Fluff and Finery on Friday

I am running a bit late today in posting. We have been without propane since Sunday due to a series of mishaps and morons. Since I have already gone off on the post office I will spare you anymore venting. Suffice it to say there will be letters written! (Oh no, that means involving the PO again!) We have been living a bit closer to Little House on the Prairie than my modern self is comfortable with. I don't mind playing farm girl as long as I have heat and hot water. Two things I am beginning to feel it is normal to do without. Thank goodness for wood. Today (hopefully, supposedly, prayerfully) we will again be rejoined with the warm and fresh smelling masses. Enough about that. I am going to join in the fun at Finding Fabulous and post some of my vintage finds and frugal decor. You remember the late winter mantle redo from Mondays post...

Goodwill and house shopping , all, as well as a slight nod to Valentine's Day.

I have added this wonderful piece by Kana at Kana Creates, the cutest little Bella from Tennessee, that I received as part of a vintage Valentine swap we participated in at A Swap for All Seasons. Promise to post more on this Monday!
Just the perfect extra touch, agreed?

Many of you asked about the paper wreath. I incorporated that into a Valentine entry display. Once again, Goodwill, except for my grandmothers prayer book.

A few candles and some vintage Christmas balls from an after holiday sale at a local antique mall add to the festivity and romance.
Everything in this vignette combined totals under $30.00. These are things collected over time, a dollar or two here and there. Re-combining them constantly is my form of playing with toys.

Here is the paper wreath dressed up with a Valentine I created from bits and pieces laying about in the craftt room. The base is from a cereal box. Packaging is a perfect source for collage board.

 Stacking plates and trays adds interest. An old tissue paper heart fold out with a touch of glitter and satin ribbon to fluff it up. Hung inside a
 little wire basket it makes a lovely mix of industrial and feminine. 

A close up of the wreath and Valentine.

Pretty, shiny, love it.

A vintage Valentine was also included in the package from Kana.
A closer look at the tissue heart. I crave these honeycomb tissue decorations. Remembrances from childhood of special parties and events.

Hope you enjoyed this frugal Valentine display. Go and visit all the vintage and frugal finds out there in the Blog neighborhood. Sometimes it is OK to covet your neighbor's thrifty find!

Have a day filled with pleasures, P.


Geralyn Gray said…
I love what Kana made for your swap and what you made for that fantastic wreath! Happy Valentine's Day---love your decorations!!!!!!
Everything is just gorgeous. I love your mantel, and your table and wreath are just perfect. I really enjoy the way you incorporate different materials for such a chic look. Old and new all work perfectly. Hugs, Marty
Emom said…
Mishapes and morons....honestly....you make me laugh...smiles.
Such a great collection of "stuff" and it all works together so wonderfully! Love that paper wreath...and all your Goodwill objects d'art!
Hi Pam everything is beautiful. I love all the wire with the feminine, as the Valentine goodies, just really add a wonderful touch!
sissie said…
I have really enjoyed looking at all the wonderful things in your home. Very beautiful.

Linda said…
Really great combination of things to create such a cute Valentine Vignette!!
Lou Cinda said…
I ~ Love ~ This! I love it all!!

I COVET that frame on your mantle. I think it is a sin to COVET...nevertheless, it is what it is! I still COVET it!

The honeycomb valentine with the pink satin ribbon? I am in pain, I love it so much!!

Hope you are back to the 20th century!!

Have a great weekend!

Lou Cinda ;)
Lenore said…
You have such wonderful thrifty finds and stuff to work with and you've given it all a fabulous flare.
trash talk said…
Not everyone can take $30 and make it beautiful...girl, you got the knack!
Seeing honeycombs reminds me of grade school and hoping THE boy would put a special valentine in my shoebox/mailbox!
Robin Sanchez said…
Sue I love that honeycomb valentine. Your mantle is beautiful!!

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