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Friday, January 29, 2010

In Which Pooh Get's Organized

No more rants, just bit of sprucing up.

In my quest to get things on track here at Frippery Farmhouse, I am going to try to organize my post topics. Not that I will be posting everyday, but I am going to choose a general theme for each day. That way when I have a specific post idea I will post under the theme that fits and if I am stuck I can use the theme as a prompt. Make sense? I know some of you do this already so instead of reinventing the wheel I am going along for the ride.

I will list my themes on my sidebar and hopefully that will keep me on track. I am also wondering if my friend's list is distracting or does it make it easier to visit all of your lovely blogs to see what's up? Should I condense it further, leave it as is or put the thumbnails back? How do you get readers to scroll all the way down? I have a list of Cincinnati Bloggers at the bottom, but I never know if anyone gets that far. OK...see what I mean...I am already off topic! Back to the themes.

Here's my thought:
Monday-Made That: Self explanatory. Something I have made. May or may not include a tutorial.
Tuesday-Tidbits: Facts, figures, useful or useless hints about any old thing.
Wednesday-Wishful Thinking: What I would like to have in a perfect world. Mercenary, I know, but we all have a wish list of tangibles, right?
Thursday-Thoroughly Random: Gotta have one day as a free-for-all.
Friday-Fluff and Finery: Thrifty finds and joyful junk. I do love me some alliteration.

Are you with me so far? The weekend theme will be Rarely. I really want to have some time away from the computer. However, if the mood hits "In which Pooh Goes Blathering On and On" it may happen. Never say never.

I will be back here Monday, refreshed and with my theme list posted.

Have a heavenly weekend, P.
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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good plan but I think I mainly "fly by the seat of my pants"!!
I somtimes sit down with the computer & feel like I got nothin' then next thing ya' know I have a whole post!!
Have a Great Day!

trash talk said...

I am seriously thinking about how I can steal, I mean borrow this idea and make it my own. I just don't have that many good categories...could there be one for mindless drivel? I could so blog on that topic!
P.S. The great thing about it is I know I get to read something by you on a daily basis!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Now, I am impressed.

I could NEVER be that organized.

prashant said...

She is a great artist - I had her as a partner in the Marie Antoinette canvas collage swap!

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