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Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Am Stark Raving Ranting Mad!

Forgive me for ranting but this is not how I wanted to spend my Wednesday.
I really do know why the US Postal Service has to keep raising stamp prices. Because they seem to be incapable of doing their job! I thought it was just my local office that delivers my mail. They actually deliver my mail, late, to my neighbors. Then I get my neighbor's mail and we just go ahead and deliver it to one another. It isn't like we live in a subdivision either. We often have to drive to do this. At one point they mis-delivered a package worth $75.00 to the wrong house and we never recovered it. They said someone probably stole it from our front porch but if you saw where we live it is extremely unlikely, especially since my hubs used to receive a few packages a day when he worked at his old job, (they were delivered by Fed Ex and UPS, BTW, not the US Postal Service) and no one bothered them and we never had a problem. They told us we had to file a police report before they could do anything. We did and they didn't. We actually reported them to the postal inspector at one point, we have never had a response back. I suppose they are still "investigating". I digress....Needless to say when I have anything to mail myself I do not go to that office.

I cheerfully took my fatbook pages to the post office I trust and sent them off priority with confirmation. Well, they never arrived. I checked online and they definitely had headed in the right direction but ended up in Florida instead of Louisiana. They made it all the way to Baton Rouge and then someone sent them to Florida? WTF!!!! I spent the day talking to recordings until I finally managed to reach a human. She took the confirmation number (which I knew by heart at this point) and said yes, her screen was showing the same thing as mine. No Really? Then she read off the address it was supposed to go too and said, "That's weird, why did it end up in Florida?" That's what I wanted to know! Now they are doing an "investigation" and will get back to me at the end of the week. I told them the deadline was past for the package to arrive at it's proper destination. She said she would make a note of it. I know it isn't her fault but sheesh, somebody is getting paid good money to be incompetent. Everyone makes mistakes occasionally and I am usually a very forgiving person but I have dealt with 17 years of crappy local service. Magazines that are shredded and arrive so late the next issue is already on the stands, everyone's mail but our own in the mailbox, and if God forbid, a package is sent through the mail, we have a mail lady who sits at the street beeping her horn rather than driving up the 200 feet to deliver it. Of course they are no longer allowed to leave a package at our address because I would rather pick it up than trust them with anything valuable. So gee, next time they complain about Fed Ex and UPS taking their business, they definitely have mine!!! After all the work and stress that went into getting them completed, I have no idea where my fat book pages are now, and the check I sent with them to cover return postage is in the package as well. Plus I never even got full photos of them because I figured I would do that when I got my fatbook. Well that ain't happening thank you USPS! On top of everything else, there were 8 other people counting on receiving those pages in their books! Arghhhh!
OK, I feel a little better.  Glad I got that off my chest, Whew. Thanks for listening and if you are a postal worker, sorry, but, I'm just sayin...

Have a postage free day, P.
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Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

Well please dont think Australia post is doing any better,You poor thing and all that work too.One day a friend of my husband was walking his dog a few miles from here ion the highway.Turning onto the highway he spied a package addressed to me in the long grass next to the highway.He didnt know my name but recognized the last name as my husbands,We shall never know how it got there Australia post certainly werent too interested (here fill out this form)A parcel that made it all teh way from canada to Austalia only to be lost mile from my house.Gotta love the post (or do we !)

Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah..... When USPS is whining & complaining about lay-offs I think if they has done the job properly they would be #1 not UPS!! Idiots!!
About 10 years ago we had this mailman...We went to school with him...He was a local "bible-thumper" & could quote scripture chapter & verse. He had a nasty temper.... I had a vintage glass casserole dish coming from a purchase from Ebay... he was pizzed that day at who knows what but I watched him try to get too much in his arms to bring to my house (10 feet, no kidding) & he dropped the box. He then proceeded to throw the box into the truck. He then had the inmitigated gall to pick it back up & put it on my porch.
I opened it up... it was of course shattered..... It was insured but I took it to the PO & complained loudly & long!!
He now delivers mail far away from here.... IDIOT!!
USPS as a company are incompetent fools.... They make good money & have good retirement & benefits....
((did I say before IDIOTS??))

trash talk said...

