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“I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.” R. W. Emerson

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Blank Slate

The autumn decor is heading to the storage bin. How many "fall" stems can a person own? Yikes!

There is nothing like a blank space to make one think creatively. I had visions of sugar plums and putting up every piece of Christmas that I own...but...suddenly the lack of "stuff" is inspiring me to use more of my "everyday" in new ways. Things that can be tweeked with an ornament here or a bit of tinsel there. Now that all the Thanksgiving decorations are down I can see the bare bones and am enjoying the look.

I want to rearrange with the thought of keeping most things where I put them throughout winter. No massive taking down and packing away in January.

 Does anyone else go to sleep dreaming of ways to change and decorate and then wake up with (what seem at the time) brilliant ideas of how to go about it? I know their are lot's of you out there in Blogville that do just that, right? If not please keep it to yourselves, I like to think I am pretty normal most days.

Matter of fact (don't tell hubs, he might cry) I am thinking of major furniture relocation once again. On an even bigger scale, as in couch and big chair go to basement and furniture from there comes upstairs. (I think I heard him moaning subconciously as the thought crossed my mind) Plus, with the big table in the family room I cannot possible fit the giant tree! Also, more color! Pastels, brights, oranges! Last year was a rather colorless winter as decorating goes around Frippery farmhouse. I love all the neutral rooms I see and went for that look. This year, however, I feel a change coming.

Gotta get a move on so I can catch hubs in a receptive mood when I lay out the plan. He is a good guy and is always willing to grant me any wish, but I am hoping to avoid any intermittant grumbling and "here we go agains". Can ya feel me?

Barring any emergency trips to the chiropractor, Frippery farmhouse will be wearing some festive finery next time you visit. I anticipate hopping around all of your blogs to see how you are progressing. I just love all the eye candy that is showing up already!

P.S. I do know the one true reason for this happiest of seasons, not gifts and decorations and food, but there is something to be said for indulging in all the trimmings when they bring such merriment as well.

Have a scrumptious Saturday, P.
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Friday, November 26, 2010

And So It Begins

Not sure why but I cannot wait to begin my Christmas decorating this year. I am feeling optimistic about a lot of things in my life and I feel like spreading the joy!
In the past we held off decorating until after my son's birthday on December 1st because we wanted to be sure he remembered birthday celebrations as seperate from Christmas. When he got older he told us he liked having a tree up on his birthday! Who knew? When the kids were young we had a tree in every room, on every floor. The past few years I just haven't felt up to it anymore. The spirit had dimmed a bit. This year I think it is blazing again.
For the next week or so I will be up to my elbows in glitter and tinsel. Decorating and crafting for my home and several craft shows as well. If you come upon me with my head buried in plastic bins of ribbon and greenery please ignore my backside. I will come up for air soon enough.
I also have an early Christmas gift I won in a give away from some favorite bloggers. I am dying to crow about it but I will keep you in suspense a bit longer. Gotta haul the ladder out and start dreaming of a white Christmas...with some red and white and silver and maybe some blue...did I mention green...oh and gold... pink and orange?

Have a dazzling day, P.
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

The last blaze of Autumn lingers in the maple trees. This molten copper will soon be replaced by the bright silvers of winter. 
Country and city are seemingly lit from within by the golden afternoon sunlight. This waning brilliance  must be retained in our hearts through the coming months. Whether you dwell in the rolling hills and fields or the bustling heart of the city may the flames of late November dwell within you and keep you warm.

From Frippery Farmhouse to your own home, have the warmest, coziest Thanksgiving ever. Bask in the glow of friends and family and be thankful for all of the blessings we share.

May our hearts stay filled with gratitude throughout this season and all the seasons to come. Blessings.

Have a halcyon holiday, P.
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Clowning Karma Revisited

 I thought I would re-post my ridiculous teapot incident from last April just for laughs as well as the fact that I am to swamped for anything new. I had been ignoring life around me for the pleasure of blogging way too much at the time and karma came around to bite me in the you know where. I do think I may have finally learned my lesson. I do have a better balance on frivolity and the nitty gritty of daily life...

