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Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Middle (and no rant right now)

 I am finishing up my girl's trip in the middle, with no good-byes. (I am holding off my rant on the photo upload issue)

 When we got to Jodie's house my first instinct was to rush here. The most wonderful playroom a girl could want.  Ms. Jodie's art room is amazing! I know you all are jealous that we got to play here together. We spent lot's of time in this room and I think I ate about a pound of chocolate while we were playing.
My photos do not do this room justice so to see more you know where to go!

At the risk of causing more jealousy I am going to list just of few of the wondrous places Jodie hauled us to in her Surburban party on wheels.
Worthmore Five and Dime...a trip back in know I love that.  I brought home a bagful from this sweet place.

 We didn't stop here, tee hee,  but I could not get over the fact that southern Louisiana has drive through windows at bars! Yes, I asked, they do have a law against open containers. What the...?

Eunice is a charming little town, very quaint and Mayberry-like. I could settle here...ummm...except for the HEAT!!!!

 Jodie kept a few pets in her yard too. KIDDING Jodie...these mounds are little crawfish houses. I would have loved to see how they are decorated. Hmmmm.

Jodie has a hubs who spoils her to death! Here he is with one of his pride and joys. Jodie and their son Brett are a few of the others of course.)

 Oh and here is another one...
 Jodie managed to get us a tour of Parlange Plantation by the owner, Miss Lucy Parlange. I think this may have been the most memorable part of our trip. I cannot get enough history!
 Fascinating how one can be transported to another era just by standing still.
 We visited the lovely town of New Roads and had lunch looking out on the False River in Pointe Coupee Parish.

Jodie took us to another of her favorite places, the Myrtles Plantation, where we tried our best to conjure up a ghost photo or two. We got a big nothing. However I did take a bazillion photos anyway.
 The cypress trees were so romantic and the algae coated water was so still you felt you could step out onto it.
 Gorgeous gardens.
 What memories these photos are bringing back.
 We had such a wonderful time together exploring Jodie's part of Louisiana.
 You know she had to take us to her favorite cemetery, which was breathtaking in the afternoon light.
 See, no end, no goodbyes, just see you soon girls. Miss you!

I know we will get together to play some more soon!

Have a simply happy Saturday, P.
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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Love the photos!!!
I so miss going to New Orleans and the surrounding area, this was like a nice mini tour!
Great post ♥

Anne....awaiting the rant! LOL!

Lynn said...

Thank you for this lovely tour! It brought back so many memories!

sissie said...

Your photos are breathtaking! I love the plantation homes with all that gorgeous wrought iron and those spookey moss trees. The cemetary is beautiful in an eerie kinda way!
What a wonderful time you had. Jodie is so much fun and so sweet.


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

One state I havn't been to. Love all the pictures and the history. So glad you had a fabulous trip. Hugs, Marty

Anonymous said...

I haven't been there in decades. The cypress trees are totally romantic and make me want to read Gone With The Wind for some reason.


Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

One place that is on my bucket list...omg I have a bucket list? am I that old?
What an amazing trip!loved all the great I was right there picking the spanish moss off the trees!
I understand the rant about the pic loading.Just downloaded live writer to see if that easier!

zandra said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing such a fantastic trip! Hugz, Z

Emom said...

Looks like a wonderful time! So glad that you had the chance for FUN!!! smiles...

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

oh my gosh!
Where was I when you snapped all of those photos???? You even went outside to visit my pet crawfish??? Did you bring them some weenies on a string?
I must have been sleeping late and missed all the fun! hahahahaha

You make me REALLY lonesome Pam...more than I already am. I miss you and I haven't laughed like we did together since you left. I need that kind of fix again!!!!! Damn we had fun.

I'm loving all of your Halloween music!!!! I bet your house is all creepy decorated!!!! You have to post photos!

I just LOVE all of these photos captured Louisiana so make a Cajun proud!