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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm Back

I have returned from my most excellent adventures with the sweetest and craziest group of chickadee's I have ever had the pleasure of calling friends. However I am not quite ready to reveal all of the wonderful times we had quite yet. I am still unpacking and settling back into real life. However I do have a link to give you a taste of what we were up too as well as one that is shamelessly self promoting.
 Today my recycled coffee table was featured on the one and only Elegant Thrifter's blog! Love Stan, love his blog.
 He is on my list of must meet blogger's. Style, great taste and thrift all contained in one elegant gentleman. His book The Find is so full of inspiration it makes me want to scrap my decorating and start again from the beginning.

My next tidbit is a dream come true. I will tell you all about it in my travelogue a few days hence. But, I had to steal a photo for this post and I know you will all die with jealousy when you see it. First a little backstory. When I first began blogging one of my constant commenters and supporters was Ms. TNT herself, Debbie of Talking Trash. I read her blog faithfully and we both had the same sense of humor, the same love of junk and the same struggles with blogging. A true soul sister, she has become quite the celebrity in the blogging world. I swore someday we would meet in person for a great big hug. My dream came true this past week, not just a hug, but some lunch and thrifting and lessons on being a Southern gal (my alter ego). I was overwhelmed. If you know Debbie then you know how she has made her true love, Cat Daddy into something of a celebrity in his own right. So ladies don't be hatin' but guess who showed up while we were sharing lunch...

Yessiree, I got to meet CD too. He had a moment to stop by from work. Now, just so you know, Debbie tells me this is him smiling. Anyhoo, I was so thrilled to get to sit and talk and hug Debbie. As she said it was like being reunited with a girlfriend you hadn't seen in a long time.
Of course, before I get in trouble, I did get to spend 10 entire days with two bloggers who have become wonderfully dear friends, Jodie and Sandy. We have managed to meet up once a year for the past 3 years. What a marvelous place blogland is. I promise girls, you will get your due in the next few posts. I just want to do our adventure justice. I also had the pleasure of meeting sweet little Sarah, just 26 but she held her own with us "older" gals. Of course Jodie I know you aren't that old.
Well, ta ta for now, I need to catch up on work. I just had to check in.

Lots more later, Have a lovely week, Pam
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Sea Witch said...

Welcome back sweetie. YOu have been missed but I am looking forward to more of your adventures. Blog on. Sea Witch

The Tattered Cottage said...

Oh, Lucky, Lucky You!! To meet Miss Debbie and Cat Daddy in the flesh!! I am so jealous! I read her blog faithfully! She is always the sunshine in my day! I love how she writes from the heart with her humor mixed in, in only the way Deb can. I hope she writes a book someday, it will most definitely be a best seller! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures!
Congratulations on your recycled coffee table feature! Stan is a wonderful person and his book is to die for! I was lucky also to be featured on his blog for my headboard/footboard bench.
Have a great day,

Anonymous said...

You sound like you are out-of-breath with excitement so get unpacked & settle down & we will be here when you want to tell us all about it!!
Have a Wonderful Week!

La said...

Welome back! It sounds like you had a wonderful adventure. I look forward to reading all the details.

Congratulations on being featured on Stan's blog.

Have a great day! La

The Elegant Thrifter said...

Thank you for your mention of my mention! I am certain our paths will cross very soon. And if I didn't say it in the blog, your photography is excellent!

xo Stan

DeAnna said...

Thanks for the link! I love that your coffee table is from your children's old fort - how meaningful! I'm glad you are back!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on having your table featured... Io reeeaaaally like it a lot!


stephanie said...

I think it is fabulous that you, Sandy, Jodie, and Sarah (I'm assuming it's Sarah aka Gypsy Mermaid?) got to vacation together. If how you all were like @ Silver Bella when you were together is any indication of how much you enjoy being around each other, then I KNOW that for 10 days you girls were absolutely a hoot!!

Loving that recycled coffee table too, Miss Pam....

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Oh Pam...
I walked into the guest room to plop myself on the bed to laugh with you and you wasn't there :(
(that's me whinning by the way)
Girl...thank you for the great memories. I've never laughed so much in my life. and...I've never eaten so much wet paper in my life either but it's all good!!!! hahaha
Remember before you post again...what happens in the South stays in the South. Us Southern women have to keep our reputations ya know!!!!
So have you gotten accustomed to being up north again? Is Receipts going to let you come back down again? I have a strong feeling that the BOTH of you will coming back down soon!!!! :))))
Love ya girl and thank you for making this a trip I will NEVER forget!!!!
ps...tell Sadie "thank you" for sharing you with me!!!!

Lisa Phillippi said...

Hi Pam! Im so glad you made it home safely! It was so wonderful to meet you and the other Chickadees! Blogland is wonderful...especially for staying in touch! I sure hope you share pics of your canvas camera bag...I loved it, but didn't take any. Ok...gonna go check out Talikn Trash....laters....Lisa

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Hey's me again!!!!
I forgot to congratulate you for being featured on Stan's blog!!! Wow!
I love that table girl...LOVE it! If it didn't say "Kern"...I'd pay someone to steal it for me!!!! hahaha

trash talk said...

First things first...SQUEAL! I hopped on over to Stan's to read and comment. How super cool and was he ever spot on with his adjectives! That table is 2die4 clever.
Second...BOO HOO! I miss you so much. 5 hours just isn't enough...not near enough. One of us is gonna have to move or at least meet in the middle. I've always believed we were long lost sisters separated at I know we are! Friday is on my Top Ten days of all time!
You're such a good southern-girl-in-training!
P.S. Chantal's playroom would have my ADD kicking in big time. I would just be running in circles wondering "which way do I go, which way do I go?"!