On to my punishment. As I was sitting at my computer reveling in your comments and sipping a cup of tea, with my kitchen not more than 16' behind me, I heard a strange noise. I even thought to myself, "What is making that noise?" Now, just so you know, my husband was on the couch in the same room playing a video game, and he did not notice a problem either. (although I am getting all the blame because, as we all know, blogging is not as important as a video game) Do you see my sweet little red and white tea pot sitting on the burner. Isn't it cute?
Not so much any more. The sound I was ignoring was the cute tulip teapot flaming away on the stove top while I perused comments. I swore that I had turned off the burner, but apparently I turned it to the highest setting instead. (Isn't this what starts to happen before someone decides you can't live at home any more and they ship you off to supervised care?) So we got the flames put out and the house didn't burn down...this time. But look what happened to my sweet little pot, not to mention the stove top.
That wrinkled red thing is the lovely plastic handle now welded to the stainless steel. Not too cute anymore, huh? Besides the sound of crackling flames that I was too busy to heed, you would think I would at least have heard the little tulip knob popping right off that sucker from the heat.
Luckily, this is one of the Jenn-Air cooktops with removable burner cartridges, so I only have to replace the 2 burner cartridge. After much scraping and reheating to melt the rest of the plastic off I think I will just live with this as is. I would rather spend my money on cute little tea pots. Tee hee. Do you think I have learned my lesson? Me either.

Good lesson ehhh? I sure miss that little teapot though.
Have a searingly scintillating Sunday, P.
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Lightening Up

I have not been visiting as much as I would like. Please forgive me. I decided to just check in...still swamped...Thought I would share a blast from the past to the present.
Do you remember my cabinet from Halloween 2008? Dark and scary and just not me. (The cabinet not the scary part, I definitely have a dark side, mwahahaha)
Well now it looks like this...
Much better. I may add a bit of glaze and more distressing but I have been wanting to do this for ages.
                                                                Do you like it...oui ou non?

Have a frolicsome Friday, P.
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Not much time for blogging lately. I did two craft shows last week and hope to do several more before Christmas.

 Mica and glitter have been swirling around me. Visions of sugar plums and snowmen haunt my dreams.
I forgot how much I love creating fun and frou frou little things. I also have Bunco and a lia sophia party this week and more crafting for the coming I said...busy.
Not to mention we will be here this eveing...

Monday night football, Bengals and Steelers. I am afraid this will be ugly but, hey, miracles do happen. I am keeping the faith. Plus the top of this building will be lighted for the first time.

Although it is not quite complete, Great American Tower, Cincinnati's newest and now tallest building, will have it's crowning tiara lit tonight for the cameras. I think I am more excited to see this than the game. (Shhh don't tell my hubs and son) You know how much I love my city! I will try to catch a photo or two.
We will also be having a dinner of delicious Cajun food at Dee Felice Cafe in Covington, Ky. with my hubs, son, and son's friend Zach before the game. Looking forward to that as well. 

All in all, despite my feeling of November melacholy, this month has been shaping up to be quite full of fun. 
No worries.
Still, I must share an amazing post from Sarah at Shiny Red Houses that precisely sums up my feelings about November.
Can this girl put emotion to paper or what?

Miss you all. I will try to get in a post or two.

Have a meritorious Monday, P. (I hope the Bengals do.)
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Monday, November 1, 2010

A Challenge for November

Halloween is gone for another year. I miss the funny sweet days gone by, costumes and candy and trick or treat. Childhood passes so swiftly, children grow before we are ready. Can we ever be ready?  Today I found this wonderful challenge at South Breeze Farm. Instead of the bittersweet melancholy this time of year always brings to me, I will take on this challenge. Thankfulness for November. Join me by visiting Leah and posting a list on your sidebar. She explains it all. I can't say how much I needed this today. Call it a blessing, karma or serendipity, life always presents us with gifts to lift us when we are down. Thanks Leah.
Today I will be grateful that I have been given the gift of two healthy children. A daughter and son that I have had the pleasure of helping, along with my darling husband, to grow into happy, successful young adults. To have been able to share in all the precious stages of childhood and to have made so many memorable moments together. To have had the means to help further their education and start them on their paths into adulthood with a solid foundation. To enjoy the people that they have become and the times we share now as they take the first steps into their "grown up" lives. Not to dwell on the"once upon a times" but to really live and enjoy each second of the "here and now". I feel gratitude beyond measure for this most wonderful gift.
Thanks Leah, for hosting this challenge.

Have a momentous Monday, P.
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