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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Making Improvements

 The quest for grace and beauty in all things has been relatively easy this winter. Mother Nature has given a lot to work with around here.
Piles of fluffy white to keep away the winter blues.
Now a coating of glassy ice sparkling in the sun.
I do love the many changes each season brings. To combat the gloomy poor me's I sometimes get in the dead of winter I have been making some changes inside.
Not just in my attitude, health, and thoughts,
but also my environment.
I have switched out all cleaning supplies to non toxic and fragrance free, mix it yourself.
penny's per use cleaners.
I am slowly unloading much that is not useful or functional. Those otiose items that need to be set free for someone else to love.
The biggest change however, is my change back to a bit of color. I am finished with the neutrals and chocolate brown. It is beautiful in the homes I see in blogland, but it was dragging us down.
We are more candy store color people.
So I have been anything but idle.
As you can see I do have help. Or is that disdain? A flick of the tail meaning here she goes again with the paintbrush.
Or maybe, why are you doing that instead of showering me with affection?
While the weather outside may be brown and grey and neutral...albeit lovely down to the last detail...
Inside Frippery Farmhouse, things are beginning to look like spring.
Lots of work ahead, so I am not sure when I will post (Yeah right, she never shuts up!)
Meantime, I was paid a lovely compliment by Linda at Coastal Charm. She chose my Winter Tablescape as one of her favorite links in last week's Nifty Thrifty Tuesday post. Thanks so much Linda, I am honored!
Go see what everyone has posted this week.
Oh the inspiration!!!

"You can't wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club."
Jack London

Yours in the pursuit of Charm, P.

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Claudia said...

We need color, too. The neutrals, while lovely, just don't do it for us!


Anonymous said...

We don't even have icicles here to gleem... just dreary brown and we await springtime.



go for it . i bold colors in a home. makes me happy