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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Uptown, Downtown Weekend

I didn't make ANYTHING this weekend to show you. I also managed to stay away from the computer. Just enjoyed dinner with friends, visited the boy, and generally hung out around town.

Had dinner on Saturday with friend's at Prima Vista. Yum yumm yummy! Sitting on a hill overlooking the city in the distance as the sun set and the lights began to twinkle. This is the view before we entered the restaurant. I wish I could share the view after sunset but by then we were having too much fun and I didn't think to take a decent photo. Take my word, it was lovely. Get a taste, here.

Definitely an uptown, downtown kind of weekend.

Sunday we cruised from the (used to be) country, through the suburbs and back to town again, to visit the boy.

What a glorious spring weekend we had!

 Downtown to visit college boy...

If it wasn't for the cars and the overhead wires we could be stepping back in time...

I guess the satellite dish would be a give away...

I have a fondness for urban streetscapes.

View from college boy's porch.  A pleasant Sunday afternoon.

Back uptown to pick up some of college girl's art work.

A touch of uptown street scenes around U.C.


Back home again, to the largest dog bed we have ever owned...

As hubs would say, we are "Living the dream..."
Happy Tuesday, P.
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I will pair up partner's at the end of the week so we can start on our journals with plenty of time to make them fabulous.

Made a few changes to my blog etc.
  1. Turned automatic music off.
  2. Just completed a Web Design class through U.C. Now that I know html I may create my own site. (Takes time)
  3. Going to start painting again, maybe I will share for sale when I feel confident.
  4. Changing my daily post list since I haven't been following it very well. 
  5. Post a to do list to make myself get things done...hmmm.
What do you think? I love music but hear over and over that you shouldn't have it play automatically on a blog. So I am going with the flow on this one. It is still there if you want to hear it. Just click.
The rest is for my own personal enrichment, after all, it really is all about me, hee hee.
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Hopemore Studio said...

Prime Vista sounds delicious...this is the first I've never heard of them but I have the disadvantage of being over the river. It is now on the list of places to go.

I love to look out over Cincinnati. I have lived in bigger cities like Phili and Chicago but I prefer Cinci to all of them. There is such a nice feel to the area, the surrounding parks and the family attractions. Just for kicks we will drive through Mount Adams or Hyde Park and enjoy the older homes.

So glad you got to get out and enjoy it all.

Sea Witch said...

I adore this posting. I feel like I was riding along with you. Being a ole city gal, I so enjoy visiting the local haunts and especially the "hoods." Sea witch

Marilyn said...

Beautiful & wires & bikes??? Oh My!! Unfortunately they call that progress.....
Have a Great Day!!

Leanne said...

the number one reason why music shouldn't play automatically is that if you're surfing at work, you're busted.

(I have the day off today!)

Geralyn Gray said...

I like to hear your goals and your weekend looked lovely and I am glad that you have the time to smell the roses.....I am having a hard time with that that you say you visited the husband and I reference our kids the same way! Thanks again for posting and voting for the girl!

Berlin Deluxxe said...

Your pictures are beautifull, you captured these dreamy cityscapes oh so perfectly.
I am glad you enjoyed your day.

Emom said...

Great photos.... and daily posting is somewhat mind is simply not that interesting ....smiles.

Nati Girl said...

Hi, I have a daughter who goes to UC!! And wow, you take some awesome pics that are crystal clear. So glad I found your blog. NG