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Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Beginning and 500 Posts!

Happy New Year my friends,
Have you made any resolutions?

I don't do resolutions anymore. 
I find they rarely make it past March.
Why set myself up for sure failure?
How many times have I promised myself a set amount of weight or a fitness level and when I don't reach that goal I throw the whole thing out the window?
How about the time frame for creating or taking a business step?
When it isn't reached by a specific deadline I'm all, "Oh well, it wasn't meant to be."
At one point I planned to train to participate in a run.
As soon as I missed a few days training I just plain quit.
So no more resolutions.

I do try to chose a word or phrase as my reminder of how I would like to live.
A word that works as a prompt to keep going.
A talisman for staying the course.
With no deadlines it is a way of starting over from today.
Say the word and know you can accomplish what you have chosen to do.
No set backs, just new starts.
My 2010 word was Gracious and the year before was Be Real.

The word for 2012 has been tossed back and forth in my mind for a while.
Actually part of the reason I chose my touchstone word is that very indecision.
I can think a thing right into the ground.
Then the old saying, "Thinkin' ain't doin'."popped into my head.

I spend so much time pondering every new step, weighing the possible consequences, that I just never start.
That, my friends, is over.
No more wasted time worrying about moving in new directions for this girl.
No trepidation.
Each day is a new opportunity to start again.

To begin is the only way to accomplish anything good in life.
If I fall on my face, so what? 
I can get back up and begin again.
No fears.

Horace said, "Who has begun is half done. Have the courage to be wise. Begin!"
I kinda think old Horace could have been a great blogger.
He would just put it out there for all to read...umm, I guess he actually did that anyway.
 I feel that this word is appropriate for my 500th post.
A new beginning.
Some changes to be made and chances to take.
No deadlines just new opportunities.
Instead of waiting for the right time or considering every possible outcome I will take the first step
Just begin.

Horace also said "Carpe Diem." 
Usually translated as "seize the day" but literally meaning "pluck the day" and actually closer in meaning to "enjoy the day".
Great advice.
Day seizing is just another way of saying begin.
Begin it is.
What word or phrase have you chosen for 2012?
Please share.

To new beginnings and a Happy New Year, P.

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Mom2fur said...

Just blog-hoppin' around after a nice lasagna dinner with the family. Happy New Year! I, too, refuse to make resolutions. I just jump into things at any point in the year and do the best I can with them. I think it's better to change things when it feels right for you, not by the date on the calendar!

she dreams big! said...

I'm with you girl! I think I'll have to come back here and read this post again and again throughout the year. Just begin . . . what a simple concept but oh so difficult to manage. If you can try and try again, so can I. Thanks for the inspiration!