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Monday, August 31, 2009

Welcome September!

The last day of August, September is upon us already. September is a yin and yang kind of month. A month that brings both endings and beginnings. It will always mark the end of summer and the start of the new school year. No matter how old you or your children may be, that nostalgia for what has gone and what is to come always touches September.
The freedom of summer and the long evenings of light and warmth now mellow to cooler, golden times. Time to reflect on the coming months as the brilliance of autumn envelopes us. A sharp, bittersweet time of the year here. Does the change in season affect those who live in more tropical climates? If you live in a place that is always warm, or always cold, does the weather mark the passage of time for you?
I would like to know.
In the interest of change I have been working on some changes here at Frippery. Slowly, I must admit, but still...change.
Part of the change I hope will involve these doors. Do you have a ReStore near you? My hubs and I went to the one in Hamilton, Ohio last week to look for used wood to create a pantry for the kitchen. We didn't find what we were looking for, but came home with these other goodies instead.
A milk glass lamp, a few candle holders, to be made into something else, and these fabulous 90" tall doors!
Old french doors salvaged from a home remodel or tear down. I am going to clean them up and decide exactly where to use them. We have used salvaged doors elsewhere in our house. (Remind me to share later) So much character. Although I don't live in an old home I can at least get the feel by reusing these bits of history.
I want to thank Rhoda for hosting another Monday's Thrifty Treasures, so we can all show how we are reusing the many vintage finds that are out there waiting to be restored to new life.
BTW, We purchased this little group of goodies, including doors, for $25.00!!! I can't wait to put them to use!
What are you doing with your Thrifty Treasures?

Have a marvelous Monday, P.
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Sunday, August 23, 2009


Simple Sunday photo.
I am taking a break until September to get some things in the real world accomplished. A bit of fluffing, some hammering, painting, freshening, hopefully a bit of finishing projects to share.

Enjoy the rest of August. I'll see you in September, P.
P.S. Melissa at Creating From The Heart is having an unbelievable Give-Away. Go sign up!
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Friday, August 21, 2009

Hooked on Hydrangeas

Late summer hydrangea blooms are already drying. Brilliant apple green
Filling milk glass mixer bowls on a white linen cloth.
Refreshing color.
Soft pink and sepia in ivory vases on the desk.
A mop head in a lab beaker on the mantle.
Summer's end is near, but autumn is right behind.
What are you hooked on?
Visit Hooked on Houses for inspiration.

Have a refreshing Friday, P.
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My First Tablescape Thursday

My first Tablescape Thursday and Between Naps on the Porch is celebrating a blogversary, go visit and say yippee!
I am sharing a dinner party I hosted way back in February, to celebrate Mardi Gras. We are members of a four couple dinner club which meets 5 or 6 times a year. Our last turn fell in February. I relied on Best Blog Buddy Jodie to give me hints as to colors etc. After all she is my connection to all things Cajun.

I used a clearance sale KMart Martha Stewart Christmas table cloth as my purple foundation. Amber thrifted glassware and gold, green and purple coins from the Dollar Tree added more color.
A gold painted birdcage and green and purple trim wrapping more amber glass, gave an old world feel. I used green and purple vintage books to add interest.
My gold trimmed wedding china came out of the closet to spice things up, along with a mix of my own and MIL's flatware. All in all a very festive table befitting the last days of feasting before fasting.
I served traditional gumbo and made my own roux. (I later learned that roux can be purchased ready made but who knew?) Now I consider myself an expert. (Right Jodie?)
We played a few non traditional Mardi Gras games and had a wonderful evening full of laughter and friendship.

Of course an Ohio Mardi Gras and an oven mitt are not usual Lenten fare but we'll do anything for fun, right?
Hope you enjoy visiting all the tablescapes today.

Have a tantalizing Thursday, P.
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Wordless Wednesday Harmony

Shhh, P.
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cincinnati Rocks!

