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Thursday, April 8, 2010

How About a Swap?

A Good Ol' Summertime swap. Handmade, sunshiney and cheerful. Vintage, pretty, useful and ... you get the picture. How about a mini journal of five pages with pockets, clips etc. for keeping all the aged postcards, old photos, ticket stubs, labels and other flotsom that reminds us each of summer?
                                      (Photos below are just examples from past projects)

 Let' say about 5" by 7", big enough to hold postcards, with a front and back cover plus five interior pages. The book can be fabric, chip board, recycled book covers, an old children's board book or any other sturdy material that can stand the test of time and wear.
Let's give it a vintage feel, and include 5 or 6 bits of vintage ephemera to tuck inside the pockets, clips, nooks and crannies, to start your partner's collection.

 Be sure each page is both useful for collecting and beautiful on it's own, front and back. Bind it however you feel will work best for your individual book. Then send it on to your partner by Memorial Day, May 31st. If you are in, email your name and address to me by Friday, April 16th and I will match partners and send them out the following Monday.
When you receive your partner's email, contact them by email and include answers to the following question's.
1 What one thing most evokes summer to you.
2 What three colors are your "summer" colors.
3 Do you have a "summer" song?
4 When you think summer, where are you?
5 Favorite vintage era: turn of the century, 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, '60's???
This will give your partner some guidance and a few ideas to incorporate into your journal.
I am thinking 29 peeps plus me. That makes 15 pairs.

So, whaddaya think?
Are you in?
Spread the word!

Have a sunny day, P.
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Sea Witch said...

Okay, you talked me into it. I was actually going to sign up for this but hesitated because I get so busy that I'm ususally woefully behind on things and I didn't want to keep anyone waiting. Still, creating a book of "summer" did intrigue me, so add my name to the list. Sea Witch

Debby said...

I would like to play in your summer book swap, sounds wonderful.