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“I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.” R. W. Emerson

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Creating Christmas Cheer in the Studio

Hello friends,
Lest you think I am wallowing in self pity about the furnace demise...
 nothing could be further from my mind. 
The Frippery Studio has been a whirlwind of glitter and snowflakes.

The merry little elves (AKA Sadie and me) have been snipping and gluing their
crafty paint stained fingers away.

Sparkle, glimmer, glisten...
favorite words around this cozy artspace.

Mixing up the new and vintage to create just the perfect Christmas mood.
How could anyone not be filled with joy here?

A merry place indeed.
There has been some singing...
even a bit of dancing.
That is until mom was told never to do that move again.

Did that dampen my spirit? (Or stop me from dancing?)
Never. The happiest, most glorious season is fast approaching and I am right in the midst of my favorite spot, creating pretty things for the pure pleasure of the task.
Some of these glittery goodies will end up at my booth space and the shows listed on my sidebar.
Some will remain with me because I just can't let them go!

What does one wear while dancing on a floor of glitter you might wonder?

Ah yes, what lovely slippers.
Befitting an elven queen.

Is it just me or does anyone really like to put their toes in toe socks?
I kind of like this look better.

"So practice happy thinking every day, cultivate the merry heart..."
Norman Vincent Peale

Yours in cultivating happiness, P.

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JunqueMagnet said...

Oh Pam.These are so divine and you've set my glitter heart soaring.Remember to always dance like no one is watching - who cares!! And do you possibly still have that little scene that was a clock with a pink reindeer in it (you had it at Rural and I don't know why I didn't get it then and I can't imagine you possibly still do but in case)?!!! Going to try to make it to Oak Hills so hope to see you there.

imsteelefullofscrap said...

Love your Christmas decorations I am a newbie found you just blogging around anyways tried to find where I can sign up to receive emails when you post but cant for the life of me find it could you plz lmk where it is if you have one! Thank so much

sissie said...

Hi Pam,
I'm feeling happy just reading your happy post!!! Love all your sparkle and ruffles and bling. Very pretty decorations.


Ivy and Elephants said...

Hi Pam,
Just looking at your post puts me in the Christmas mood! You are well ahead of the game with those gorgeous new crafts. Hope you sell lots, but of course hold back some for yourself!

Emom said...

Pam!.....lovely toes.....and just tell them that mom has to practice those moves so that she can continue to get outta the chair....smiles.

Teresa said...

Ooooh, it's all so pretty! I love sparkly, glittery projects.

Lynn said...

Those look like chicken toes, if you ask me! You HAVE been busy!

The Elegant Thrifter said...

Everything's better with glitter sprinkled on it! -- Sung to the tune of the old Blue Bonnet TV ads.


InMyOwnStyle said...

HI Pam-

I love the big wreath - all the layers really make it special. I also agree with Stan above - glitter and the holidays just go together.

My best- Diane