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Friday, December 4, 2009

It's Getting Closer

I have been going slowly with my decorating this year. Tweaking this and that, a completely different look than last year. Frugality is the name of the game. Since hubs severance pay and insurance ended in November, Frippery farmhouse has become frugal farmhouse. Which is good, a lesson in humility. Learning to live with less and seeing that we are just as happy.
In that vein, I have been seeing so many great knock offs of PB and Anthro decor and I just had to go along for the ride. This wreath keeps popping up here and there in the blogs but I first saw it at Living with Lindsay. Not only did she add a tutorial on how to make it for less than three dollars, she also had the brilliant idea of using a Dollar Tree book instead of vintage. Now that made me delirious, as I always want to use vintage book pages but have a hard time actually taking the books apart! (Listen up Ms. Jodie, even you might be able to destroy one of these!)
I am absolutely am crazy for this now. Watch out Dollar Tree I think you are going to have a run on all those literary masterpieces. They will be flying off the shelf this year.
Tweaking, fluffing, hmmm, I think a bit of Epsom Salts snow and a few red beads for the bottle brush trees. Some mica glitter too (a tiny splurge at Silver Bella). BTW Sandy, I purchased this bag of trees at Big Lots for six dollars and they bleached right out in about 15 minutes! (Sandy had some problems with bleaching Big Lots tress which gave us quite a few laughs at SB.)
A few old books are always on hand, with a touch of red as well.
Now it is time to share day 4 of the match box Advent calendar. Lynn Lebsack of Create Breathe made this gorgeous little piece. A Star of Wonder indeed.
Glittery details and paper bits and beads artfully combine.
Inside, be still my heart, a lovely charm that I cannot wait to put to use. The true Christmas spirit in a tiny package. The story of the shepherds and the angels decorates the inside of the box.
She also included and little star sealed paper which recounts her family's Advent traditions. Just lovely.
Did I tell you she used a domino for the base of the charm? What a creative soul.
Thanks Lynn, beautiful, just like you.

Have a day filled with simplicity, P.
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Lou Cinda said...

Stunning! Nuff said...

Lou Cinda :)

Household 6 said...

Your wreath turned out so pretty too!

trash talk said...

I just called Jenn and told her to come looks fab. I want her to make me one of those wreaths...just love 'em!
Thanks for the linkup...sounds kinda naughty, right. Santa just loves me!

Rochelle said...

I love your mantle display! I gotta make me one of those wreaths one of these days.....after the holidays!

Sandra said...

Very nice! I like the wreath! And how neat that the little trees can be bleached to make them white. Thanks for sharing with us.

Karen Valentine said...

Hi there! Could you email me me and tell me a little more about bleaching those Big Lots trees? I was there today and saw the bags, but wanted white ones. Thanks so much!!!

My Desert Cottage

Jodie LeJeune said...

Oh oh OH I love that wreath! Come to find out...I've seen it on several blogs today so I went to check on Lindsay's blog and I AM HOOKED! Thanks a lot Pam...I just spent hours there when I should have been working!!! haha
I love the way yours turned out! You have been playing...and I thought you've been busy working...hmpf! ;)
Maybe I can deal with tearing up a dollar tree problem. I just love this...that you for sharing Lindsay with all of us!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great wreath & other Christmas "stuff"!!
Happy Holidays!

trash talk said...

Pam, I had to come back over 'cause that term you used has been playing in my mind all day. I think you need to start a regular Frugal Farmhouse Friday. You always have such great ideas that aren't expensive to do (sometimes easy enough for even clumsy me to do). I think it would be so much fun. Think about it.
Plus, I wanted to give you this link. Go take a're the only person I know who could duplicate their tree!
P.S. Patina Green is on my sidebar if I did it wrong.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

such lovely lovely displays!

... and the advent box is exquisite!

stephanie said...

I love the book pages wreath!!!

miss lynn said...

hey pam! i am totally
loving the advent
swap! these little
ornaments are
so adorable! i am
so happy that you
like my contribution!
happy day!