Before and After Pink Dining Room

Oh so tired of my outdated faux dining room walls.
Looking for the perfect palest shade of pink. 
Found that perfect shade.
Need to cheer up this too formal room while still keeping the furniture.
Need to do it before I start working full time.
Need to keep existing furniture while making the room more playful.
Pink should really do it!
Ah, full moon, perfect time for painting the palest hush of pink.
A night for possibilities.
My dining room will be whimsical by Saturday evening.
Or not. Maybe painting on the weekend of a full moon wasn't the best choice. Maybe painting the Saturday before starting a full time job wasn't the best choice.
Maybe putting the leg of the ladder on the floor vent in my rush to complete one more makeover wasn't the best choice.
I said this would be a before and after...How about after the ER?

I also promised pink!
Yes I have started my first full time job in 23 years on crutches, with a broken ankle and sprained ligaments.
The dining room "after" will be a while...
Between the new job and the ankle I may be scarce for a bit.

I am off in search of pain meds and my laptop. My canine protectors and the blogs are wonderful company.
When I am not working I will probably be on the couch drooling.
Did I say this is my right foot? No driving either.

"Circumstances may cause interruptions and delays, but never lose sight of your goal."  Mario Andretti

Yours in search of the perfect color, (right now I'm in a pink fog, tee hee), P.


trash talk said…
Pammie...doncha know full moons are when the crazies are out!
I cannot believe this happened right before your new job...oh mylanta. Pay no attention to me...I'm just jibbering because I'm so shook up thinking about you falling off a ladder.
If it must be, then pink is the only color for you!
If I can do anything besides write posts to entertain you...let me know...please!
sissie said…
Oh the hazzards of living beautifully!!!!

I hope you heal soon.

That sucks! Feel better!
Sea Witch said…
Hope you are in the pink or perhaps out of the pink real soon. Love the sweet face and nose of your little friend. All the best. Sea Witch
:0( Hope you heal quickly!
Leanne said…
youch! Feel better soon!
Oh Pam! After breaking my foot in November and the agony and hardship I went through for 2 months, I can feel your pain. Surround yourself with positivity, and get lots of help. I hope you find those great meds.
Oh Pam! After breaking my foot in November and the agony and hardship I went through for 2 months, I can feel your pain. Surround yourself with positivity, and get lots of help. I hope you find those great meds.
Anonymous said…
Love the pup's nose next to your cast. He knows you are hurting and is there for you. What a darlin.

Sandi said…
Oh, Pam, I'm sorry to hear about your ankle! And I really want to hear more about your new job!
The Primitique said…
Girl! I haven't done much reading lately, and here I am catching up with you and finding that you got a boo boo! It IS a lovely shade of pink. Sorry bout the fall. I love the pic of the pooch protecting you and your owie. Take care! ~Mindy
Carole said…
Oh dear more set backs. Good luck with the new job and take care of yourself.
5chw4r7z said…
Thanks for linking me on your blog, you have something pretty good going on here, take care of that foot and get well soon.
Laura said…
Miss Pam-
Mercy sake above!

Take care of yourself and good luck with your new job.

It will all be OK.

Lynn said…
Oooooohhhh Nooooo!
Emom said…
Bless your heart....and I mean that in the most sincere way.....holy crap Batman!
I am so sorry.....I'll be on the lookout for PINK!
La said…
Hi Pam!

I hope you are feeling better. I received my gorgeous necklace today. I love it! I will be blogging about it on Monday.

I hope your new job is going well and your ankle is mending nicely. La
OH NO! OUCH! What a horrible accident... And, I sure know about those kinds of things that can happen when we scurry around, trying to get something done... I'm so sorry you crashed.

My BFF's hubby just fell seven feet off a ladder and broke his femur.... he's a mess..... My poor friends... Things are gonna be rough for them for awhile.

I'm sending get well huggies........and sending up prayers....


Embellish said…
Oh you poor thing. I hope you heal quickly. In spite of it all your dinning is fabulous!
B said…
Oh no! You poor thing. Sending much love your way. Good luck with your new work adventure. B x
Mary said…
I love your blog. I also have a china cabinet just like yours.

I'm trying to make my dinning room a little less formal also.

Have a great weekend:-)
InMyOwnStyle said…
Hi Pam-

I feel your pain. Having to rely on crutches to help you walk is almost as painful as the injury itself. I was down with a fractured knee and torn ACL for 2 months. It does get better. Hang in there it is only temporary.
My best- Diane

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