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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yesterday's Wanderings

Yesterday morning I met my friend and Lia Sophia Manager, Pam, for a little flea marketing. We went to White's Farm in Brookville, Indiana.

At 8 AM the morning was cool and the sky promised a beautiful day ahead.

The parking area was already quite full.

This is more of a farmers market/ flea market with a variety of new knock off type merchandise, plants, flowers, produce and the sweetest bunch of little critters of all variety for sale. I also managed to find some good "junk". Some things were higher priced than I like so I had to pass them by. I will show you what I brought home tomorrow. Today I want to share what I didn't bring home, no matter how lovely.

My brother grows these from seed every year and loads us up, so no petunia's came with me.

Gorgeous feathers on this fellow didn't tempt me to actually make a purchase. Matter of fact, our neighbor had a few and they are quite noisy, kind of like a baby's cry. So, no peacock.

Now these little creatures really did steal my heart. I have been thinking of getting a few chickens. Sweetest, softest, cuddliest little chickies!

Not being a "real" farm girl, just a wannabe, I didn't realize that if you buy your chicks at this age, there is no telling what sex they are. You may end up with a bunch of roosters. I am glad Pam was there to give me the 411. Who knew? Obviously not me.

How could anything be so soft and adorable?

No chicks in my future.

If I want to be serious about egg layers then "teen age" chickens are the answer. (Once again, being a wannabe, I was feeling sorry for all these beauties being jammed together in cages.) Of course any Frippery hens would have to have the cutest fluffed up henhouse to brood in. Until that happens, no hens will be purchased.

Now this guy could have come right home with me, but there was no room in Pam's SUV. Surely my hubs is grateful for that.
What a fun morning. Thanks Pam! We have to do it again.

Have a thriving Thursday, P.
(Hard to find adjectives beginning with th)
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Embellish-Vintage Home Embellishments said...

what a fun day!!

Glamorous Girl Gone Goofy said...

Lovely post. be.aut.iful pictures. I can see how you are smitten for those chicks. Can't wait to see your goodies that you brought home...

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Sounds like such a fun day. Love the baby chicks. Hugs, Marty

Anonymous said...

Once when I was a VERY young married I brought home 6 baby ducks.....Hubs, even though he was born & raised on a farm, wasn't impressed!! They were actually "pasture pets" & died of old age!! LOL!!
Have a Great Day!!

Debby said...

This looks like a great day. Aren't those little chicks sweet!!!