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“I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.” R. W. Emerson

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Trying To Stay Away

I am missing all of you. Tonight the light before the storm was so poetic I could not stay away. Do you sometimes wish you could tell your children what is inside of you while they are actually listening? I know that my kids look at me as Mom, the lame one who is always worrying but really hasn't many deep thoughts. Or perhaps not. That is often how I envisioned my own Mother, I hope my children are a bit more intuitive than I was.So, it is getting ready to storm. I always watch the currents of air in the tree tops and imagine that we are at the bottom of a sea full of air. The currents pull the treetops this way and that, in a dance so awe inspiring it makes me think perhaps God placed us here just to be witness to the beauty of his creation. The textures and sounds and feel are so overwhelming that they can dwarf the tiny individual and make us long to share this exuberance with the world.
I hope my children someday realize that I have ideas that are not just "Mom" thoughts. I love them with the most enduring and enveloping love a person can feel. I also love the world around me in an enveloping and custodial way. As if I am parenting it as well. I want to share this feeling with my children, friends, and loved ones and I consider you part of my life. Thanks for the kindness, I know that you are all involved in this mass of human emotion that we share.

Hopefully one day my children will read these words and understand that we are on a continuum of life. I hope they see that I am still their age at heart as well as seeing that I am my mothers age at one point in her life. Do they know they will always be 20 years old regardless of their physical age? I only hope you will all be forever young.

Love and joy to you all, P.

P.S. So sad about Farah and Michael. God bless and keep them both.
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Know TTFN But...

I had to link to this post from Coastal Nest . We have no idea what lack of freedom means .If I can figure out how, I will change my background to green as well. In the meantime please read her post. We are truly our brother's keeper in all things.

I am seriously on break now, mmmK?
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Thursday, June 18, 2009


I am participating in Marty's fun Cloche Party. A perfect place to celebrate my 200th post!
I tend to concoct cloches out of a little bit of this and that.
This little cloche is made from a garage sale find downspout cover, a flea market piece of wood, the base of a thrifted McCoy flower pot, a bit of moss and the cutest little strawberry salt shaker.

One of these isn't technically a cloche but I love any glass container that raises the items inside to new prominence. So, salt and peppers, green Depression glass plates and a little fork look like treasures. The smaller cloche is actually a glass taper holder and plate glued together and the top is a candle holder from a wrought iron hanging thingy flipped upside down.
I love all the kitchen goods from the 30's and 40's but many things I collect are small so cloches are the perfect showcase.
This cloche on a stand is another conglomeration. I sprayed an ash tray stand from the 40's white, ditched the ash tray and took a glass cover from a Goodwill light fixture turned upside down to make this cloche. A glass piece (not sure what it's purpose was originally) covers the hole and a metal curtain rod finial tops this one off.
Love my pretty robin inside. I had a few more pictures of other cloches to share but decided to try loading my pictures with Picasa. I could only get 4 pictures on this post. I thought I could export the rest in another folder but I couldn't get it to work.
This lead me to realize just how much time I spend working on my Blog instead of getting art done for Etsy or gearing up for the Burlington Antique Show which we are doing this Sunday. (Happy Father's Day, Joe)
Remind me not to use Picasa again, now everything is underlined and I can't stop it.
Anyway, I am taking a few weeks to get real life back together. I will be back in July. (this line is making me nuts) I will be hosting a 200th post give away when I come back. I love all my blogging friends and will be visiting, if not commenting. Don't forget me.
Now go and see all the other cloches and say hi to Marty for me.

I am taking a lesson from my friend Jodie,..take time for the important things.

So, TTFN, P.
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Met and Thrifty Monday

Merry Monday to you all. I am participating in Met Mondayand Thrifty Treasures today.
Visit Rhoda and Susan to check out what the others are up too. I am sure you will be amazed.
I changed my powder room from spa blue to chocolate brown a while ago. I tried keeping a tight palette of brown, cream and black but as usual I craved a bit of a change lately. So I added pink!A plate and some Depression glass...
A ceramic baby shoe...
A pale pink linen fingertip towel...
A satin trophy ribbon...
Not too much color...
Soft pink candlelight...
And of course peonies.
While I am on the pink subject, how about a thrifted Coach bag for twenty bucks! I would never pay full price for one, but I would certainly pay this for any new purse.

