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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thursday and Friday Fun on the Road

We got to spend a little pre Tidbits and Tassels with Chantal and Maryse on Thursday. Jodie, Sandy, Sarah and I left Jodie's house before dawn, for the six hour drive to Dallas to reconnect with these lovely ladies and catch up with one another before Chantal had to finish preparation for her event. We explored Chantal's beautiful home and all the treasures it contains.

Every piece was thoughtfully displayed and many had stories to go with them.

A creatively decorated home. So comfortable and welcoming just like Chantal and her family.

I could have poked through all the vintage goodness for hours!

Her backyard and studio are literally FAB-U-LOUS to steal a phrase from my one of my BBFF's, Debbie.

I had to post a few more photos of that studio. Just to make you a little bit jealous, you know.

We played that evening with a little project Chantal had ready just for us. Isn't this initial darling?

Friday passed swiftly, as you know I got to meet up with BBFF Debbie for lunch and some thrifting. Unfortunately my camera battery died during our time together and I wasn't wasting time finding a store to shop for batteries. Not when I had the chance to thrift with the best! Plus I know Jodie took enough pics for all of us. It is so nice to have a personal photographer with you on adventures, hee hee!
When we arrived at Chantals for Tidbits and Tassels look what was waiting by the door.

Hand made bags from vintage pillowcases, made and personalized just for us by Chantal. They were filled with our swap bags of stash from each lady's studio. What a haul! We worked on embroidery and learned how to do it correctly from Chantal and we each received a sweet little bag filled with embroidery tools and bits of lace, ribbon, fabric and beads. We were truly spoiled this weekend.

Of course earlier in the day we got to hang with Ms. TNT herself! I was so happy to have this little bit of time with a gal who I feel I have known for years. Blogging brought us together and we are fast friends now. Those of you who know her already know what a hoot she is! I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with her. We had fried pickles and Bloody Mary's at lunch and we shopped vintage and just thoroughly enjoyed our day. It was over much too soon.

Isn't this a girl with mischief in her smile and a twinkle of laughter in her eyes. Oh my, I miss all these ladies so much!
No tears here though. That is why I am going backward through our adventure, no good byes only hellos!
Plus I am 100% sure that we haven't seen the last of one another.

Have a twinkling Tuesday, P.
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Donna (Timeless Settings) said...

What a pretty house and it looks like you had such a fun time!


trash talk said...

You better believe it...I'm only a heartbeat away! Can't you feel me breathing after I ran over here to read this post. Man I feel special. I cannot believe y'all gave up that pool and beautiful home for lunch with me. Y'all love really love me!
You know the expression TGIF...that's how I feel about a magical afternoon with all you girls!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

You couldn't have captured Debbie any better! What fun.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Dang I love that Debbie! ;)
And I love that fancy camera bag you have too. I saw a snippet of it in that photo girl!!!!! :)

Okay...I'm almost to the point to where I can post about Chantal's weekend. I'm almost there!

Emom said...

So glad that you had FUN! smiles.....

Lisa Phillippi said...

I love all your pictures- Chantal does have a beautiful home and it was a wonderful weekend!

Lisa Phillippi said...

I love all your pictures- Chantal does have a beautiful home and it was a wonderful weekend!