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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Belated Award Acknowledgement and Mini Give Away.

I received this award a while back from Nita @ Mod Vintage Life.
She shares the love of Old Hollywood style decorating, story book homes and incorporating vintage into modern life with us like minded souls.

Those of us who wish we could step right into the interior sets of movies on TMC...who pay more attention to the furnishings than the actors at times...who hope for a little of the glamour of that era to experience a revival...Nita has the same sensibility. Nostalgia in  modern times. Go visit and tell her I said hello.
I could list so many blogs that should receive this award. You are all beautiful in so many ways. I think my sidebar says it all. How about leaving a comment with some new (to me) favorites that I can visit and add to the list?
I am also to list 7 things you don't know about me. (Hmmm, since I tend to blab every piece of minutia about myself that pops into my head, this is tricky)

1. I was a licensed cosmetologist for a while in my early 20's. Did hair in the era of early 80's Blondie and Madonna. Glad that's over!
2. I loved spinach as a child. (Still do) I couldn't get enough. I think I watched too much Popeye. (Spinach loving sailor cartoon, or later, Robin Williams character, in case you are much younger than me. Who isn't?)
3. When I met my hubs, in my hairdresser era, my hair was about 3/4's of an inch long. Wish I could get away with that now. Anything can look fabulous at twenty one or two.
4. I would wear black or super dark nail polish if I didn't think it would look too freakish on a woman of my ...ahem...age.
5. I have vintage 30's deco/nouveau bedroom furniture that I am seriously considering painting pale grey. I love the lines but I really want a lighter, softer look. Shocking? I need advice.
6. I repaint the rooms in my house every one or two years. Perhaps I need therapy.
7. I bought a dulcimer several years ago, with the intention of learning to play. Haven't gotten terribly far but it's on my bucket list.

OK. Back at ya babies! Tell me at least one thing I don't know about you. Leave it in a comment along with a recommended blog and I will randomly draw a number for a piece of lia sophia jewelry. Not sure which piece but I guarantee it will be lovely.

Tell your friends!

Have a wonderful week. I will draw the number on Friday! Luck and love, P.
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Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

oh, so many things to tell.

okay ... my mother was a Las Vegas showgirl in the 1950's hey days of Vegas.

is it any wonder that I love trash and flash and glamor? - it's in my blood! LOL

Sue said...

I can still twirl a mean baton since I was a twirler w/the marching band back in high school! Some things(talents?) are never forgotten. LOL I'd love to win a sparkly, Pam.
hugs, Sue

Sue said...

BTW, Stop by- I'm having a give-away for my followers. :-)

The French Bear said...

I love your post, it is always so neat to hear something about someone that you did not know!!!
One thing you don't know is I used to teach aerobics, never guess that now!!!
It's not as delicious as Tristan info, show girl, wow!!
Happy Sunday!
Margaret B

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

One thing you don't know about me? I went to CGIT camp when I was 13 and was friends with Gordon Pinsent's neice.

Recommended new blog:

Thanks for entering me!

Emom said...

Fun post...

Ok, here goes....I sang a solo of "Silent Night" at the kindergarten Christmas pageant when I was 5. This is funny because I can't carry a tune in a bucket...really don't even sing in the shower. The whole experience scarred my parents for life.

is my suggestion....smiles.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

You KNOW you know everything about me already, just give me the jewelry!!!
And besides, I could never compare with Tristan's juicy background...ever! Love him!
you already know that I used to have my birthday party sleepovers in the funeral home since my dad was the funeral director...
you already know that I love me some funeral cards and love everything about "death"...
you already know that I don't share a hotel room with anyone...
you already know that I have a hard time opening wrapped packages...
and most of all, you already know that I love you!

I give up...there is NOTHING else "special" about me, other than I'm "special" and you already know that too.


zandra said...

Wow, Madonna? I was an Air Traffic Controller back in the day...
Hugz, Z

Kris said...

Loved reading some of your secrets. An interesting tidbit about me: I fell 80 feet, off a cliff while hiking when I was 19. And NO, I was not drinking!


krys kirkpatrick said...

I started a company with my best friend and sister 24 years ago called, Bunnies By The, we are not playboy playmates. But feel free to see what we

Berlin Deluxxe said...

Congrats on your award! I love old Hollywood, all the glam and class :)
Please stop by my blog, I am hosting a contest.