You know I am enamored of my city. I have posted about it many times,imparting history and sharing photos. When I saw this I could hardly wait to pass it along.
Please click the link below and watch the video. This spontaneous dance took place this past Friday afternoon. It actually brought tears to my eyes. What a delightful event. I really love that the women who organized this are all 50+.
Dance breaks out on Fountain Square | | Cincinnati.Com

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Have a joy filled Sunday, P.
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Saturday, August 15, 2009

End of Summer Blues

Melancholy summer. The first time there isn't that rush to gather supplies and check that uniforms are clean and tidy. No high school classes to prepare for, much less those sweet elementary school days. Two grown and in college. I have had a summer in which I have floated along feeling unfinished, not moored to anything, slightly unnecessary.
This evening I noticed the change in light that accompanies the tail end of August. The afternoons mellow into a golden gleam. I used to welcome this light, knowing another busy fall was soon approaching. This year it leaves me feeling a bit flat, a little teary.
The empty nest, although actually quite full, with friends in and out, dinners for 3 or 4 extra each night, seems to be sneaking upon me. Is it only mothers who feel bereft when the children are finally ready to fly away?
I took an after dinner swim tonight and as I floated with my eyes closed I could almost feel that I was in my own backyard at 18 or 19, swimming in my parent's pool. When I envision that time, the sky is as blue as the water and fluffy clouds drift overhead. The grass is a mellow glowing green and the scent of flowers wafts by. Memories tend to turn ordinary days into technicolor fantasies that make us long for times past. I do not want my children to know how sad this summer seems to me, because these are their own golden days of youth and all the possibilities it holds.
It is a transition that all mothers and fathers must make. Letting go is so hard but I hope this change will turn to new freedom and opportunity for us as well as our son and daughter.
The change in seasons that approaches always comes with a mix of anticipation and sorrow, for what is to come and what has passed by. I will embrace what is to come with a heart full of hope for great times ahead and a head filled with lovely memories.
To all you mom's out there experiencing the universal angst of motherhood, I would hug each one of you and tell you, "I know just how you feel."

Have a sweet Saturday, P.
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Swapping at the Shore

I made a little pillow to carry your book to the pool and rest your hands on when reading. I was inspired by my BBF Jodie and the awesome pillow she made for her sister. I don't know about you but I always need something to prop my book on when I am lounging about. I am not a seamstress, but I have been trying to sew a bit more, crafty not apparel. My swap partner is an avid reader, quilter and shore lover, so I tried to incorporate all of this in my swap. Swaps are interesting as they can take you out of your comfort zone. My partner loves bright colors, yellow, hot pink, purple and green plus all shades of blue. My palette tends to stay more towards neutrals and soft colors, so this made me work outside of my comfort zone.
I did get to use some vintage postcard images too. A bookmark has a hot pink flip flop dangle, and the earrings hold little seahorses.
I hope she likes them. I will share the cheerful package I received in return as well as another charming swap I was involved in soon.
I am still taking a break but I had a few moments to share, so I did. (Share, that is)

Have a Fun Friday, P.
P.S. I have removed a lot of clutter from my blog layout. What do you think? Is it easier to read?
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Outdoors in Mainstrasse

I am joining in another Outdoor Wednesday celebration. I promised more photos of Mainstrasse Village in Covington, Ky. This is the end point of the Longest Yard Sale. A quaint area of shops, restaurants and clubs as well as private homes.

Story book streets of old buildings with a definite tilt towards German style.
Small gardens filled to the brim with flowers and darling fences and gates.
The Goose Girl fountain at the town square.
Chez Nora jazz club and restaurant with it's rooftop deck for star gazing.
Charming streetscapes.
A lot of history here, where North and South meet at the Ohio River.
Do you love these buildings?
Such detail. I believe that top one should be my studio, wouldn't that be lovely? Sigh...
Ivy covered garden walls.
Bountiful flower beds.
Quaint, quaint, quaint.
Look at this entry, to die for I tell ya.
Come visit me sometime and we will explore, and shop and eat and sip cocktails while enjoying a little jazz by the light reflected on the Ohio. As I said, I love my Cincinnati but Kentucky has the best view.
Blogger is going nuts lately, my last photo disappeared while I was typing and now I can't get rid of the line under my post. Oh well, go visit the other outdoor posts at A Southern Daydreamer. Hopefully they won't be underlined.

