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Friday, May 27, 2011

Letting Go

Sentimentality. That is one of the traits that can cause me trouble.
Crying at the drop of a hat, sometimes in inappropriate places, for ridiculous reasons. A memory or a kind word or a story told can set me off. 
It also causes me to hang on to feelings and things long past their time.
I was looking at the photos of my children with their grandma in my last post and remembered the song, Child of Mine,  that summed up everything I wanted for them as they grew. Kind of my child rearing theme song. Be who you are and treat others as you want to be treated.
Of course that growing came all to quickly for me but the song and sentiment hold true. My children have become...are still becoming... such wonderful adults.
They hold fast to their beliefs and do not cave to pressure to fit someone else's mold.
They are bright, bohemian, creative, musical, talented and I am so blessed that they are my children.

Now about that sentimentality...We planted this bridal wreath spirea right after we moved into our newly built home 18 years ago. I had to have one here because there was a huge one growing at the corner of our first house, the one my children were born in. It grew right beneath their bedroom window. You get the drift, right? Long story short, my gorgeous shrub is just too big now for the space it occupies. On top of that, although it is stunning in bloom, that only lasts about a week, then the flowers turn brown and ugly and not so stunning. If it wasn't smack dab in the center of my laundry room window, right in front of the house, that wouldn't seem so bad...but...sentiment aside, she'd gotta go.

So this is a farewell of sorts to some of my mushy old sentimental memories. It has been a month of get over it and move on moments. Last day at work, artist daughter turned 20, scientist son will be finishing school with two degrees at the end of summer and is considering the Peace Corps, (we won't think of that right now), oldest nephew graduates high school and my sweet spirea is going too. I can plant another one, a whole row of them, matter of fact, just not right in front of the house.

Just sharing a few last glimpses of her spring finery. A really amazing shrub, just massed with blooms. OK I am not looking back...much.

I will even help hubs with the chainsaw. Less sentiment, more ruthlessness. Well, let's not get carried away. Just a bit more acceptance that there is a time for everything and nothing on earth lasts forever.
Enjoy each little thing while it is before us, and let go when the time comes.

Bye bye old friend. I am looking forward to a brand new space to plant in, right next to the front porch. Maybe room for an old fashioned kitchen garden? 
My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

"All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on."
Havelock Ellis

Yours in new beginnings, P.
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English Rider said...

I had a cecil bruner mini climbing rose that was a gift on my daughter's first birthday. I planted it out and, from the decorative pot on the center of the table, it grew to surpass the chimney of our house. I dug it up and moved it three times to new homes. Daughter is now twenty-six and was a little surprised that "her rose" did not move with us this last time. I understand how you can feel a bond and relationship with a plant. After all, we nurture them and they thank us with their blooms.

Mary said...

I don't attach to many things. I'm very much like Grandma in that manner. If I tire of something it's gone. But memories, those special moments, now those will tug at my heart just as they do you. And like you I weep. I've learned since the passing of my Mama in 2006 just how sweet memories are.

Love your post <3

Geralyn Gray said...

Beautiful Post!!!!! I go through all kinds of feelings lately........same ups and downs.....but, most of you........grateful!!!!!!