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“I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.” R. W. Emerson

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thanks for the Comfort

 Thank you all so much for all the sweet thoughts about Blizzard. Pets give us so much joy. We know that they will not be with us for our lifetime but we welcome them into our homes for however long they can stay. The pain of loss is definitely outweighed by the unconditional love they offer us.
This is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that we suffer the loss of a pet, but I wouldn't be able to live without animals in my life. I know many of you feel exactly the same.
So thanks again for being kindred spirits in this world of joy and sorrow and laughter and beauty.

I finished my fatbook swap and sent off the pages. This one was a struggle. My sewing machine seems to be on it's last leg and then my printer stopped working completely. Epson Artisan 800, not even a year old. Does anyone else have one? It is supposed to be great for artists. We have had nothing but trouble with it and very little response from customer service. ARGH! Excuse me for grumbling, it has been an especially bad week.

Here's to warmer weather and sunny days, less stress and more fun, art for art sake and doing things just because we feel like doing them. Are you with me?

Give away starts Friday and lasts through Wednesday. A little somethin' pretty for the romance month and beyond. Photo's on Friday.

Have a better day than the one before, P.
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Geralyn Gray said...

Usually I like when we have something in common. Ian took his printer to college.....I had to get a new one....guess which one....and I HATE it!!!!!!! I invested $200 in a printer which has terrible quality---I didn't take it back figuring they wouldn't take it since it was opened. I decided not to teach at Art Opera because I wouldn't have felt good about anything I printed out for's amazing what a difference something as simple as a printer can make. Your fat book is going to be worth all the trouble......I can't wait to see Zandra's!!!!!!

Lynn said...

Personally, I don't trust people who don't live with animals.
Thanks for the heads up on the printer. I think we bloggers and facebookers and any other networking for that matter ought to put our likes and dislikes out there and maybe people will stop offering us inferior products.

Linda said...

Hang in there and let your art be some good therapy! Sorry your printer is giving you problems, love my technology but sometimes it stinks!

sew revived said...

You're allowed to grumble all you want! Sometimes things work and sometimes they don't!
Can't wait to see our fat books!!

Rochelle said...

Sorry about your kitty Blizzard...I know how you feel. Can't wait to see the entire fatbook!

Anonymous said...

My Dear Pam.... I read about your sweet Blizzard the day you posted it & I cried. I couldn't post anything that day. I had 3 pure white cats that were our children. They passed several years ago after living nearly 18 years each.
I was dispondent. They were my companions.... I swore I would NEVER go through that again....
Then into our lives came OUR BOYZ!
I never thought 3 busy little kittes could fill my life again!!
It is never easy.....

The Elegant Thrifter said...

It just seems like everything happens at once, doesn't it? Good and bad. I hate to hear about Blizzard and can just imagine her curious gaze as she peered into your house the day you asked her in. What a mysterious gift.

I hope your weekend is looking up. Stan

trash talk said...

I'm so sorry I didn't read your post about Blizzard until today. Nothing I can say will compare to what you wrote. There is something special about those who love their children in fur suits and you are so special. How lucky she found the pet underground railroad to your home.
On another note...I have the worst printer ever made. I got it on a package deal with my Kodak camera and all it will do is print and then even that not very reliably! It won't scan because it doesn't play well with others...namely Dell. It wants ink when it's other words...I have named it PITA! I feel your pain!

Jodie LeJeune said... are going to keep us in suspense til tomorrow??? errrrrr! ;)

Sorry you are having a bad week girlie...I love you!!!! {smile}

Your fat book pages look GREAT! (I can't wait!!!)

ok...I have NO it that obvious????

everything vintage

zandra said...

Wow, looks amazing! It's such a tease, but so glad I'm in it. Can't wait to get it.
Hugz, Z