More Favorite Things

Hello my friends,
Why is it when I say I am taking break I post more than ever?
Must be the season and being surrounded by so many pretty things.
It makes me want to sing, and play, and visit with you all to see what scrumptious bits you are posting.

So...indulge me in sharing just a few more.
You will notice they all have one thing in common.
This one is my favorite of all hubby's Radko ornaments.
It reminds me of over the top Christmas displays from childhood...
a gorgeous illustration from a children's picture book...
some of our first Christmas's as a young family...
All lovely memories.

Pink Ornaments, gaaahhh, I just can never get enough.
My mom had a white flocked tree that stood each year in the picture window of our 
little suburban ranch house.
The tree rotated in a white stand with gold stars and my dad hooked up the revolving cellophane covered pink and white spotlight to shine in just the right spot.
While he was taking his time finding the perfect angle for the spotlight, my brother and I would play in the big tree box.
The tree was covered in pink ornaments of varying tones.
Very 60's.
I know I am telling my age but what a wonderful time to grow up!
Pink ornaments will always say Christmas to me.
(Oh my, I wish I had that tree now!)

Silver, gold and red.
Grandma's house. 
I made these candlesticks from two wooden goodwill finds, glittered until they could not hold anymore.
Then I needed a flame.
Two red strawberry pincushions on the drawing table in the studio.
A glittering flame now tops each one.

When I think of my grandma's house I always associate the colors of red and gold at Christmas.
Not sure if that was her main color scheme but her warm and welcoming home always glows with sepia tones in my memory.

She was often at her sewing machine when we stopped by 
so the strawberries evoke those memories as well.
Oh, can you just die over that glitter?

Silver, gold and red mixed with old paper.
Not sure why this gets to me but I think of all the childhood Christmas's and the shiny department store displays downtown...
Christmas's long gone still living in our hearts.
Those we love who are no longer with us but still a huge part of our lives.

Oh and let's not forget glitter...
and sparkling glass.
I am like a moth to a flame when it comes to shiny things.
There is no resistance.
Since this is the most glitter filled season of all...
well you get it...
I am off to hunt down more glitter.
Speaking of which, Laura reposted some perfectly lovely words.
Stop by for a moment, I think you will be happy you did.

"Silver and gold, silver and gold,
Everyone wishes for silver and gold,
How do you measure it's worth?
Just by the pleasure it gives here on earth."
Johnny Marks (sung by Burl Ives)

Yours in glitter and kitsch and the Merriest of Christmas's, P.


trash talk said…
I get all weepy this time of year and just pushed me over the ledge. Don't fret it though...I willingly let go.
Laura's post is one of my all time favorites and I'm so glad she reposted it. Puts it all into perspective...doesn't it?
P.S. I would have loved your mother...the original Fun Girl.
Lynn said…
Lot's of beautiful favourites. Thank you for visiting me, and have a very Happy Christmas and New Year :)

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