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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Second Sunday

Today marks the second Sunday in Advent and another match box has been opened. First however, I would like to share some of my low or no cost Christmas decorations with you.
I have not purchased a single new piece to decorate with. That is a first for me! (not counting a few bits from the craft store for supplies) I am patting myself on the back.
Years ago I collected these vintage souvenir ashtrays of the states. They are some sort of soft metal (I probably have lead poisoning now) and show the highlights of the state. A few are also of vacation destinations like Daytona beach. I don't know much about them or when they were popular. If anyone knows, do tell please.
I decided they would make nice shiny ornaments for the mini trees I have placed in my entry. They are all silver with hints of primary colors faded with age.
Someone on another blog, and I have tried my best to remember who, sprayed some of the trees lightly with brown Rustoleum. I wish I had done this first as it gives a really great vintage look. If it was you please comment so I can add a link. I may still do this as it would be easy to dismantle and reassemble these. (Did I tell you I am getting ready for my Bunco Christmas party Wednesday? So I have all the time in the world to take apart trees and spray them, tee hee.)
The light was hitting the garland on my mantle just right yesterday afternoon so I had to nab a few shots before the light changed.
I purchased this silvery garland two years ago after Christmas at Michaels. I had seen it previously but it was too expensive. I got it for 90% off! That's practically free. I love the feeling of age it gives. (Aged plastic haha, but still)
I am a sucker for sparkle, with the ability to stare at shiny objects for long periods but that's a story for another day.
Today is day 6 of the Advent calendar. This beautiful pink and gold confection is from Hope Wallace, of Paper Relics. Her blog is called Besottment, love that! Hope is a very talented designer and artist. Check out her Paper Relics shop for stationary and greeting cards as well as her design service.
The inside was filled with tiny paper scraps and a hand written note to remind one to "Believe in Wonder". I do, I do!
The most tiny and charming wreath ornie of vintage glass beads will find a place on my bitty tree. Thanks Hope!
We are heading to the Bengals game and it is so wild that they are having such a great season. Especially for us die hard season ticket holders! My son goes with us to every game and he is beside himself because this is the first time in his lifetime that we are having a winning season! It's so much fun. Plus, U.C. won yesterday against Pittsburgh. 12-0 regular season and back to back Big East Champs! Woo hoo. What a game! (Sorry Sandy) My Silver Bella friend and roomie is a huge college football fan from Pittsburgh. BTW the Bengals beat the Steelers twice this season, the second time as I was on my way home from Silver Bella. (Sorry again Sandy) I know she forgives me, the Bengals have been losers for soooo long.

Have a victorious Sunday, whoever you may be cheering for, P.

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Anonymous said...

Hey chickadee!
Love the ashtrays! I think thats so neat so if I ever see a old one I am for sure going to snatch it up for you! big hugs

The Elegant Thrifter said...

AH...what a fabulous idea for those old souvenir ashtrays. And Missouri -- my home state! Stan

zandra said...

Love the garland from Michaels! 90% off! That's fantastic! Hugz, Z

Jodie LeJeune said...

Great idea! I think I remember my Grandma had one of those ashtrays when I was VERY little. I always thought it was a toy! Geez, I don't remember how many spankings I got because of that!!! haha But your "toys" sure do look pretty on your tree!!!! I just love it! I say spray it bronze before the party!!! yay!
So how did the game go??? I hope ya'll won! I was too busy watching and stressing over the Saints and the Redskins as we BARELY beat them but WE DID AND WE ARE STILL UNDEFEATED!!!! Yes you heard me right and there are NO paper bags over anyone's head here in Louisiana as we are soooo proud of our boys!!!
Well, let me get to work!
Love ya
everything vintage

Hope | Paper Relics said...

I love that you are showing each box - what a great idea! Love the photos of those pups! cutttties!

Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

Love love it all makes me feel so christmassy.