Super Low Budget Floor Solution

Hello my friends. 
Hope your November is as lovely there as it is here.
I have been spending much of it indoors.
Often taking advantage of rainy outdoor weather.
Attempting to fluff the inside for the holidays when the weather isn't permitting any garden tasks.
(Not to mention craft shows and prepping the antique booth for Christmas.)
Anyhoo, we had 18 year old nasty berber carpet upstairs which we had mostly pulled up in the thought of replacing it with hardwood.
Not foreseeing that the employment/income situation would still be close to non-existant two years after hubs was downsized.
Suffice it to say we would rather eat than walk on nice hardwood floors.
 Rustoleum to the rescue. Once again paint is my ally in all things frugal.

Painted right over the plywood subfloor. I saw Roeshel's fanfreakintastic floors on her blog,
Cue angels singing, there was the solution.
Minus the gorgeous painted rug and any bothersome prep work. I am lazy AND impatient!
One little quart of RustOleum Kona Brown.
Under ten dollars.
Not perfect but 100% improved.
I wish I had taken a before picture, but you have all seen funky plywood carpet underlayment before.
Just imagine the ugliness.

I also had a half gallon of poly left from the hardwood floors downstairs.

Two coats of paint, (I was going to make it three but kind of loved the way the very rustic subfloor showed through) and 3 coats of poly, I can live with this indefinitely.
Miracle under $20 including the Home Depot $10 rug for the doggies to lay on.

I am still in the middle of wall painting and I have a little FREE plan for the yellow wall under the sconce. Hint, the yellow of course will be GONE!
Ignore the sloppy baseboards, those are next.
I have much to show you in the next month or two.
It just takes time.
Lot's. Of. Time.

"Nothing lasts forever-not even your troubles"
Arnold H. Glasgow

Yours in having fun with frugality, P.

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Great idea Pam! I think they turned out great for the situation! Have fun painting!~Hugs, Patti
Hopemore Studio said…
OK that is pretty darn cool!! Thanks for sharing the link. I'm like you, quick and easy..I don't think I could sit long enough to stencil a "rug" :-)
Anonymous said…
What a genius solution! Your upkeep should be low and that's a great thing too!
trash talk said…
You are woman...hear you roar. I LOVE this!
I'm doing kinda the same thing. Pulled the old carpet out...laying inexpensive laminate tomorrow. 'Course I had to repaint everything and don't get me started on the prep work.
It would have been so much easier your way...but I got stinkin' concrete to work with!
lisa said…
That looks great...You did a wonderful job with the floors..Can't wait to see the walls and all the other plans you have..Lisa
Sue said…
The floors may be frugally finished, Pam, but they certainly do look good! Did you see my last post on the White Cottage in Newark? I want to find someplace like that here in SW Ohio. Know of any? It really was a nice shop!
Hi Pam, what a great idea! Yes, I know the look of subflooring...eeck! I think you've done a knockout job with the idea to paint! Now I can't wait to see what else you're up to! xo
A grand idea, and it works so well. The lighter color coming thru gives it great highlights. I enjoyed seeing it.
Becky said…
The floor looks great! What a creative solution! Did you sand the subfloor down before painting or did you just paint right over it?
Carrie Snyder said…
Looks amazing! Did you fill in cracks & holes & sand before?
Sonya said…
Stumbled upon this when trying to find ideas for painting plywood floors. How has this held up to foot traffic and such now that its two years later? Thanks for any help.
Jen Greyson said…
OMG! I've been seeing all the posts with "paint" but this is so so so much better. I want to do cork, but we're a ways out from being able to afford that. LOOOOOOOOOOVE this solution (can NOT handle the grody carpets anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Tara Walters said…
How has it held up for you? I've been thinking about doing this in a couple rooms in my house. I might be able to convince my husband now that I have this to show him. Looks great, thanks for sharing!
4565486 said…
I love the color but you said you used paint and I can only find that color is stain. Did you use paint or stain?
I'm also wondering if you used the stain or the paint? It looks like stain plz let me know
Caroline said…
Beautiful! Want to do this in my living room! The problem with my room is that there will be a gap around whole room after carpet taken out. I can't move the baseboard,, as the subfloor butts up to the ceramic tile floor in kitchen, so cannot move baseboard down,, any ideas to fill the gaps along the entire perimeter of the living room?? Thanks!
Karen Kilburn said…
Get a simple crown molding 1/4 circle of something in that area to fill the gap and paint to match baseboards before installing.
Lucien said…
I subscribed to your email but didn't get email back so I can confirm?
Brenda Thomas said…
I tried to it but still not dry, still feeling oily, do I need the polyurethane?
Paul James said…
Thanks for the nice work I have gone through the article and it is really impressing and stunning work.
Anonymous said…
Would this cover on a painted white floor?? How many coats do you think it would take?

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