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Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's My Dollhouse and I Can Do What I Want!

Back to the beginning.
Have you ever felt that you have lost your way?
Maybe the word is mojo...magic...whatever you had been passionate about.
I have had lots of time to ponder life lately, what with putting the leg up when I get home from work, and falling asleep before 9 only to rise at the crack of 4:30 am.
Images and blogs and design inspiration are all sources of pleasure.
However, lately I have been too influenced by the latest trend, color, admittedly fabulous look.
In someone else's home.
Not me, not what belongs here, at home, with my family.
I have fretted over trends and latest looks and Pottery Barn and Horchow and Renovation Hardware and get it, right?
All looks I drool over, but...
What makes my heart sing everyday?
I need to get that joy in doing what is right personally, for me, my family, our home.
Why base this home's decorating on all that is trendy or staged or sellable in the future?
We may stay, we may go, but let's enjoy our home while we live there.
So, pink in the dining room and mint green in the entry and I am pondering lilac in the stairway.
If there is a trend I truly covet I will steal, er embrace it completely
If not, I will give it a pass.
If I decide pastel candy colors are right for Frippery Farmhouse so be it.
Without a thought to being "out" or not the latest look, or heaven forbid, not sellable!
When and if we decide to move on, sellable is just a few gallons of paint away.
No more worries.

Another aspect of my home that always made be feel a little tingle was a bit of hand painting strategically placed. Some fruit, a flower, a leafy vine or two.
In fear of offending the trendsetters that be, I had painted over all of my hand work.
Being a decorative painter I have had every faux finish I desired in the farmhouse. I am over that.
Still, I have the urge to grab a paintbrush and doodle away on the newly painted walls. 
It's only paint, what's the big dealio, right?
At the risk of making a design diva or two shudder, you may just be seeing a few touches of oh so last decade or two details making a repeat appearance on these candy colored walls.
It's what makes me happy.

"Hard times arouse an instinctive desire for authenticity."
Coco Chanel

Yours in keeping it real, P.

P.S. Next week I see the "orthoped", cross your fingers for no more cast or crutches. They make it hard to get on with my evil plan of bringing back the 80's... bwahhahaha!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you can throw those crutches away, dahlink!

I like the pink, especially with the dark painted chairs.


JunqueMagnet said...

All you have to be is you. And your house should be you too.ENJOY!Good luck throwing those crutches out.

Leanne said...

I love lilac! go for it! do what your heart desires? Why follow trends when you could be the trendsetter :)

Susan S. said...

Hi there...I just popped in and I'm sure glad I did. I LOVE your blog and have added myself as a follower. I got myself involved in a sway (for the first time) and I'm supposed to provide a "tag". I've enjoyed looking at yours and getting ideas because right now....I'm clueless about tags. Happy Spring Ya'll from Houston,tx

Sue said...

Ya know, Pam, our houses should be a reflection of ourselves and if what we have doesn't quite measure up to "design standards"- so be it. Everybody should be comfortable in their own spaces. I've had customers who are open to gussying up their homes a little bit, but we've left the majority of it decorated in a manner that more reflects their comfort zone. It doesn't hurt anybody! And yes, re-painting is an inexpensive design fix for the future....
Hope your visit to the orthopod results in your coming off the old crutches. Good luck! ~Sue

Lynn said...

I love "It's my doll house and I'll do what I want." I think I'll put it on my blog! (attributed to you, of course)