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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Week Eeeks!

                                                               Spookify your home.
                                                    Take joy in fright!
                                                    Celebrate the falling leaves.
Take a moment to revel in the season.
                                                                        Creep it up.
                                        Embrace the sweet and sinister. (Thanks Lorraine!)
Be careful what you eat. It might be your last bite!
                                                              Crow about your dark side.
                                                              Haunt every corner.
                  The powder room is occupied. (no escape, even in private,  bawahahaha...)
                                       Once upon a midnight dreary... Anyone for Poe???
                              Do you here footsteps??? Behind you....shhh...what was that?????
                                          Jack is smiling your way....or is that a sneer?
                                                       Love the witching season!!!
                                                         What is lurking in the corner??? Boo!
                                      Black and white and orange, oh my!!!!
I hope you are having as much fun as I am. What are your Halloween plans???
Do tell...I want to know every awful detail... even if it is too scary!

Have a hauntingly happy Halloween week, P.
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Linda @ A La Carte said...

Your decorations are amazing. Happy Halloween!!

trash talk said...

I plan on sitting in front of the TV hopefully watching the Rangers win the World Series while eating candy that's supposed to be for the trick or treaters! Think I'll just leave a bowl on the front porch with a sign saying "Do Not Disturb"! How's that for some big plans?
You have a beautiful (but scary) home. I've only seen it in scattered bits and pieces (mwahhaha)!

Sandi said...

You must be having so much fun. I love what you've done. Just had to come and see what Halloween music you picked out.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the stripes on your walls! You are giving me a great idea for painting this fall.


La said...

Hi Pam!

Love your Jack-o-man (the one that looks like a snowman).

Jordan's girlfriend and I are dressing up to hand out treats on Saturday evening.

Happy Halloween! La

Emom said...

Do you ever scare yourself in the middle of the night?

Embellish said...

You are an amazing decorator. I absolutely loooove your home!

Geralyn Gray said...

Love your decorations.....and a trip to NJ in the Spring would be a lot of fun......a treat for sure......let me know what you are thinking and if I can help with you plans......I would be glad to help out.......that would be a blast!!!!!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said... I love your Halloween decor especially the real life werewolf...standing in the door way. Also loved the tulle ghost...I might have to do something like that next year. Love it all!