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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Still Struggling

I know I cannot be the only one struggling with a balance of work and projects and creativity. I just can't find the time to fit it all in. Something's gotta give. I am slighting you, my friends, by not commenting on all the fabulous posts I am reading. I apologize, but like I said...
In the interest of giving the things I do my best effort I am taking a fairly big blog break. I will, as they say in the song, "See you in September." Sometime around the middle, let's say right around the 15th. I will still be visiting you all, because you inspire me and make my days sunny. Until then, I will leave you with this fabulous haul I made at a local flea market.

Guess how much? $1.00!!! It was fill a bag for a dollar. Hello! How awesome is that?

I will say bye for now so I can get things settled around here before heading off to my reunion with Ms. Jodie, Sandy and Chantal and her beautiful mom Maryse. I will be in New Orleans Friday with my girls for a few days, then off to Jodie's for a bit of fun, shopping and creativity in her fabulous studio, then we will head to Texas for Chantal's Tidbits and Tassels 2 (another amazing studio). With Jodie at the wheel who knows what adventures we might have? I won't be back until the end of August, refreshed and ready to set some things in motion at home.

See you in September, P.
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Friday, August 6, 2010

Green and Free!

I have been moving things again. The marble topped coffee table is back in the "library" which is now a "sitting room" and the dining table is back in the family room and the previous "living room" is now a shared office for hubs and I. Follow me? I am kind of lost as well. Anyway, all of this moving left me without a coffee table. So, inspired by Donna at Funky Junk's painted stairway and the feeling that I wanted to go a bit more "urban rustic" I made one.

Made a trip to the old kid's "camp" where all things rusty and wooden go to wait for reinvention. (Scary, right?)

Nabbed some suitably decrepit pieces of chunky wood and hauled them back to the house.

Pulled our old coffee table base out of the garage. My son and friends took over the garage for a while during the high school years and turned it into their hang out. This coffee table, which had outlived it's usefulness indoors, was painted and graffittied to within an inch of it's life.

Out came the trusty RustOLeum spray paint, goodbye "Bear" (sorry Jena). My son has been dating them same lovely girl going on five years now, and Bear is his nickname for her, long story.

Sawed the wood to the same (relatively) length. Out came my nail gun and a few cross pieces underneath to hold the top together.

Not quite even on the ends but I have a plan for that later.

Printed out some letters and numbers with personal meaning.

Cut them out as one time use stencils. Super easy.

Black and white for a faded charcoal color. I wanted to keep the pallette neutral.




Coffee table. Nothing in this project cost me a dime. I only used what I had on hand or could drag from the back yard. I may refine it a bit later but it is perfectly useful as is.

Won't you join me for a nice cuppa?

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Have a green weekend, P.
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Staying Cool and Laying Low

Haven't been doing much blogging lately. Trying to stay cool and catch up on things.

I will leave you with a little thought my SIL sent me.
"Women are angels, and when someone breaks our wings we continue to fly...on our broomsticks, because we're flexible that way."

Have a week full of laughter, P.
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