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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Happy Day

 Since I posted a photo of my kitchen window on Christmas, all nice and clean, I thought I would post a few "real" Christmas pictures. Just the four of us on Christmas morning. Then we hosted dinner for my brother and family, my Mom, some of our oldest friends, Barb and Mike and family and friend Kathy. Joe's girlfriend, Jena, joined us later as well.
 The quintessential "It's too early for picture taking!" pose on Christmas morning. (Don't kill me for this Sadie.)

 Joe and Dad enjoying a morning chess game using Joe's chess timer from Santa. (Dad won and Joe is still in a state of shock!) That will teach him to doubt his elder's abilities, tee hee.

What, no room for Manny? Maybe Santa should have brought dog beds. Nah, why bother, they would still use the "people furniture."

                                                         O.K. That is more like it!!!

Grandma and grandsons, Dylan and Shane. (BTW Dylan has decided on a career change, instead of working in a Pancake House he wants to be a Naturalist. My SIL feels this could be a great blow to the pancake world.)
Notice the broom and dust mop by the window. Gifts for "little" Joe's new apartment, along with a space heater, some under door draft blockers and new towels. Wow, Christmas at 22 is so practical! That's what you ask Santa for when living in a turn of the century building with 12 foot ceilings.

Black and white photos remind me of all my grandmother's pictures of Christmas past. I just had to play with this one of Sadie and cousin Jake.

Right out of early 60's? Maybe?
Now we are gearing up for our New Years PJ Party and my hub's sister and family's arrival from Chicago tomorrow. Party on!

Hope you had a beautiful Christmas surrounded by loved ones.

Have a relaxing Sunday, P.
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The Elegant Thrifter said...

Ha! Poor Sadie. I took a photo of my mom on Christmas morning with one of her gifts and decided not to run it. She wouldn't like to show up on my blog in her house dress.

Good luck to your friends from Chicago. I haven't left the house here in Independence, Missouri, since Christmas Eve! We've had so much snow, but I'm determined to visit my favorite old department store -- Hall's -- and (maybe) take advantage of the half-off sales. Have lots of fun! Stan

The French Bear said...

Those pictures are not fair, I am sure my kids have a million of them!!!! Haha....... fun for sure!
Have a Happy New Year!
Margaret B

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Black and white photo's! I love 'em. They are my favorites. My camera (AWFUL camera!) does nothing but take bad pictures!
I love the old time look! S'wonderful!!

trash talk said...

I choose not to publish any photos of Christmas morning in an effort to protect the innocent...namely me! Those are great and I got the real feeling of Christmas at the Frugal Frippery Farmhouse! I'm trying to think what a "naturalist" working at the pancake house would be like! Remind me to find out which place he'll be working at some day!
Is that "fun girl"? Love all the photos, but the dogs really cracked me up! Wish I lived within a 100 miles of you...I would so be there New Year's Eve!

Emom said...

When you are a photog, by one wants to be with you on
Christmas morning...(really) unless that is you promise to put away your I have no Christmas morning photos...but I love yours...smiles.

Lynn said...

I enjoyed your photos, and if that is a "bad" picture of Sadie, she must be gorgeous when she has a good one taken!
A Naturalist instead of a pancake guy!

Lenore said...

I went back and looked at a few of your previous posts and wanted you to know that I LOVED the vintage crib spring with all your fab matchboxes displayed!
What a unique and interesting way to display such lovely items.
Happy New Year!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

What a terrific fammily holiday you seem to have had ... what wonderful memories you're creating for all of them!

Kath said...

I love the dogs on the chair! That's fantastic.

Mary said...

Wow, at least your daughter lets you in the same room with her when you have a camera in your hand... mine runs as soon as she sees my camera. It looks like you all had lots of fun on Christmas, especially your fur babies. :)

Have a wonderful new year's eve!

sew revived said...

I hope Santa made it up to Sadie by bringing her LOTS of art supplies! Receipts & little Joe looked rather awake.
Have a great PJ party and a Happy New Year!