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Friday, June 25, 2010

No Linky, Gotta Do Some Thinking

You know I was planning to begin my Green Weekends link event, every weekend, and I will. Just not this weekend. I am taking a small break to get things around here better organized. I am also attending a Lia Sophia conference this week to hopefully learn some new ideas to get my business rolling in that area. It should be fun. Clinton Kelly of What Not to Wear is the keynote speaker. (I hope I am not sitting anywhere near the front, I would hate to made an example!)

As you know, it has been a year now since hubs was downsized, and he has not been able to find a new position. He has decided to start his own business but things are moving sloooow to say the least. So I am taking a bit of time away to try to get things revved up on my end. We are considering a few different options for our future. Good things.
Plus, it is taking forever to ogle all of your creative spaces at Where Bloggers Create! I simply can't miss a single one!

I am so inspired by all of the ideas for storage and decorating and just plain magic that I have been seeing. My sweet daughter installed Adobe Creative Suite 4 on my Mac as well and I need to start learning how to use it. Only so much time in the day, right? So I should be back after the 4th with a better thought in my brain of where we are going from here. I might even have a badge for Green Weekends! Although I am not going to promise anything...tee hee.

Have a great weekend, a fabulous week ahead and a lovely Independence Day, P.
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Anonymous said...

Sounds great! and so happy to hear that you are both now working for yourselves and NOT a large greedy corporation.

Enjoy your week-end. Hope it gives you some great info to work with.


The French Bear said...

Things are sounding good!!! I have a Mac too, let me know how that works for you!!! Where would we be without our kids to teach us?!!! Watch out for Clinton, although I think he is easier on folks than Stacy!!!
Margaret B

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear everything is ticking right along. I am slowing getting back into the groove after 8 months of cancer this & cancer that!! So glad to have it all behind me & be able to talk about it!!
Have a Great Weekend...

Olive Cooper said...

Sounds perfectly swell to hear Clinton Kelly. I would not mind if he gave me some tips. Have fun!


Style Sisters said...

Love the tablescape! Sounds like you are doing some new and adventurous things! Good luck and keep us posted.

trash talk said...

Your photos put me in the mood for the 4th! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Keep the faith and just follow the steps that are laid out. It will happen!

Geralyn Gray said...

I love those dishes Pam!!!! I ran into a person yesterday who I used to work with and was reminded how bad things really are in our economy......and starting a new business is slowwwww......but, I just know in the end everything will work out and fall into place.....sometimes we just need a little push.....I LOVE Clint!!!!! That should inspire you....enjoy the conference!!!!!

Geralyn Gray said...

Oh and I fell out of the groove......for where women create....I just want to be outside and at night I start the blog roll and fall right to sleep......they are great, but I am only half way through!!!!!