Pretty and thrifty and second hand, just the way I like it.

Just so you know, My next post will be 200! I am rounding up goodies for a fabulous give away so stay tuned.

Take time to seek out treasures, Pam
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Friday, June 12, 2009

Help, I'm (computer) Illiterate

Question ? How in the heck do I make my picture smaller to load it on Etsy? I have a Mac and edit photos with IPhoto. I do not have Photo Shop. This is very frustrating. I have some cute little vintage stuff to sell but my photos are over the allowable size and need to be reduced (Kinda like me.)So if anyone can give me a clue I would greatly appreciate it. My daughter says to email them to myself but they can be reduced on her e-mail (aol) but I can't figure it out on mine (yahoo).
Plus I would think there would be an easier way, I'm all about the easy. So if anyone out there could help me out I would surely appreciate the advice. Not to burden you too much, but I have another question. Should I start a separate Etsy shop for artwork or mix it all together? It seems Etsy discourages two shops but looks like a lot of you do two shops to make it easier to sell different types of items. I am hoping to actually get a bit of art completed to sell soon.
In the meantime, if I could load my photos I might actually be able to list my cute vintage bits.
What do you think oh wise and wonderful bloggers?

Help a techno challenged gal out, P.

***Added in the afternoon. Woo hoo, Tristan at Enchanted Revelry saved the day! I have successfully added my pictures. Thanks Tristan!
Now, one shop or two?
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Somewhat Wordless Wednesday Wandering

Take time to explore your city, P.

BTW Do you like my new background? Visit Karen at the Graphics Fairy. Now if I can just figure out the three column layout I will be complete!
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Monday, June 8, 2009

Todays Thrifty Treasures

Today I am posting on Susan's Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch
as well as participating in Rhoda's Thrifty Treasures party.We have been busy hitting garage sales and estate sales to stock up our spaces for the antique shows this summer. While out hunting we came across this little round table. It was blah brown and had a plastic wood grain top. But it was $5.00! I have been hunting for a bedside table for ages. Being thrifty I did not want to buy retail. So with a bit of sanding...I forgot to take a before picture until I had already started painting...
boring became sweet. Some primer and paint can do wonders! How cute is this?
A five dollar night stand and no more books to trip over in the morning. Now, to distress or leave as is, what do you think?
Next, I found a cute enough rocker. Boring brown again.
Not any more. I love black but I think I am going to sand a bit and rub with a little stain and seal for a hand rubbed look.
Last but not least, I love the 70's. These snowy owls will be showing up on my etsy shop this week. I saw another blogger paint owls white lately but I don't remember who. If it is you let me know so I can give credit where it is due. Who? Hoo. OK enough already!
Check out all the thrifty finds and fab changes from this week and say Hi to Rhoda and Susan for me.

Have a thrifty Monday, P.

P.S. I am approaching 200 posts. Time for a give away, don't you agree? I think I will have to reward one or more of my followers for being sweet enough to sign up. Stay tuned.

Extra P.S. I saw the painted owls at Whisper Wood Cottage . She has lots of wonderful ideas!
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Blog Runneth Over

