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Saturday, September 11, 2010

We Interrupt the Tour for a Special Occasion

Twenty Five years ago last Monday I married my best friend, sweetheart, love of my life, my husband Joe. The best man anyone could hope for. I knew it then and I still know it today. Normally we will take off for the weekend for a romantic get away. We celebrated a bit differently this year because I had a work commitment Sunday. Saturday afternoon I knew Joe was up to something, carrying things to the back of our property through the woods. Hmmmm....

 I followed the trail through the woods as the sun began to set.


 Torchlight lit my way as the woods darkened.

I came upon a table set in a clearing with candlelight and cocktails.


The sun was breathtaking as it set beyond the trees.

 Our little getaway. A home away from home on a cool September evening. Far enough from our real home to be out of sight, as if we were miles away.


 Cozy and quiet. Our own little woodland getaway. We spent our honeymoon on Maui but this was just as romantic. 25 years worth of romance from my darling hubs.

 Morning dawned bright and sunny and we returned to the "real world".


Back home through the woods.

Bye bye little get away. Actually it was so much fun we made a reservation for Sunday

Crisp September mornings are so refreshing.

 Back home on Monday, our actual anniversary, to another wonderful surprise.

Across the river with our family. Sweet hubs treated me, our daughter and son, and son's girlfriend, to dinner at Chart House. Set on the Ohio overlooking the river and the Cincinnati skyline.

 How sweet is this?

 We enjoyed appetizers through dessert and champagne. A marvelous evening with those we love.

The weekend was heavenly. I couldn't have asked for a better 25th!

 Happy Anniversary Joe, Love always, Pam.

 Hope your weekend is lovely, P.

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Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

What a fantastic Anniversary. You are very lucky to have such a sweet romantic man. You do know that those are few and far between. I'd make a reservation for another night in your special spot in the woods too.

trash talk said...

Shut up...He did not! Maybe you need to make a few more trips away from him.
I bet you did wake up refreshed...nudge nudge...wink wink! He even gave you silver (the tent)!
I cannot believe the menus. That is probably the sweetest, most sincere, over the top, Fab U Lous expression of love I've ever seen.
I'll trade ya!

Laura said...

Quite simply-
how wonderful.

Surprise blessings are the best!
Have a great week,


Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Pam! This is SO SWEET!!!!
Are you SURE that Joe doesn't have a little brother for me??? Is it too late to train one of his best friends???? tee hee!!!!

You have got to be the luckiest girl on earth to have someone so loving and SO romantic! I just LOVE Joe to pieces!!!!

I showed Thad this post and I got him into all kinds of trouble saying "why you don't do this for ME Thad? Why are you never romantic like this? When are you ever going to something like this for me?"...

He just put his head down and said "If I had a tent sent up out back for you Jodie, you'd divorce me. You don't like to sweat and you don't like bugs. We'd never see our 25th if I pulled something like that. You're a Hilton kind of girl and you know it."
...and I smiled. He's right. As romantic as the tent looked, I could never do that! hahahahahhahahaha

I hope tonight is a repeat of last weekend!!!!
Have fun!!!!!

kana said...

Happy Anniversary! Looks like your little night away and the dinner were wonderful! Hoping many more happy years for the 2 of you.

Emom said...

You chose well! lovely weekend indeed! smiles...

Geralyn Gray said...

I don't know how I missed this. Happy 25th Anniversary.....I loved the very special!!!

Sue said...

Oh Pam- You were a lucky gal to have been the recipient of this little "get-away" with your schweetie!! It was very sweet and sentimental of him to do this for you. Glad you enjoyed the evening and your dinner out with the family at the Chart House. How nice to be recognized on your menu, too....
hugs, Sue

InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Pam-

What a special anniversary! I love camping, but don't get to do it much anymore. Just being outside under the stars - how dreamy. Your hubby is pretty special for thinking up such a romantic get away and in your own backyard! Hope he got lots of hugs and kisses for being so cute.

My best- Diane

amyd said...

how absolutely wonderful and charming - wishing you another 25 years together!
amy of four corners design