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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sharing Vintage Tips

Need a little advice. 
I love sharing tips and hopefully so do you.
Let me preface by saying I have been gathering and shopping madly for all the fall shows coming up, my Ohio Valley Antiques booth and specifically The Rural Society Fall Show.
I plan on a offbeat theme incorporating holidays.
Today at the Springfield Antique Show I may have made an impulse purchase that could be one I will rethink later.

No, you are not seeing ghosts. I purchased not one, but two, talking Casper the Friendly Ghost dolls. I should say, one talking, one screeching unintelligibly.
I may have overpaid a bit as well.
Why, you may ask?
I adored Casper cartoons as a child. Many, many, many, years ago.
I could not resist.
Halloween being the favorite holiday of all in my mind, I figured what the hey, I will love them myself if no one else chooses to take them home.
Now for my question to you.
Any tips on how to clean their grubby little terry cloth bodies?
If so please do share.

Now for my tip to you...

Have you ever been in desperate remodel mode, wanting to hang or rearrange a painting or wall accessory and cannot find the gosh darn hammer anywhere?
Cannot wait to pound that nail and get your newest vintage acquisition placed just so?
Today I was in just that position.
When in need, improvise!

An empty wine bottle will serve nicely as a hammer as long as you are just tapping a small nail into drywall. I happened to have one conveniently at hand. Problem solved.
A warning though, do not leave your dead wine bottle where little ghosts could get hold of it.

Who knew wine really had spirits?

Sorry, couldn't resist.
Let me know what magic cleaning solutions you have for your vintage finds.
I have to put the Casper's to bed now.

"I'll never be nuthin" but a scary old ghost without any friends..."
Casper the Friendly Ghost

Yours in shared passions, P.
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Hopemore Studio said...

Pam, My first thought was to try oxy clean on a small part of the fabric. I used it to clean up a grimy white baseball jersey from the 60's...all the stains disappeared. I've had that jersey on display for 7 years and the stains never returned.

Lynn said...

You funny, funny gurl!

Debby said...

How cute. I would probably throw them in the washing machine with some Tide with bleach. I wash everything. I ruin things every now and then, though. But, I am thinking it will be hard to brighten those ghosties if you don't.
What have you done with your pink kitchen?

JunqueMagnet said...

I'd go with the Oxi Clean in the spray bottle on those bodies.Let it sit forever and see what happens. Or I might try a really long soak in Biz which seems to do wonders. But I'd probably cop out and cover them up with some silly, over the top Halloween altering/repurposing which would of course involve crepe paper and glitter! Of course that's just how I roll. I will never get through the piles in my garage to adequately prepare for the Rural Society show - NEVER! I am feeling completely overwhelmed by the whole prospect and every time I start to have a them I head off on another tangent. Keep going - I'm sure you're booth is going to be tremendous!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I am not sure what I would clean the little Casper's with....I wonder how old they are? They are really cute, though! They will be darling for Halloween!~Hugs, Patti

Anonymous said...

My brother could not say Casper the friendly ghost....he said "Gasper Lenny Dose".....I had to interpret for mom and dad....he will be 50 yrs old in Oct.....he can probably say it now...smiles.

Sue said...

Those Casper dolls look as if they walked through a coal bin! yikes... I would probably spray them with a combination of Biz and Oxyclean- that's my go-to solution to all my vintage linen soaks. Just don't wreck the sound box by over wetting the body! :-) Sue

Denise said...

Those naughty little Caspers! I've used most anything at hand for a hammer before. Great idea.