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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesdays Tidbit

My blog will be on autopilot this week with some prewritten posts. I just can't seem to keep up with life so if I do not respond to a comment or don't leave any please forgive me. I will try to check in on blogland if I get a moment. Thanks for understanding.
Todays tidbit is in regard to one of my favorite subjects, as you know if you visit often. My beloved hometown, Cincinnati, Ohio. We have a very special school in our public system. The School for Creative and Performing Arts or SCPA is an interesting alternative for 4th to 12th grade children with talents that may not be developed in a conventional school setting. 

Above is a photo of the recently constructed, new location for the school. The building will be ready for occupation beginning with the upcoming school year 2010/11. The original building  ( below) is currently still in use and has housed many notable musicians, dancers and actors, as well as writers, producers and directors. A few of the more famous (or infamous in one case) are Sarah Jessica Parker , Nick Lachey and Carmen Electra.
Below this photo is an historic marker, in the Over the Rhine neighborhood that is home to SCPA. It gives a bit of background information about the school. (I provided a print version to the right of the marker.)

Since 1976, this site has been home to the School for Creative and Performing Arts, the first, oldest, and, in 2003, still the only school of its scope and breadth in the world. Founded in 1973, SCPA is a public high school for grades 4-12, offering a complete college preparatory academic training in eight arts majors – Dance, Drama, Instrumental Music, Music Theater, Technical Theater, Visual Arts, Vocal Music, and Writing. Created as a magnet school to achieve equality in education for all students, the school’s mission is to provide children who excel in the arts an education that will help them achieve their dreams.

SCPA is the setting of MTV's musical reality series Taking the Stage. The show is produced by Nick Lachey and is the story of five students and their friends preparing for life on the stage. Real students in a real life situations right here in the heart of Cincinnati. The second season began airing on the 28th of January. Catch an episode or two if you can. Wonderful talent.

I tried to embed a youtube video of the promo but just can't get it to work. You can click on the link above to watch the trailer. What wonderful exposure for this special place in the heart of Cincinnati.
If you are STILL interested in learning a bit more click this link to get a taste of what audition day is all about.

Interactive: Robbie Todd | | Cincinnati.Com

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I may have provided more than a tidbit here but I hope you enjoy hearing about SCPA, a school that provides a background for students to enter into the performing arts and fulfill their dreams.

Have a day filled with music, P.
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Anonymous said...

So wonderful to be so "in love" with your hometown!! Loved the post......