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Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Am Not One of THOSE People...Really

When there is a forecast of snow the local weather people whip themselves into a frenzy of dire warnings about road conditions, school closings, etc., ad infinitum. They have people stationed all around the area with snow gear, and cameras just waiting for the first flake.
I love a good snowstorm and am fairly certain that we will not be snowbound until spring or starve to death in the course of a day.

However, last evening I realized we were out of dog food. So this morning found me wandering the aisles of the local grocers for kibble. I could not resist a few photos of the empty shelves.

I do understand elderly people may not be able to get out in the weather and may get a bit panicked by the news casts, but seriously! It looks like we are preparing for Armageddon.
Now I have become one of THEM, lurking in the grocery before the sun has risen. Of course I have to feed the dogs. If we were to be snowed in I wouldn't want them looking at me as a possible snack!
 Hope you are staying cozy and warm. I am still taking a break, just checking in.

Hope your day is full of winter wonder, P.
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Teresa said...

I'm not one of "them" either, yet I went to the grocery on my lunch hour yesterday...for Jack's Pizza (5/$10), ground beef for chili, and a bottle of wine...I have a 3 day weekend coming up and I didn't want to spend any of it at the grocery...besides, it's supposed to by way too cold this weekend. Be safe!

Anonymous said...

We kid alot about people making milk, bread & eggs as a sacrifice to the "snow gods"!! LOL!!LOL!!
Stay Warm!!

Linda said...

I stopped in the grocery today for a few items we needed (bananas, carrots & potatoes for a pot roast) and I could not believe the empty shelves either! A few flakes and this town shuts down. So now I'm home and snug and I have my milk etc thank you very much! LOL.....

Hopemore Studio said...

My Kroger looked like that I realized yesterday I was out of milk(smacks hand on head) and bread(double smack on head). It was a zoo but I got in and out unscathed.


Sheri said...

LOL exact problem here, i was out of milk and dog food had to run to the store "real quick", I should have known there'd be no "real quick" on the eve of a big storm. I literally got the last 20 lb. bag of dog food and 2 of the last gallons of milk. Crazy!

Lou Cinda said...

Is it not the funniest thing?? We NEVER get snow so of course, everyone has gone insane! I asked my husband to stop at the store on the way home last night for milk because I was legitimately out! He found milk but he said there was no bread in sight! Now, what do we do with milk and bread?? Drink milk and eat bread? For days? I have NEVER gotten it either! It is snowing here and is beautiful, just a dusting so far but it is laying! OMG! I don't have any bread!!!

Stay Warm!!

Lou Cinda

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

I know! It's crazy! They are predicting a "dusting" overnight here and I couldn't believe how many people were stocking up at Costco today!! Like you, I was out of dog food and my daughter is heading back to school this weekend so I thought I would stop in to get her some mega boxes of snacks etc... I couldn't believe the lines!

Anonymous said...

haha thats funny! wonder why that one butter was all gone?! hmmm must be a good one! Cant wait to see your fat pages. Big hugs


Lee said...

That gave me a good chuckle... I think it is just an excuse to stay in the jam jams all day...and eat.

Funny pictures.

You had mention in one of your comments in one of my post you would be interested in my post on my wood sculpture the raven "Feeding Elijah"... I posted on it today and thought I would drop in and invite you...if you have time.

Stay warm...


Lindsey Lou! said...

LOL. Atlanta is in full-fledged panic. To be fair and honest, it has been a long time since we've seen real-live snow.

Anonymous said...

I might be one of them. We just bought a house and I've never experienced the joys of a pantry before, but keeping stocked for an emergency is kind of exciting. I didn't realize though that I was morphing into this person until you mentioned it

Orphaned Decor said...

You just made me big laugh!! We have not had any snow to speak of this year...but last year we got record snow fall. It came down in buckets in just a couple of days. Most of our neighbors were snowed in. We have a 4 wheel drive. When the neighbors saw us warming up the truck they came running out of their houses waving money and grocery I guess they weren't one of those people....:). Leslie

trash talk said...

Sure you're not...none of us are...hence the dark glasses at the store! Just be sure and tie that rope tight around your waist before you go to the mailbox!

Kim said...

The milk I get...but margarine??? Really? That second pic is pretty funny.

Maybe I'm in a minority, but I'm loving all of the snow that we've gotten so far this winter.