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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Mantels Past

Hello Dear Friends,
If you are a blogger, do you use your blog as a diary of sorts?
A way to revisit where you were in life at a given time of year?
I love that aspect of blogging.
Seeing the changes from year to year.
As I plan my Christmas decorating for this year I thought it would be fun to review years past. Maybe reuse what was loved and see what directions things go this time around.
In 2008...My photography skills obviously needed work.

Red and white with a vintage feel has always been my go to color scheme.
I have tried to change it up but it always comes back to peppermint colors.
Must be the reference to food.
Candy and holidays just go together.
Always a hint of outdoors as well.
Pine cones and greenery are a must.

2009 I tried my best to go with the all white scheme but red just snuck right in again.
No self control when it comes to red.
Like a bull.
Or maybe just a girl who loves bright and shiny.
Let's go with that, shall we?

2010 I only managed a distant photo of the mantel for some reason.
Peppermint striped candles, candy canes and a small tree with a star were the main elements last year.
I have started my basic design for 2011 but haven't yet dug into the Christmas boxes.
I am going for a look that with a few tweaks can remain all winter.
Thinking woodsy, outdoors in a softly falling snow kind of feel.
With candy canes of course.

After Christmas I find it hard to part with all the festive decor.
I have to leave a touch or two of sparkle to brighten the winter days.
Is your mantel bedecked with finery yet, or are you still in the planning stages too?
Please share, I could use a little inspiration!

"Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind."
Mary Ellen Chase

Yours in a Christmas state of mind, P.
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