might wonder?

Ah yes, what lovely slippers.
Befitting an elven queen.

Is it just me or does anyone really like to put their toes in toe socks?
I kind of like this look better.

"So practice happy thinking every day, cultivate the merry heart..."
Norman Vincent Peale

Yours in cultivating happiness, P.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Forward and Backward On the Path, but Never Alone

Hello friends,
Can one be completely discouraged by setbacks and still excited about tiny steps forward?
I am all about maintaining a bright outlook in the face of disaster.
Well, perhaps I am overstating.
We learned this week that we need a new furnace.
Not really disastrous except for the fact that we have had little income for the past two years and have steadily been trying to maintain Frippery Farmhouse as frugally as possible.

Fortunately we have been savers all these years
but seeing our little nest egg flying slowly out the window as we try to stay above water is discouraging.

I share this because I know many of you are facing similar issues and there is some comfort in knowing you are not alone.
I have connected with many other bloggers in the same circumstance and I know that I have found comfort there.
When life hands you one more lemon you search out old friends to make you feel a little less sour.
Here is one...

Not really my first choice but I happened to have a roll of bead board wallpaper left over from the bathroom and dining room ceiling projects. (Also used as a kitchen backsplash.)
I like free.

I envisioned a paneled wall beneath the sconce in our upper hallway.
This will do just fine for the present.
Quicke and easy.
We had some molding hanging about in the garage as well.

Ta freakin' da!
Perhaps I mean FREEkin'.
Finished with no outlay of money except paint.
I had planned on replacing the sconce with something a bit more farmhouse.
 I can live with this one a while longer.

Speaking of paint, this is the color I used on the hallway walls.
Behr Natural Gray.

It has just a hint of lavender in keeping with the muted pastel look. Plus it picks up the purple tone in my Kona Brown floors.
Now on to painting the stairs...again...

The white looks nice in this picture but believe me, not so nice in reality.
It has scuffed and worn and shows every speck. 
Brown it will be.
Then a little something for those bare walls.
Give me a moment to savor that fresh paint first.
I promise a whole reveal when I get my act together and finish up all the crafting I have been doing in my SPARE? time.

Until then buck up and carry on.
We can accomplish much with support and encouragement from friends 
and a little old fashioned elbow grease.

"We make ourselves rich by making our wants few."
Henry David Thoreau

Yours in a rich life, P.
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Friday, November 11, 2011

Autumn Around Frippery Farmhouse

 Hello Friends.
As I confessed earlier, I completely skipped the Halloween dec this year.
No one eyed porcelain dolls in bird cages or glitter beaked ravens.
Not even a grinning jack pumpkin.
However, I could not allow the season to pass without a bit of Thanksgiving finery.


Autumn is just so lovely on her own that I could not resist asking her to grace the porch. 

She willingly obliged.

I became bolder and she didn't flinch.

 She was such a gracious guest that I invited her to tiptoe gently through the door.

Quietly she graced a nook here and a table top there.

Her bold color outside my windows is brilliant enough to see that a quiet indoor palette will suffice.

Just enough to enhance this season of gratitude.
Plus, when Black Friday hits, I can crank the carols and swiftly transform to a Christmas Wonderland.
So much for my moment of grace, heehee.

"No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace, as I have seen in one autumnal face."
John Donne

Yours in autumn's splendor, P.
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Super Low Budget Floor Solution

Hello my friends. 
Hope your November is as lovely there as it is here.
I have been spending much of it indoors.
Often taking advantage of rainy outdoor weather.
Attempting to fluff the inside for the holidays when the weather isn't permitting any garden tasks.
(Not to mention craft shows and prepping the antique booth for Christmas.)
Anyhoo, we had 18 year old nasty berber carpet upstairs which we had mostly pulled up in the thought of replacing it with hardwood.
Not foreseeing that the employment/income situation would still be close to non-existant two years after hubs was downsized.
Suffice it to say we would rather eat than walk on nice hardwood floors.
 Rustoleum to the rescue. Once again paint is my ally in all things frugal.

Painted right over the plywood subfloor. I saw Roeshel's fanfreakintastic floors on her blog,
Cue angels singing, there was the solution.
Minus the gorgeous painted rug and any bothersome prep work. I am lazy AND impatient!
One little quart of RustOleum Kona Brown.
Under ten dollars.
Not perfect but 100% improved.
I wish I had taken a before picture, but you have all seen funky plywood carpet underlayment before.
Just imagine the ugliness.

I also had a half gallon of poly left from the hardwood floors downstairs.

Two coats of paint, (I was going to make it three but kind of loved the way the very rustic subfloor showed through) and 3 coats of poly, I can live with this indefinitely.
Miracle under $20 including the Home Depot $10 rug for the doggies to lay on.

I am still in the middle of wall painting and I have a little FREE plan for the yellow wall under the sconce. Hint, the yellow of course will be GONE!
Ignore the sloppy baseboards, those are next.
I have much to show you in the next month or two.
It just takes time.
Lot's. Of. Time.

"Nothing lasts forever-not even your troubles"
Arnold H. Glasgow

Yours in having fun with frugality, P.

I am linking to:
Thrifty Decor Chick
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Monday, November 7, 2011

Frippery is on a Roll

Yes, on a roll...
of wallpaper.
How about you?
I am bored to big drippy tears with plain old painted drywall.
I love the creative paneled walls I see everywhere in blogland but...
I crave pattern...
Waverly's new Evolution Collection has me hooked.
Emom pointed out a Waverly ad here and I realized just how happy it makes me to see wallpaper reemerging as a design choice.

I could love this on a wall in a bathroom.

Oh, my entry is crying out for this one!

Now the floral,
I adore but really it just wouldn't fit anywhere in my home.
Maybe inside my coat closet to give a delightful boost each time the door is opened. 

I have been busily and VERY thriftily making some changes to Frippery farmhouse.
I will be giving glimpses over the next few weeks of maximum change with minimal bucks.

Think browns, greys, black and white with hints of palest pink and mossy green.
I also found several rolls of English wallpaper at GW...for the princessly sum of $1 per roll.
Probably circa the 80's.

I just may get brave and paper a wall or two.
Dare me?

"Don't be afraid to go on the occasional wild goose chase, that's what wild geese are for."

Yours in taking chances, P.

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