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Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm Late, I'm Late...

I was quite behind on my Happy Homemaker tag swap posting...

I had the supplies and the ideas...

All the pretty baubles for my monthly theme...

So how is it I am just now posting February...

When Spring is already here?

I am posting March too...

Not quite as late!

A broken ankle is no excuse.
This is a sitting down project after all.
I will not be the March Hare any longer.
I am happy to announce I almost have April complete.
Back on schedule and ready to post!
Thanks for being patient Elizabeth.
Go see the lovely year long tag swap happening at Bluebird Paper Crafts.

"Which form of proverb do you prefer Better late than never, or Better never than late?"
Lewis Carroll

Yours in a tizzy, P.
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The Elegant Thrifter said...

These are so beautiful. Are they greeting cards or invitations? And I hope your foot heals swiftly! X Stan

La said...

OOh...I love February!

Anonymous said...

Decided to come back to blogging as I missed you all!!
Love the tags... They are so-o-o-o beautiful!!

trash talk said...

I'll be more than happy to be the Mad Hatter to your March Hare!
Always better to be later than fact, I make it a regular practice!
Lovely work Pam!!!

Suz said...

oh, i just lOVE those! No worry that they are late. What a joy!

Emom said...

for a very important date.....smiles.

Jenny's Heart said...

Oh your tags are GREAT!!!!!
I wish I had joined in on it.
I'm so sad Elizabeth is closing her doors, but thankful I found her and creative people like you through her.

Lisa Phillippi said...

It's "Fashonably late" least that's what I call it! I hope you are doing great...we are having beautiful spring weather and I am heading to Warrenton & RoundTop Texas for some Antiquing over the next few days!!!

Creative Breathing said...

Oh Pam! These are absolutely wonderful! The idea to use the leaves as her skirt is brilliant! WOW!!! Letting you know the April link is available. Thank you so much for tagging along! Elizabeth

Linda said...

Pam, definately worth the wait- they're awesome! Linda