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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snowy Evening at Frippery Farmhouse

It has been snowing steadily since last evening. It finally tapered off about 1:00 this afternoon. We have been tucked up cozily here at Frippery farmhouse. I have lots of decorating to finish but I am having trouble tearing myself away from this...

I won a give away from sweet Sonya at Dime Store Thrift and received a personally signed copy of The Find from Stan Williams, the Elegant Thrifter, himself. Don't hate me because I'm lucky. What a fabulous early Christmas present! Thank you Sonya and Stan.

Speaking of Christmas, I took a few shots around the house last evening as I finished up some of the decorating. I have been having trouble getting good photos since the sun sets at 5 o'clock now.  Even during the day there hasn't been much light. But, oh, the snow is so pretty I will sacrifice the sunshine for now.
                          My hubs and I share this room as our office. You may remember last year this           this spot was our dining room but that is back in it's original space now. I have furniture and decorating ADD as you should know by now. You have it too don't you??? I love blogging from my little marble topped desk. Not photographed here because, well, it needs tidying.
My kitchen is decked out in red for the merriest season of entertaining. As you may see by the pizza on the counter there was not much cooking going on in the farmhouse last evening. When decorating is happening dinner is whatever we can pull from the freezer.

 Hubs and I added this little additional storage area in October. A trip to Home Depot for an unfinished cabinet and some lumber and I now have a pantry and shelves for storage and display. The open shelving above the sideboard is from IKEA. Now I can keep my dishes and glassware close at hand during holiday parties. My cookbooks have a home here as well.
 I just love twinkly little lights when it is dark and cold outside. Would it be wrong to leave them up until Valentines Day?

 Our everyday dinner spot is off the kitchen in the family room. This is where we LIVE most days. Of course the big tree has to be in front of the windows so we can see it from the side of the house as we come up the hill and know we are home. Where better to be on a frosty night?
 I think we need to build a fire. Don't you agree?
 There is no such thing as too much sparkle when it comes to the holidays. The feeling of being a child surrounded by all all the magic of Christmas is what I love at this time of year.
 The gold and silver of tinsel and red and white candy cane stripes!
I wish a peaceful and cozy beginning to this last weekend before Christmas to all of you. Thank you for sharing your homes and talent and friendship here in Blogville. I cherish the comradery and inspiration from each one of you.

Have a delightful day, P.
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