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“I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.” R. W. Emerson

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

RePost for Fun

Just in case you forget to remember me... I am randomly posting links to previous posts that I thought might be fun to visit. This was my 4th post ever. An appropriate one if it is STILL snowing in your neck of the woods. (We can't even open our back door anymore.) Cozy up and click the link.

Hugs, P.
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Friday, February 12, 2010

Is It Almost Spring?

Cozy is good for December and January. However by mid February I am longing for a bit of green. A warmish breeze. Iced tea instead of hot.

I know the promise of renewal is waiting under the cold earth. It is just not time yet.

I am patient. However I always find these particular few weeks before March rather trying. I ache for a change in the season about now. Although I know it is coming it seems like forever. I suppose that is what Lent is all about. Awaiting new life. Resurrection. 
We need to look inward before being reborn in spring. So I will be taking a few weeks for reflection and renewal.

Time for some brightening up, replenishing, shaking off the winter doldrums.

 As beautiful as this is I am ready for something else. Fresh and green instead of sparkling white. 

I will be back, reinvigorated, around March 1st.
Don't forget me.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day, a fabulous Fat Tuesday, and any other reason to celebrate as well.
Hugs, P.
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Wish

Another Wednesday for wishing. Today I wish that it would snow for three days straight.

I wish that it was still snowing. That we had so much snow outside everything would be topped with a powdery hat at least 15" high.

I wish we had so much snow and wind that I would have to antique my photos to keep them from looking too desolate.

I wish even my dogs were sick of snow and would rather snuggle on the couch than romp in the white fluff any longer.

I wish the snow covered every bit of the landscape except for the tops of shrubs, completely changing the  view.

Oh wait... my wish came true!

I also wish I had a friend from Louisiana who is named Jodie.

I wish she was a talented artist and photographer.

I wish she was very sweet and generous. So much so, that she often sends me little packages filled with treats created by her own two hands.

I wish she liked to make lovely beaded trinkets to dangle here and there. Oh wait, I do... and she does!

I wish I had a list of like minded blogging friends who keep in touch with me and inspire me daily. I wish they would remain my friends even when I am a bad blog pal and don't leave very many comments on their blogs.
What? I think this wish is true as well.
I am so blessed in life. A warm home and a loving family. Dear pets to share it with too. Darling friends who think of me in special ways. Connections across the world who are all on the same page. Who prop one another up, give good advice, are always ready to share and who enjoy a good laugh and sometimes a shed tear as well.
I have nothing more that I should wish for because I have a life filled to overflowing when so many go without. I am thankful.

Have a day filled with gratitude, P.
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesdays Tidbit, Toy Land, Supersized

Yesterday afternoon, Hubs and I braved the traffic and lack of parking, to hike across campus and take a few (few?) photos of a group project my daughter participated in for one of her art classes.

Cold bright skies greeted us as we made our way to the DAAP building on U.C.'s campus. I tried to take a few shots as we walked, but getting warm again was also a consideration, so I hurried past many of the  buildings without taking my hand out of my pockets.

Eventually we reached the building where my Sadie spends a good deal of her time these days. I am loving the pink walls.

This particular assignment was to create an oversized toy with cardboard. Sadie's group chose a chess set. They painstakingly laminated stacks and stacks of cardboard boxes from various stores and businesses to create the blocks from which each piece would then be carved and stained.

Sadie and her classmate Dan were the only two in the group who were certified to use the wood shop, so their task was to create the chess pieces while the other 3 members of the group made the board and timers.

Hours and hours of work went into this project and the kids were justifiably proud of their accomplishment.

There were so many fun pieces resulting from this concept. It felt like we had entered a child's playroom as miniature figures in a toy set.

Xylophones, and Russian doll stacks and a truly huge My Pretty Pony were a few of the creations put together by the freshman art students.

Sadie's teacher liked their project so much she offered to buy it from them to keep in the DAAP Cafe so students could play with it on breaks.

How hilarious is this Mr. Potato Head? Hubs is standing beside it for scale.
I think he would have loved to play with it.

After all the hours put into the chess set, including a 14 hour straight all night session in the studio, I think the students came away with a feeling that all the work was worth it. Although Sadie said, despite wearing a respirator, she still feels she is blowing cardboard dust out of her nose. I don't think her poor hands will ever be the same. 

All in all a great experience and a lesson in hard work, deadlines and the satisfaction of accomplishment.

I told you there were a "few" pictures. 

Back outside, take note of the difference in the sky from earlier in the afternoon.

What happened to all the bright, sunny blue?

Of course we knew the forecast was for more fluffy white snow. However, in southwest Ohio you learn never to trust those weather predictions, as they can change in the matter of an hour.

Seems this time they were right. Keeping with the oversized toy theme we are now living inside a giant snow globe. It has been coming down steadily since the middle of last night. I love the hush. The sense that there is not much going on outside in the world. Just us, warm and cozy, as the world is blanketed in yet more powder sugar. 

Hope you can indulge in a cup of something warm and a good read if you are inside the snow globe with me, P.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Swapalicious!But first an interruption!

Before I rant about my swap I have to say Who Dat! Shout out to my Louisiana girl Jodie! There is going to be some crazy Mardi Gras partying this week. Those Saints are definitely marchin' in. I hope she shares some of the crazy times with us. You too Sarah. We want to share in all the fun!
BTW Jodie, I received my darling Vday package and will be showing it off soon. Now back to my scheduled post...

The vintage Valentine swap at a Swap for all Seasons was just wonderful. Kana, a darling and super talented Silver Bella, was my partner. I wanted to share my bounty.
You will be sooo jealous! I would share if I could.

Isn't everything gorgeous? The cutest vintage Valentine, a tiny box of trinkets to create with, a lovely assortment of chocolate and a sweetly wrapped package.

How generous Kana is.

A wonderful artist too. Look at the beautiful Valentine collage she created just for me.
I have it displayed in a vintage frame on my mantle for all to enjoy.

Details, details, a rhinestone heart with a key to unlock it.

Velvety leaves and pearls and crystal. Everything exudes romance.

Speaking of romance, you know some sweet nothings are being whispered in her ear.

Part of the swap that I made for Kana was a crazy little Valentine party hat on a silver stand.
Remember making sequined covered trees way back in the 70's? (Of course you don't, your aren't that old.) That was my inspiration.

I foofed it up a bit for fun and added a box of candy, a vintage Valentine and a box of trinkets as well.

This was such a fantastic swap. You need to visit Linda at a Swap for All Seasons to get in on some of the fun.

If you love vintage glittery goodness you will find an abundance there.

Have a romantic Monday, P. Can I get another Who Dat?!
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Snowsaic

A day can make such a difference. Saturday skies were heavy and dark and today dawned sunny and bright!

It is gorgeous outside and although I am longing for spring I will take this over dreary and drizzly.

We are expecting more on Tuesday with no thaw in sight. I would prefer my winters to look this way. We will be seeing green soon enough. For now I will snuggle in and embrace the beauty of a white frosty landscape.

This chubby fellow managed to find a feast.

Red berries against the white, an early Valentine for this feathery friend.

Stay warm! P.
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