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“I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.” R. W. Emerson

Monday, March 29, 2010

Made That? Part 2

 Looks like the blogger problem has been corrected. I just got in and wanted to get this posted as I had planned to do this morning. This is more of a recycle than a made that but...really, I am loving it.
I received this awesome wood piece from  my swap partner Avery at Junk Market. It is from a school science lab.

I had a bag full of craft store eggs from previous years of Spring decorating.

Add a dollar's worth of Dollar Tree "moss rocks".

An "oops" apperitif glass, missing it's base, and a tea light.

Not there yet...


Complete! How's that for a Spring centerpiece? Minimal and just enough to get the message across.
I am going very low key this Easter. My bunnies and pastels are staying in the bins. I will share the rest of my very simple Easter decorating later in the week. I will visit you all to see the lovely Spring touches I just cannot get to this year.

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Trying to blog.

I had a blog post already to go. I am really trying to keep this blog and organize my time. None of my photos would upload. I went about loading the way I always do and each little square came up blank. Tried again with the same results. Heading out to a painting job. No more time!
I really did try!
Has anyone else had this problem?
See ya later, P.
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Vintage Blessings and a Winner!

I know I probably owe an explanation. I do have a winner, I just didn't have time to post yesterday. I also must apologize for not commenting often lately. Again, that time thing. I am really struggling with whether to pack in the blog. I have been neglecting it so much. I will keep trying for a bit and then make my decision. Meanwhile...

Just a few little pretties I picked up recently. I collect these little plastic party favor baskets and parasols when I find them. Sweet memories of childhood birthday parties when all the little girls wore dresses with sashes and crinoline pettycoats.

Jello molds for projects, if I ever find the time, and the cutest sets of match books and boxes. Jodie, should I open them? I know your answer already! sweet.

Check the price on this packet of matchbooks! There are six books in the pack.

I love these little characters. Charming, no?
I know, you are just dying to know who won the mini giveaway.

I really loved all the tidbits of your lives and the blog suggestions. I had Sadie pick a number and
the winner is the lovely and talented Emom at Life in the 2nd Half Century! Photographer, writer, handbag artisan and a great blogger as well. Go say hi if you haven't already.

I couldn't pick what piece to give away so I am going to let her choose. Emom, I will send an email to you to explain how to go about that.

Another collection of mine. I love these vintage packets of birthday candles. More nostalgia. Back in the day when birthdays were really something to look forward too, tee hee. Actually, I think they still are. Each year is a new opportunity. A chance to enter a new door in life. Glad you are traveling through with me. Not sure when I'll post again but I will be visiting.

See you in the funny papers! P.
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Belated Award Acknowledgement and Mini Give Away.

I received this award a while back from Nita @ Mod Vintage Life.
She shares the love of Old Hollywood style decorating, story book homes and incorporating vintage into modern life with us like minded souls.

Those of us who wish we could step right into the interior sets of movies on TMC...who pay more attention to the furnishings than the actors at times...who hope for a little of the glamour of that era to experience a revival...Nita has the same sensibility. Nostalgia in  modern times. Go visit and tell her I said hello.
I could list so many blogs that should receive this award. You are all beautiful in so many ways. I think my sidebar says it all. How about leaving a comment with some new (to me) favorites that I can visit and add to the list?
I am also to list 7 things you don't know about me. (Hmmm, since I tend to blab every piece of minutia about myself that pops into my head, this is tricky)

1. I was a licensed cosmetologist for a while in my early 20's. Did hair in the era of early 80's Blondie and Madonna. Glad that's over!
2. I loved spinach as a child. (Still do) I couldn't get enough. I think I watched too much Popeye. (Spinach loving sailor cartoon, or later, Robin Williams character, in case you are much younger than me. Who isn't?)
3. When I met my hubs, in my hairdresser era, my hair was about 3/4's of an inch long. Wish I could get away with that now. Anything can look fabulous at twenty one or two.
4. I would wear black or super dark nail polish if I didn't think it would look too freakish on a woman of my ...ahem...age.
5. I have vintage 30's deco/nouveau bedroom furniture that I am seriously considering painting pale grey. I love the lines but I really want a lighter, softer look. Shocking? I need advice.
6. I repaint the rooms in my house every one or two years. Perhaps I need therapy.
7. I bought a dulcimer several years ago, with the intention of learning to play. Haven't gotten terribly far but it's on my bucket list.

OK. Back at ya babies! Tell me at least one thing I don't know about you. Leave it in a comment along with a recommended blog and I will randomly draw a number for a piece of lia sophia jewelry. Not sure which piece but I guarantee it will be lovely.

Tell your friends!

Have a wonderful week. I will draw the number on Friday! Luck and love, P.
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Friday, March 19, 2010

Repost for Spring

 It's sunny, I'm busy, sooo...

This post is from March 22, 2009. Can't wait to see these beauties bloom again.

What is more evocative of Spring than sunny Daffies?The little trumpets are announcing "Spring is here, the garden is unfurling it's colors."
Yellow is the color of happiness.

I hope the sun is shining on you where ever you are today.
Have a sunny, daffy, Sunday, P.
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fabulous Junk Swap

I know I am on hiatus to a point but I had to share this!
I recently participated in a junk swap at Junkmarket Style. I received my package on Saturday from my delightful swap partner Avery. She is an art teacher who uses junk to make jewelry and assemblages. Perfect partner. I know you are completely jealous. Just look at this fabulous stash I received!!!

You wish you were me right now, no?

You really must not drool all over your keyboard.

I knew this one would get you! Fantastic piles of yummy junk.

