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Friday, January 14, 2011

Random Decorating and Thoughts on a Sunny Day

I noticed something odd when I stepped outside with Baby this morning. I think she was perplexed too. (Gratuitous doggy photo. Man, talk about needing some grooming!)
What strange phenomenon are we seeing here? Is that sunlight? Must be, as the trees seem to be casting shadows.

Are we still in Ohio? Sun? In the winter? In Ohio?
A rare thing indeed.

On top of that, we are having a heat wave. The high today will actually make it to 30 degrees!
Of course, snow again tomorrow, but the sun does wonders for my motivation.
Time to polish a bit, make everything sparkle and shine and glisten. Well, lets not get carried away. But a little bit of freshening up can make an old girl feel renewed.
(Note the term girl. I don't consider myself an old woman yet!!!)

I need to fluff up the empty spots left from Christmas. I have some big plans for Frippery Farmhouse this year. New colors, new arrangements, new flooring, finally get the second floor completely redecorated. (Or maybe just decorated as I have let that part go for several years as the kids were climbing through the teen years and having decorated rooms was not on their list of important stuff to do. At least not what mom would call decorated, hee hee.)
I did manage to floof the mantle a tiny bit. These colors are begging to be spread throughout the farmhouse. I do think all the pretty whites and neutrals I see in rooms are just breathtaking. I have tried to do that in my home but color keeps calling to me. Why fight it? I happen to like kitchsy junk and story book color. In the back of my mind, with the employment situation, I was afraid we might need to put the house on the market and I always hear neutral neutral neutral...
However things slowly seem to be looking up so I am going to make this MY house again. As Scarlett says, "I'll worry about that tomorrow."
Oh...and in case you are wondering...the word of the day on my calendar is coevel, meaning of equal age, antiquity or duration, usually refering to things of great age such as galaxies and ancient civilizations. Seriously? This has to be a cosmic joke right?

Wise words and true..."Do not regret growing older, it is a privilege denied to many."

Yours in antiquity, P.
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English Rider said...

You captured the sparkle on the snow beautifully.

JunqueMagnet said...

Too funny.I too can see the sun in Ohio and am wondering how this is possible?It is amazing how much more I accomplish on days where it is bright.It's practically balmy out there - I didn't freeze to death trying to get the Princess from the bus.Oh, what a good day.

Anonymous said...

You and us too! Virginia has had sun for two days now after a week or better of nothing but gray skies. I was getting ready to poke my eyes out from the insanity it was making me feel...

Oh, and gosh, do my dogs need baths!


Sandy said...

Hello...I have to share a little story with you. We bought a house a few years back and redid the entire thing, since I was mainstreaming mean-o-pause I decided I needed my room to be the 50ies look. So I preceded painting it Peptobismol Pink (knowing we'd be selling it) I pondered for a quick moment about the color, but then said "who cares", I'll repaint it. I lived in the room happily for one year all pinky wink, all fifties decor (I went over board). Then came time to sell. The realtor thought I'd gone bonkers with the color, but once again who cares! She said leave it alone we'll see what happens, so I did. The first couple that came to look, the woman (my age...old) fell in love love love with the room...she remembered back then too. Long story short...that room sold the house. I say go with color or plain...follower your heart. Have a great weekend... xoso Sandy

The Primitique said...

Pam, I alwasy love your pictures. And the music? Oh, yeah. I am not at home (with dial up)...and I am getting to enjoy the sights and sounds at Frippery. Have fun nesting! ~Mindy

Elise said...

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michelle said...

You are so lucky for the sun! It snowed another 6 inches here in Michigan last night and haven't seen the sun here in days! Whew 30! That is a heat wave, hopefully it will move up this way! And yea, my dogs need bathing Bad!!! :)
I can't wait to see what you have planned for your home this year, I am so glad that you are able to stay and make it yours:)

clustres said...

Are those hydrangeas in the snow? Pretty pictures!

Elle {SWITCHEROOm} said...

Love your mantle, and love the quote "Do not regret growing older, it is a privilege denied to many." It is sooo true.

Happy new redecorating year!

Claudia said...

We had a little sun today. Of course, it was 2 degrees out...but the sun was shining! We're getting an inch or so more of snow tonight.

I'm ready for Spring!


Lisa Phillippi said...

Your photography is awesome! I have been trying to do some much needed cleaning and organizing...but when i take breaks I always seem to come to my favorite blogs for insiration!Thanks for inpiring me!

Lynn said...

I hope you stayed out in that sunshine for at least 10 minutes to get your daily dose of vitamin D!
We ladies of a certain age need it!

Now to go pluck here, too!

stephanie said...

I really like the quote, Pam....