Have a wild Wednesday, P.
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Thrifty Overload?

I am joining Rhoda once again for her Thrifty treasures party.
When I said I didn't find much at the Longest Yard Sale in my last post, I wasn't complaining. I love thrifting. I mean, how else could you find a ten dollar shiny brown 70's era rocker and with a bit of sandpaper and spray paint, turn it into a faux antique?
However, I think I am becoming much more discriminating in my quest for junk. How much can I possibly use? We collect many things at Frippery Farmhouse. Hubs loves his globes and I love children's books.

We both love postcards of local scenes in times past. How do you keep from overloading?
I have noticed that I have been passing up things I normally would jump at. For example, I did spy a few things at the LYS that definitely caught my eye. I love these aluminum canisters and the tray but I already have more than I need very much like them. I also loved the yellow wood stand , then I realized I have a similar white one at home.
I was gaga over this cute cabinet but once again, I have one very similar to this already. So I feel I have learned to pick and choose. Not only do I save mass amounts of cash by decorating with vintage pieces, I save even more by not buying the ones I do not need one more of.
You see, I wasn't disappointed about not finding more than I did. I found lots of things I loved, but didn't need. The love of the hunt will never stop. I will just be a bit pickier.

Have a Thrifty Monday, P.
P.S. What happened to my blog break? Ha ha!
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Sunday, August 9, 2009

World's Longest Yard Sale

We headed to Covington, Kentucky yesterday to hit the end of the World's Longest Yard Sale. I have been reading lot's of other posts about all the great finds, but I only came home with some broken jewelry parts and Hubs found a few old postcards.It was a lovely morning though. I managed to take lots of pictures of Covington's Mainstrasse, which is completely charming. I will share those later in the week. (I am supposed to be taking a blog break ... Oh well)
On the way home I shot a few pics of Cincinnati from the Ky. side of the river. They have the best views! Don't forget to click for close ups.
This is the back side of the Great American Ball Park. The Reds may not be doing great but they sure have a fabulous place to play ball.

Have a lovely Sunday, P.
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Blog Birthday and a Few Projects

Another rainy day in Southwest Ohio.
I should be celebrating my Blog's 1st Birthday but I am a lame party planner at the moment. I promise I will host a celebration with links and give aways soon, but I am not quite there yet. Matter of fact I am going to take a little time off to get some projects done and do a bit of revamping on my blog, my home and life in general.
So I may be MIA for a few weeks. I will miss you but I need some time for some good changes here at Frippery. I hope you won't forget me while I am gone.I thought I would share a few redo's that I have worked on lately. Remember the GW table I painted red for my craft room? (BTW that room is one of the things I have yet to complete) Well after looking at this sturdy table covered with glitter and supplies, I thought," That would be the perfect table for my family room!"

So we removed the legs and hauled it down stairs once again.
We got out the trusty DeWalt sander and hubs and I took turns sanding the beat up top.
It took several hours, but what a feeling of accomplishment seeing that worn top transform. After the sanding was complete a few coats of stain and policrylic...
I have a lovely new (to me) table for casual dining, games, projects, etc. Sorry for the dark photo, but as I have told you lately, not many sunny days here. All in all a great $30.00 investment. Plus, I took the table that just wasn't working for me here, and that will be my new craft table. I love it when things work out.
I also finished a little project for a friend. Kathy gave me this trunk to paint for her ages ago. I am ashamed to say it took me forever to get to it. I used to do lot's of painted furniture for people but I am just not feeling it any more.
I am relieved to have this finished and I will be delivering it this week. I hope she likes it as I am plotting a little trade, unbeknownst to her. You see she has the most fabulous old Victorian house and garden that I would love to share with all of you. On top of that she is a vintage collector and has such a knack for display that hours could be spent admiring all of her vignettes.
I am going to ask politely if I can come and photograph her wonderful home. I know she wants her chest back...right? Tee hee.
Seriously, you will be floored when you see this place, it is magical.
So, once again TTFN, I will be back in a few weeks. Hugs and smooches til then.

Have a Wednesday full of opportunities, P.
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