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“I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.” R. W. Emerson

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Weekend!
Something creepy this way comes. 
Sorry for taking the literary license but I so enjoyed hearing your Halloween plans!

As for our plans...since we have never had a trick or treater at our door in the 17 years we have lived in Frippery Farm House, much to my dismay...

We will be ghost hunting on a tour in downtown Cincinnati this evening...

On Sunday we will be sitting in our regular seats at Paul Brown Stadium watching the Bengals play.
Now that is what I call REALLY SCARY!!!! 
Can I get a scream? Or at least a pat on the back for trying to hang in there?

Hope you have an equally horrifying Halloween, P.

Tell me all about it, please?????
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Week Eeeks!

                                                               Spookify your home.
                                                    Take joy in fright!
                                                    Celebrate the falling leaves.
Take a moment to revel in the season.
                                                                        Creep it up.
                                        Embrace the sweet and sinister. (Thanks Lorraine!)
Be careful what you eat. It might be your last bite!
                                                              Crow about your dark side.
                                                              Haunt every corner.
                  The powder room is occupied. (no escape, even in private,  bawahahaha...)
                                       Once upon a midnight dreary... Anyone for Poe???
                              Do you here footsteps??? Behind you....shhh...what was that?????
                                          Jack is smiling your way....or is that a sneer?
                                                       Love the witching season!!!
                                                         What is lurking in the corner??? Boo!
                                      Black and white and orange, oh my!!!!
I hope you are having as much fun as I am. What are your Halloween plans???
Do tell...I want to know every awful detail... even if it is too scary!

Have a hauntingly happy Halloween week, P.
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Stroll

Be still and know...

Peace, P.
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Witchy Night

Last Wednesday, October 13, was Bunco night at my house and the Bunco witches were revving up their broomsticks to descend upon my spooked up home.

 There were cauldrons full of treats awaiting them and a table dressed in black, white and orange.
 A place was set for each of them to enjoy a feast before playing. The house would soon be filled with the raucous cackles of the twelve.
 Night fell and the broomsticks were parked one by one at the door. The candles were lit as the evening festivities began.
 It is always a wild time when the coven convenes to play together. This night was no exception.
I would show more but then I would have to kill you because the unwritten rule is what happens at Bunco stays at Bunco.

Have a Terrifyingly Terrific Thursday, P.

P.S. No, they won't be angry at being called Bunco witches, we usually go by another name... I am sure you can figure that one out!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sweet and Sinister Halloween Yumminess

Are you kidding me? (Caution: This post may cause extreme jealousy!!!) I love me some Halloween as you may already know, so when this arrived at my doorstep Sadie and I could not wait to open it it quickly enough!
I am overwhelmed by the goodness that my Sweet and Sinister swap partner shared with me! Kari of Artsy Mama hosts this every year and this was my first time as a participant. Glad I signed up! The packaging, the goodies...sweetie pie So Cal gal, Lorraine from Over the Rainebeau was just over the top on this swap! Proceed drool that is!

 Packaging! The theme was black and white with a little orange thrown in. Love the fabric flower.

The cutest altered pencil ever! A sweet little silvery bird with a witches hat. Drooling yet?

 Of course there were sweets as well.

 Altered pieces,vintage gloves, white figural vase, book pages, a Martha paper rose kit...

 notepad, rub ons, the sweetest altered clothespin and The Story Sisters by Alice Hoffman, one of my fave authors. This book was on my library back order list. Amazing!

 I mean really? Unbelievable. Like Opening gifts under the Halloween tree on Halloween morn after the Great Pumpkin made his visit the eve before. (Like Halloween much?)

Lorraine you are the best! Thanks loads, I love every lovely and sinister treat you sent! You will be spying lots of these little gifties when I post my decorations for my Halloween Bunco group.
Woo hoo, I am in Halloween heaven!

Have a tantalizing Tuesday, P.
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Choosing Joy

I had been nurturing a case of the "poor me's" this past weekend. Worrying and fretting over things I can't control. Then I thought of all of the wonders and pleasures in my life. There are so many struggling in the world with unimaginable pain and sorrow. How dare I feel unhappy about my petty problems? I have a husband who loves me, food on the table, more than adequate shelter, two healthy children attending college and family and friends to share in all of this abundance.
 Just a ten minute stroll down the road across from my house is a breathtaking view of the north bend in the Ohio river. A lone sailboat was floating down the river in the sun. Sometimes we travel along feeling alone and become so wrapped up in that thought process we ignore all the wonderful scenery around us.
 We have to stop and look outside of ourselves, take stock of all the riches we have. Show gratitude for the blessings instead of a laundry list of  "if only's". If we look closer we can see that we are not alone. We are surrounded by others all sharing the same journey of life.
I will choose to live with gratitude. The glass is not just half full, it is overflowing. I will not waste another moment on the "poor me's". Thank you for being there, dear readers and friends. You are part of what I am grateful for.

Have a Monday without measure, P.
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Middle (and no rant right now)

 I am finishing up my girl's trip in the middle, with no good-byes. (I am holding off my rant on the photo upload issue)

 When we got to Jodie's house my first instinct was to rush here. The most wonderful playroom a girl could want.  Ms. Jodie's art room is amazing! I know you all are jealous that we got to play here together. We spent lot's of time in this room and I think I ate about a pound of chocolate while we were playing.
My photos do not do this room justice so to see more you know where to go!

At the risk of causing more jealousy I am going to list just of few of the wondrous places Jodie hauled us to in her Surburban party on wheels.
Worthmore Five and Dime...a trip back in know I love that.  I brought home a bagful from this sweet place.

 We didn't stop here, tee hee,  but I could not get over the fact that southern Louisiana has drive through windows at bars! Yes, I asked, they do have a law against open containers. What the...?

Eunice is a charming little town, very quaint and Mayberry-like. I could settle here...ummm...except for the HEAT!!!!

 Jodie kept a few pets in her yard too. KIDDING Jodie...these mounds are little crawfish houses. I would have loved to see how they are decorated. Hmmmm.

Jodie has a hubs who spoils her to death! Here he is with one of his pride and joys. Jodie and their son Brett are a few of the others of course.)

 Oh and here is another one...
 Jodie managed to get us a tour of Parlange Plantation by the owner, Miss Lucy Parlange. I think this may have been the most memorable part of our trip. I cannot get enough history!
 Fascinating how one can be transported to another era just by standing still.
 We visited the lovely town of New Roads and had lunch looking out on the False River in Pointe Coupee Parish.

Jodie took us to another of her favorite places, the Myrtles Plantation, where we tried our best to conjure up a ghost photo or two. We got a big nothing. However I did take a bazillion photos anyway.
 The cypress trees were so romantic and the algae coated water was so still you felt you could step out onto it.
 Gorgeous gardens.
 What memories these photos are bringing back.
 We had such a wonderful time together exploring Jodie's part of Louisiana.
 You know she had to take us to her favorite cemetery, which was breathtaking in the afternoon light.
 See, no end, no goodbyes, just see you soon girls. Miss you!

I know we will get together to play some more soon!

Have a simply happy Saturday, P.
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