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Monday, February 8, 2010

Swapalicious!But first an interruption!

Before I rant about my swap I have to say Who Dat! Shout out to my Louisiana girl Jodie! There is going to be some crazy Mardi Gras partying this week. Those Saints are definitely marchin' in. I hope she shares some of the crazy times with us. You too Sarah. We want to share in all the fun!
BTW Jodie, I received my darling Vday package and will be showing it off soon. Now back to my scheduled post...

The vintage Valentine swap at a Swap for all Seasons was just wonderful. Kana, a darling and super talented Silver Bella, was my partner. I wanted to share my bounty.
You will be sooo jealous! I would share if I could.

Isn't everything gorgeous? The cutest vintage Valentine, a tiny box of trinkets to create with, a lovely assortment of chocolate and a sweetly wrapped package.

How generous Kana is.

A wonderful artist too. Look at the beautiful Valentine collage she created just for me.
I have it displayed in a vintage frame on my mantle for all to enjoy.

Details, details, a rhinestone heart with a key to unlock it.

Velvety leaves and pearls and crystal. Everything exudes romance.

Speaking of romance, you know some sweet nothings are being whispered in her ear.

Part of the swap that I made for Kana was a crazy little Valentine party hat on a silver stand.
Remember making sequined covered trees way back in the 70's? (Of course you don't, your aren't that old.) That was my inspiration.

I foofed it up a bit for fun and added a box of candy, a vintage Valentine and a box of trinkets as well.

This was such a fantastic swap. You need to visit Linda at a Swap for All Seasons to get in on some of the fun.

If you love vintage glittery goodness you will find an abundance there.

Have a romantic Monday, P. Can I get another Who Dat?!
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Debby said...

WOW!!! What a gorgeous bunch of goodies. Such fun to receive these packages. Love what you created and yep, I am old enough to remember. LOL... and a Who Dat shout back to yah! What an awesome game.

sissie said...

Very pretty pretties!

Congrats to the Saints.


Emom said...

Such fun!

trash talk said...

Who dat who say who dat?
Love all your creations. I do remember sequin trees and net trees and tissue paper trees...I'm really dating myself now aren't I?

Jodie LeJeune said...

Wow Pam, how lucky you were to swap with Kana...she's AWESOME! I just love her to death!!!
I love what you made her the heck did I miss this swap? Ya'll need to let me know about these things!!! Shame on you!!! ;)
The new colors for the season at the moment are purple, black, green and gold!!!!!!! ;)
I don't know how I'm going to make it through the month of February~
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