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Friday, December 11, 2009

Frugal "Flocked" Tree

The Advent Calendar is close to half way opened! We are on day 11 and this cutie patootie little winged snowman was created by Farmgirl Bella Lonnie Jenck. Too sweet! Today I am participating in a show and tell party at Cindy's Romantic Home blog. She has the most gorgeous eye candy photos there!
I have always wanted a flocked tree, but with hubs out of work there is no money in the budget for gifts much less a new tree. While wandering around Blogland I came across a blogger who sprayed her tree with Brown paint for an aged look. (Still can't remember where I saw this. If it was you please let me know!) I figured, why not try a bit of paint too?
Since I already had most of my decorating finished I wasn't about to dismantle my big tree. But I did have this little vignette of mini trees in the entry. (You know, the ashtray souvenir trees.) They are a bit worse for wear and very inexpensive. Sounds like a great, I mean project... to me! Below is a before pic of the branches.
I took my little display apart and headed outside. This is the biggest of the trees. I used the RustOLeum paint with the primer in Fossil and Heirloom White. I have several colors of spray paint on hand at all times. Nothing is safe from being painted on a whim around here.
First I sprayed the entire tree lightly with Fossil to take down some of the bright green of the lovely and realistic poly vinyl pine needles.
Then I sprayed the tips with the Heirloom White.
It doesn't actually look flocked but it does give the effect of a layer of frost on a chilly winter morning. That and the fact that it was free, is good enough for me!

I am much happier with my little trees now. BTW the first photo I posted is of the trees after they were finished. I am dyslexic when it comes to uploading these pictures in opposite order.
I hope you have a while to visit Cindy's blog to see what everyone is sharing. It is time well spent.

Have a sugar coated day, P.
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Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Good job! I like it flocked. Pretty. ~Mindy

Robyn said...

It is truly lovely and frosty looking! GREAT idea! Thanks for sharing for show and tell!

Jodie LeJeune said...

Oh my gosh Pam...please come flock my house! That's's so pretty, I just want you to come, bring your cans of spray paint and flock my house! {sounds like something on HGTV huh?} haha
I think all of our husbands should be out of work so that we can live frugal and have all of these happy ideas like yours!!!! hmmm...well...not really be out of work...maybe pretend to be? ;)
I love how you come up with the neatest stuff!!!!
everything vintage

LemonyRenee' said...

You did a perfect job! It looks like a million bucks!

Lenore said...

Great job..I like the look of the flocked tree too!!! me some ideas.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

what a great idea - they look wonderful!

I remember one year when I was a kid, my mother got these cans of Christmas tree 'flocking' - and we had flocking all over the living room.

My sister and I thought it was terrific.

My mother was quite grumpy about the whole thing.

Sandra said...

The sprayed trees do look frosty...I like the picnic basket at the base of the trees...pretty.

icandy... said...

The tree turned out soooo pretty! What a great idea~ and frugal, is right! :) I love these little tips and tricks to save money... but it looks like we've spent a lot! :)

Nany said...

so pretty