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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Backward from the End

These photos will illustrate the remainder of day nine, our last day of the girl's roadtrip to Louisiana and Texas and the first day in this backwards series.  Follow me down the rabbit hole and away from everyday to an enchanted place of sharing and joy.

Daughter's hands and mother's hands sharing skills with us. Chantal (above) and Maryse (below) taught the classes at Tidbits and Tassels 2.

Chantal's home is so welcoming and everything was presented in such warm and comforting surroundings.

Chantal and Maryse guiding us through the project while cutie pie Susie looks on.

Maryse is such an elegant woman. Her soft French accent and knowledge of needlework is always generously shared with all who are willing to learn.

A lovely project displayed in one of Chantal's colorful vignettes.

The day was filled with busy women laughing, learning and enjoying one another's company, along with Chantal's sweet daughters.

There was much sharing of craft and heads bent to the pleasure of creativity. As Maryse said, what would people do without a hobby? Something to keep the hands busy and the mind occupied. The satisfaction of creating something beautiful from your own heart.

Even better in the company of like minded women.

So much individuality in these finished pieces shows that the same piece will vary greatly in each crafter's hands.

All lovely, all different.

What a pleasure this day was.

I wish you could have joined us.

The sunny day, the company, the amazing mother/daughter duo of Chantal and Maryse were just a joy.

Talented hands working together...

each lending their own personality to the work.

A wonderful day that I will cherish in my memory.

Speaking of cherish, I could have stolen this little girl and snuck her home with me on the plane. Little Passie was our constant companion during the weekend. Too sweet, no?

Thanks for joining me on my backwards road trip. More soon...Until then have a great weekend, P.
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trash talk said...

Look at my sweet girl all prettified in her white rosette blouse!
Miracles DO happen when we believe...Friday was proof positive!

Lisa Phillippi said...

It was an awesome weekend! Your pictures are Fantastic...I think I was so overwhelmed that I didn't take very many! It's so fun to look at everything though someone else's eyes!

sissie said...

So much talent in one room! All of your creations are magnificent and I'm so glad that you had a wonderful time.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my... Passie is just the sweetest and look at that smile!

Little Messy Missy said...

Looks like you all had a blast!!! Very cute!!!

La said...

Such beautiful projects. Thank you for sharing with us. I've gained some inspiration from these pics. Have a great day! La

chantal johnson said...

Love you and your sweet spirit!! You are incredibly talented - your pics are beautiful. Was that really my house and studio? I love to see it through other's eyes. You filled my heart when you came!! thanks --