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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesdays Tidbit, Toy Land, Supersized

Yesterday afternoon, Hubs and I braved the traffic and lack of parking, to hike across campus and take a few (few?) photos of a group project my daughter participated in for one of her art classes.

Cold bright skies greeted us as we made our way to the DAAP building on U.C.'s campus. I tried to take a few shots as we walked, but getting warm again was also a consideration, so I hurried past many of the  buildings without taking my hand out of my pockets.

Eventually we reached the building where my Sadie spends a good deal of her time these days. I am loving the pink walls.

This particular assignment was to create an oversized toy with cardboard. Sadie's group chose a chess set. They painstakingly laminated stacks and stacks of cardboard boxes from various stores and businesses to create the blocks from which each piece would then be carved and stained.

Sadie and her classmate Dan were the only two in the group who were certified to use the wood shop, so their task was to create the chess pieces while the other 3 members of the group made the board and timers.

Hours and hours of work went into this project and the kids were justifiably proud of their accomplishment.

There were so many fun pieces resulting from this concept. It felt like we had entered a child's playroom as miniature figures in a toy set.

Xylophones, and Russian doll stacks and a truly huge My Pretty Pony were a few of the creations put together by the freshman art students.

Sadie's teacher liked their project so much she offered to buy it from them to keep in the DAAP Cafe so students could play with it on breaks.

How hilarious is this Mr. Potato Head? Hubs is standing beside it for scale.
I think he would have loved to play with it.

After all the hours put into the chess set, including a 14 hour straight all night session in the studio, I think the students came away with a feeling that all the work was worth it. Although Sadie said, despite wearing a respirator, she still feels she is blowing cardboard dust out of her nose. I don't think her poor hands will ever be the same. 

All in all a great experience and a lesson in hard work, deadlines and the satisfaction of accomplishment.

I told you there were a "few" pictures. 

Back outside, take note of the difference in the sky from earlier in the afternoon.

What happened to all the bright, sunny blue?

Of course we knew the forecast was for more fluffy white snow. However, in southwest Ohio you learn never to trust those weather predictions, as they can change in the matter of an hour.

Seems this time they were right. Keeping with the oversized toy theme we are now living inside a giant snow globe. It has been coming down steadily since the middle of last night. I love the hush. The sense that there is not much going on outside in the world. Just us, warm and cozy, as the world is blanketed in yet more powder sugar. 

Hope you can indulge in a cup of something warm and a good read if you are inside the snow globe with me, P.

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Jo said...

The chess set is awesome! Up in the Dayton area it looks like someone shook the globe way too much...My hsb is not looking forward to the drive home from Cincy tonight...Hope you are staying warm! Thanks for sharing

Jodie LeJeune said...

Ah this is soooo awesome! Sadie and her team did a wonderful job and my gosh I have to say...If I were to pick ONE toy to play with, that chess set would be it! I love it! Good job!!!!
Stay in, stay warm and stay creative!!!
everything vintage

Jessabells said...

That is awesome! Hope your daughter took the offer for the school to buy it from her.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...


that's awesome!!!


jen said...

THat is so amazing!!! Love young inhibited minds there is no way they are not gonna do the most crazy project they can think of! that chess set may be around for 100 years or more it's wonderful! And the joke from your friend hahahahaha!
luvs and glitter

Jewels said...

I've enjoyed your blog this morning while drinking my coffee and waiting for Spring to finally arrive. I found it through the Where Women Create Blog, a daily stop for me. I love the chess set, although I don't think it will fit into your little really green room. I'm ready to say goodbye to the giant snow-globe until next year and live inside a giant, sunny, warm terrarium filled with green for a while! Be Happy Always! Jewels