I left the P.O. after 28 years service for this very reason...left way early I might add. I could see the handwriting on the wall. If you think the service has gotten lousy, you ought to see what's going on inside the looney bin. I could rant forever with you, but bottom line is...all the qualifications needed to work there is to be able to write your name...and sometimes that isn't even necessary! BTW, if you are on a rural route...your mail person is required to bring your package to your front door and knock...not sit out front and honk. Honk response...get your lazy butt out of the vehicle and go to the door!
I am so sorry this happened to you after all the hard work and effort you put into your art. This really steams my glasses just reading it!

Lou Cinda said...

This is TERRIBLE!! I don't like the postal service either and have had my fair share of problems with them too! I am a UPS or Fedex girl for sure!!

I am so sorry this happened after all that work and creativity! Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, they will find it and get it to is proper place, though it will be late!

Lou Cinda

Anonymous said...

aw hun dont freakout about the swap stuff happens just take your anger out on the post office THEY SUCK!!!!! I always always have problems with them. I still think my mail lady reads my magazines and dosent give them to me till I read it while standing in line at the register.... grrr. I am hoping and praying that it will come today just keep your fingers crossed. I will surely let you know. BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG HUGS!!!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I'm jumping on the rant wagon. Mine drives the 200 yards from the street to my house, and then she honks like there is a fire and everyone needs to evacuate. I live on a very peaceful, quiet 5 acres. The deer and cats run free. The catfish come up on the pond when they see me. The repeated, loud, obnoxious honking is startling, nerveracking, and unnecessary. And yes. I have told her so. After which, she looked my in the eye and said "have a nice weekend". Ugh. I feel ya, Pam!!! ~Mindy

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Ahhhh....sounds like my little dance I had with UPS:) I was flipping.out.

Not Fun.

Most definately take your business elsewhere!

zandra said...

Oh, my gosh! All that work? I'm feeling you, sooo sorry.
So, sad for me too! Know I won't have it either. :o(
I'll keep my fingers crossed it will show up.
Big Hugz, Z

Anonymous said...

Your post office and mine must have the same families working in them. Oy!

Sea Witch said...

It's an even clown plot I tell ya. Evil and wrong. Sea Witch

Rochelle said...

I think we have all had our nightmare stories with the postal service at one point or's a shame they are out there somewhere instead of where they belong!

Jodie LeJeune said...

Whew girl, I was ducking when I was reading this...I was scared things were gonna start flying! haha
Seriously though, you have every right to be ruffled...that is such a disappointment. I feel very bad for you as I was looking forward to have your page in MY book!!! I'm willing to get mine late if they do find your just wouldn't be complete without you~
everything vintage

ps...i busted out laughing when I read your comment on my OWOH giveaway...too cute!

Debby said...

Know what your sayin! Same deal in Canada..Geesh...

Cottage Cozy said...

Oh I agree the whole Post Office thing can be sooo frustrating...the prices go up all the time....what can we do?


Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

I'm not surprised! What kills you is those ppl get paid really well. They are the highest unskilled workers we have in this country. Someone probably did steal it. I used to never receive my Somerset magazines until they started to cover them better.
Now they do and I have no problem.

I feel so bad for you....all that work! I'd be flipping out too!

jen said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm not the only one!!!!!!!!! YAY whoopee! I don't feel so bad now THANK YOU! I once spent an extra $35 for a tolal of 55 to send something priority and it got there 12 days later and they told me too bad it's an estimate after 2 days of phone calls!!!!! this past holiday I mailed something Dec. 22 it arrived Jan22! Yeah and the insurance prices are going up and up too! My mail man delivers my stuff to the people 6 blocks away I'm 1116 they are 116 LOL I think we should go postal! :) ok thanks for the rant session I think my week just got better!
luv and glitter~jen

prashant said...

it all teh way from canada to Austalia only to be lost mile from my house.Gotta love the post (or do we

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