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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Frippery Farmhouse Porch Transformation

Once upon a time many years ago, when Frippery Farmhouse was being built, a very naughty builder filed bankruptcy and left the families he was building homes for high and dry.
These people had already released their money to this bad man and now had to finish their homes without the help of the subs who also had not been paid. 
We had to settle for some things that were not our original choice when we began envisioning our American Farmhouse style home.
At that point we just had to get the house finished so we had someplace to live.
Stuff happens. We got over it and moved on.
We have slowly been upgrading over the years as money and time permit.
Which leads us here.
We hated the fact that instead of nice chunky wood porch posts we had aluminum wrapped 4 by 4's.

Time to change that.
Meanwhile why not paint the railings while we have them dismantled?
What? Some are rotted?
Hey, look, the porch seems so much bigger and airier without those railings.

I had recently been reading Tara Dillard's landscape blog. She often removes the railings from "jailed in" porches for a more open view of the garden.
Love it!

Next job is washing the siding.
(Another compromise, but I will live with that one for a while.)
We had to leave the left side railing because of height concerns, but I am conjuring a remedy for that too.

Work in progress but I can see an organized kitchen garden with a step down for next year.
Or maybe a courtyard with a pergola.
Oh, it would be wonderful to cover that concrete with wood...maybe stone just around the entry...

Getting way ahead of myself as usual.
First I need to concentrate on the project at hand.

Which of course has to be put on the  back burner for still other things that need doing.
Does all the "tending to" ever end?
Hope not...
What would occupy us then?

For now this is a nice place to sit and dream of what is to come.
Who has time to dream?
We gotta get to the lumber yard and
the garden is calling.
Not to mention the indoor projects.
So this will suffice for the present.

How do people live without a project or two churning in their brains and a few in progress?
I know you know what I'm sayin'.
So what's on your plate at the moment?
Please share.

"Happiness is a matter of one's most ordinary and everyday mode of consciousness being busy and lively and unconcerned with self."
Iris Murdoch

Yours in the business of being happy, P.
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sissie said...

I often wonder the same thing....what do people do when they don't have a project planned or something to create!

I love your porch. It's pretty and very inviting. Now on with the dreaming about what to do next.


Jo said...

There are always projects floating around in my head lol Porch looks very nice!

Debby said...

I love your farmhouse porch. Can I come over for some sweet tea.

Laura said...

Your porch looks wonderful!
What a great place to sit.

I couldn't live without my projects-
I know exactly what you mean.


Vintage Jane said...

I love your porch. Wish I had one! I always have a project list on the go - just wish I could cross off a few more than I add to it each day! M x

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I do love the porch without the railing. The beautiful flower filled wagon display just makes the porch so special! Being a homeowner means there are always projects or something that has to be done. First we have to figure out which one is more pressing...bathroom or living room carpet?~Hugs, Patti

Kathy said...

Pam, Your porch is fabulous without the railing - and looks so inviting!

I've always got a project (or six) in my mind...definitely never bored! (My workroom runneth over!!)

Have a sunny day!