What more is there to say?

She even took into consideration my fascination with everything pertaining to the Sacraments.

Now I need to put my thinking cap on and start creating. Avery, you are the best! You need to start a blog and show us all the creative things you do with the junk you find.
Once again I was lame and forgot to take pics before I sent my box out.  Hope she enjoys what I sent as much as I am enjoying her selection. (Sadie and I keep going through it all as if it was a treasure chest filled with diamonds.) To us it is!

Have a treasure of a day, P.

BTW I temporarily added the eggs to the wooden piece Avery sent. I am loving that piece! It may become my permanent centerpiece to play with through the seasons!
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Friday, March 12, 2010

Keeping Up

I do not seem to be able to stay current with anything lately and blogging has been the worst. I am trying to keep up with assignments in my Web Design class, keep my lia sophia business afloat, which means calls and organization and keeping up with paper work, trying to keep my house clean and attempting to get some long overdue redecorating done. Which brings me to this picture.
Remember when my son moved home for 6 months and we repainted his room in the color of his choice? Well this room is now my office (with another cardboard creation homework assignment from Sadie's art teacher stored here). It is BRIGHT! Not in a good way.
Can you imagine trying to work in a room this COLOR? I am longing for something soothing to the eye like my little blue room. Maybe soft greys with black and white. But I just CAN'T GET TO IT! Something has to go, so I am cutting back on blogging to get to the other things I need to do.

How do you all keep up? I just cannot seem to cover all the bases. If there is a secret I am missing, let me know. I barely have time to visit all of you much less post. For now I will be here when I can find a spare moment. I will miss you. I hope to get back on track soon.

Oh and did I tell you, we decided to beef up the baseboard trim on the first floor. (One accomplishment almost complete) I was nailing the thick corner pieces with my trusty nail gun and hit a piece of metal trim. The nail missed and went through my index finger. It would have gone all the way through but luckily it bounced away when it hit the metal strip. So it went in one side and stopped on the other BEHIND my finger nail. Not one of the the sweet little trim nails but a big honkin' four inch nail. Now I have to type and clean and paint while remembering not to bang my index finger against anything lest I scream in pain. Plus hubs and son don't trust me with my favorite toy anymore. It was a birthday gift two years ago and I am not giving it up!

No wonder I don't get anything completed. Here I sit playing when I have other things to do. I will be lurking around when I can.

Back soon, P.

P.S. I know I have an award to acknowledge and a fatbook to rave about, and some thank you gifts to get out. I will get to that eventually. Please bear with me! Oh and Happy St. Patrick's Day!
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Randomness

We haven't seen much of the sun for months here in the Cincinnati area. So I am grateful for these past few days to let me know there is an end to the gloom. Morning sun just lifts the soul.

I cannot get enough. It puts me in the mood for a good Spring cleaning. Air out the last dregs of winter. 

Put away the heavy boots and chunky knits.

Dust and polish so sunlight reflects off every surface.

Rearrange and renew. The longer I live the more I crave the light. I am feeling refreshed. Rays of hope come brightly through the windows. A door opening upon a new, reborn world.

A light at the end of the long winter tunnel. I am ready.

How about you? 

Have a bright, shiny Thursday, P.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Fluff and Finery?

I have been working for a while on creating a little room of my own. Part craft room when the art in the real studio room begins to overwhelm me. (Sadie is one of those artists who revels in chaos.) This room holds memories of childhood. My mother's hats as well as those I have collected, old sewing baskets and some gorgeous postcards of the Jersey shore glitzed up by Geralyn. A transistor radio that was a recent find, in an awesome color. It reminds me of days lazing at the pool or beach with my family or school friends. I can hear lawn mowers and dogs barking, sprinklers and children laughing.

The smell of Coppertone. Also, my grandmother Florence, who never missed a Reds game and always had an earplug in her ear connected to her little radio when they played. I have idyllic childhood memories of the typical suburban life when moms stayed home and kids ran the neighborhood. Everyone on the street was like a family and we came and went from one another's houses like they were our own.

My little room contains bits and pieces that evoke these cherished memories. Hankies and figurines, Avon bottles, baby ballet slippers.... 
Because I was brought up Catholic and attended Parochial school my memories are also tied up in Sacraments.

Baptism, weddings, First Communion and Confirmation, white veils and black habits.
Did I mention Nuns?
If you are like many of my friends you will think I am a bit loony, but I always had a Nun doll along with my statue of Mary. I had a little shrine to the Virgin Mother where I placed wildflowers from the woods.
And then.... the Nuns. I started my collection because the dolls evoked memories. Just like the wedding toppers and little angels.

Maybe I have gone too far though. My SIL Diana slept in this room when they visited for Sadie's graduation. She thought the nuns were "a little creepy."
My daughter concurs, although she has always had a fear of dolls. (I wonder why?)

So I keep my little collection tucked away in my own tiny room. Hope you understand.

What quirky item do you collect?

Have a blessed weekend, P.
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Time Flies

                Time seems to have completely gotten past me and it feels as if I will never catch up!

It is March already and I just can't find any extra time!!!
I am in the midst of a faux painting job, lia sophia parties, just did a bridal show, and I am taking a web design class through U.C. Not to mention I am having a Cabi party for a friend next Tuesday and the house is a wreck!
Sorry I have been such a bad blogger.

Wish I could join these girls.
(Oh my, Baby is in desperate need of a 'do after all the snow play)
See, you're not the only ones I'm neglecting.

She looks deprived, doesn't she?

Have an easy going day, P.
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