Just when I thought the blog world couldn't be any nicer, my favorite blogger (don't tell the other's ;-) Debbie awarded me with this little lady bug . Sweet Debbie has been a BBF since my blog's beginning. Although we have never met we have shared life's ups and downs for almost a year now. She is such a joyful soul and can be counted on for a sunny outlook regardless of any hardship. She has had some trying times in the last year but things are coming up roses for her and daughter Jenn and baby Bella, thank God. Thanks Deb. You are the best. A new blog buddy who keeps me in stitches also tagged me for an award. Lynn is one Hil- Ar-EEE- ous girl. She has such a wonderfully child like (naughty kid in the class) sense of humor that dictates many of her posts. (Ummm private joke, tee hee) You must read her post about words that make her laugh. Or the pink douche bag or...well you just have to read them all.
So, Debbie would like me to name 10 other deserving blogs. I am going to name 10 of my newest reads. They may not be new to you but I am sure they will make you smile.
Plus, according to Lynn I must tell 5 things I don't like and then pass this award on to others. (Is it cheating to say "See above blogs?" Well, I will add 5 more at the end.
Ugh, five things I don't like. There isn't much that I find terribly irritating so I have to give this some thought.
1. Reality T.V. I would rather be doing anything else than watching this (except maybe sports on T.V.). I know some of you are big fans but I even include Idol and Dancing with the Stars in this. Actually anything to do with "the stars" besides performing gets on my nerves.
2. That leads me to my second dislike. "Stars" giving their opinion as if it means something more than the average American's opinion. Shut up, you are performers not scholars. Because you are on T.V. or in a movie doesn't qualify you as an expert on politics or the economy (especially the economy as you live in lala land). Your opinion is as important, but no more, than my next door neighbors'.
3. Pet fur. I am an animal lover and the owner of 2 dogs and 4 cats, but the fur! Yikes. I live with a Swiffer and a lint roller in each hand while pushing a vacuum with my feet.
4. I do lots of antique show and vintage fair shopping. I hate when a vendor doesn't price their items. Hubs knows if I approach an item for sale and there is no price marked I will walk away, no matter how much I like it.
5. I dislike, dislike. I wish I could be happy with every thing and every one all the time. I suppose that would make me a moron though. Plus, a girl's gotta have something to complain about.
Now on to my list. These bloggers are recently discovered delights, but you know you are all my faves, right Debbie? So don't tell the others.
1.Na Da Farm Life with Ann Marie
2.White Spray Paint
3. The Frugal Sisters
4. Dime Store Thrift
5. Enchanted Revelry
6. The French Cupboard
7. Dream in Cream
8. 50's Times
9. Our Victorian Cottage
10. Shiny Little Things
11. From House to Home
12. The Lettered Cottage
13. Whisper Wood Cottage
14. Funky Junk Interiors
15. Ask Sister Mary Martha
These are not new blogs, mind you. Just some I haven't visited until the last few months or so because I was clueless as to their existence. So thanks for sharing joy and sorrow, teaching something new, taking me on your junking adventures and showing me what can be done with that junk and just being a great place to visit. Grab the badges and go for it. If you want to go by the rules do so, but if you are busy by all means do not feel obligated. Just keep writing what you write and know you are bringing delight to others.

Have a Serene Sunday, P.
I had to add a P.S. I really dislike commercials about things I really don't want to hear about. Like personal hygiene products, lubricants or things to make gramps happy in the sack again. Listen to the side effects guys. Is it really worth risking your life? If it is, I really think it should remain between you and your doctor.
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award and a REAL Break

Remember when I said I was taking a break? This time I really mean it! But first I have to say thanks.
Sweet talented Tonya bestowed this award on me. As you know I have had a lot going on lately and when I went to her blog to see what she was up to I cried when I saw this! It has been an emotional week and this kind recognition that someone reads and enjoys my blathering put me over the top.Go and visit Tonya and tell her I said Hi! She has two awesome Etsy shops where she sells her fabulous beads and jewelry as well as her wonderful Atomic housewife aprons and other kitchen goods. So go...what are you waiting for?
Oh, the rules are to post this badge and link back to the blogger who awarded this to you. Then list at least seven others deserving bloggers. Well, if I may quote Debbie, "You know you are my favorite, just don't tell the others." So, if you are on my sidebar you know you are the best! Pass this lovely award along to all your favorites too. Thanks so much Tonya, I was truly touched.

Have a fabulous Tuesday and enjoy the rest of your week, P.
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