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Monday, November 8, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Not much time for blogging lately. I did two craft shows last week and hope to do several more before Christmas.

 Mica and glitter have been swirling around me. Visions of sugar plums and snowmen haunt my dreams.
I forgot how much I love creating fun and frou frou little things. I also have Bunco and a lia sophia party this week and more crafting for the coming I said...busy.
Not to mention we will be here this eveing...

Monday night football, Bengals and Steelers. I am afraid this will be ugly but, hey, miracles do happen. I am keeping the faith. Plus the top of this building will be lighted for the first time.

Although it is not quite complete, Great American Tower, Cincinnati's newest and now tallest building, will have it's crowning tiara lit tonight for the cameras. I think I am more excited to see this than the game. (Shhh don't tell my hubs and son) You know how much I love my city! I will try to catch a photo or two.
We will also be having a dinner of delicious Cajun food at Dee Felice Cafe in Covington, Ky. with my hubs, son, and son's friend Zach before the game. Looking forward to that as well. 

All in all, despite my feeling of November melacholy, this month has been shaping up to be quite full of fun. 
No worries.
Still, I must share an amazing post from Sarah at Shiny Red Houses that precisely sums up my feelings about November.
Can this girl put emotion to paper or what?

Miss you all. I will try to get in a post or two.

Have a meritorious Monday, P. (I hope the Bengals do.)
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La said...

Good luck tonight. My Browns had a fabulous day yesterday.

Geralyn Gray said...

Love all your fall music choices.....I think I might play them at the store when I everything you made!!!! Glad to here you're doing some shows!!!!

Emom said...

So very happy that things are going well for you!
Go Bengals!

trash talk said...

Believe it or not, I have projects going on all over the house. Problem is...not finishing any of 'em!
Send me some of your focus...'kay?
P.S. I went over and read that post. One word...WOW!

Debby said...

Beautiful post, seems we never have enough time.

Embellish said...

Hope your shows were a huge success. I would love to see more of the items from your show!!!!

Sue said...

Hi Pam- You HAVE been busy creating pretty things! I love those bottle trees. Everything is so glittery and festive! Where are you selling your things- shows, craft booths? I am so in the mood for shopping for Christmas pretties. There are going to be a few of us meeting up in Marysville for the French Hen Farm sale in a couple of weeks. I found some nice things for fall the last time. I am so behind in visiting- sorry I haven't commented- You know how things can get. Hope your frame of mind is doing better. What a beautiful new building downtown in Cincy. It's been ages since we've been there. :-) Sue