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Friday, June 18, 2010

Green Weekend Linky Party

A green transformation. Annabelle Hydrangeas have to be the most perfect garden flower! Hydrangea's are one of my all time garden loves, in all their variety, but Annabelle? She's the best.

She starts out green in late spring. (Sorry about the blurry photo)

As she blooms, her flowers slowly become the palest shade of green, almost white.

For a short time she sports blooms of several shades.

When she is fully blossomed, her flowers are almost ecru, but they still hold a greenish tint.

What a gorgeous plant. Soon, as her blooms begin to dry, they will turn back to a lovely soft green. Then I will collect armloads to fill vases and savor the lovely shades of chartreuse right into fall.
See why I love her?

What is green in your life this weekend? Please share by linking to this post and letting your readers know you are participating in my Green Weekend. (Badge to come, soon I hope!)

Have a weekend full of wonder, P.

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trash talk said...

I won't be able to play along this weekend, but I'll be joining you in the future!
No one and I mean no one...can raise hydrangeas like you. I would be a happy woman to have just one shrub that bloomed like yours.

Olive Cooper said...

I have one Hydrangea, a large blue one. So large in fact it is bigger than my small car! I might try your white ones as they are lovely.


Debby said...

My fav flower, beautiful photo.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

So glad I dropped by! I too, happened to do a green post this evening....I have linked up with yours! Your hydrangeas are favorites! I hope you have a great weekend!
Take care, Laura

Christine Edwards said...

Oh, I love your Annabelle hydrangeas. I have a couple of blue/pink ones that were planted last year, but would love to add more. She looks simply perfect in her green finery.